The Slut Wife - Chapter 11

On my way to Amber’s I thought about how I’ve been leading this double life. I came home after Rick’s, cleaned up quickly, picked the little ones up from after care, came home and was a good and decent mom. Same when my husband came home. But after they were put to bed and I closed the door to our bedroom my husband came up behind me, groping my boobs dying to fuck me. Sex with him wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the wild, rough sex my body began craving. I needed it rough, needed lots of cock. I would close my eyes as he was fucking me thinking it was someone else, but it wasn’t the same. It was almost as if I was becoming an addict and sex was my d**g.


Amber opened the door for me and as soon as the door closed I turned around and we were both kissing each other and feeling our bodies. There was no more pretense…we wanted each other. It wasn’t long before we were naked on her large sofa and her head between my legs, my pussy being licked wonderfully. It was different with her, I wasn’t a circus performer with her like I was with the men, I could just enjoy sex with her. It wasn’t long before I came and then returned the favor, licking her beautifully waxed pussy, so tight and young. She was so pretty and she was mine to do with as I pleased. She came soon and we were both lying on her sofa, me on top of her.

“mmmmm that was good” I said.
“Yeah……” she replied, lost in her orgasm.
“Did you get rough with Gary last night?” I asked.
“No……I felt guilty and tired and I told Gary I wasn’t in the mood. He wasn’t happy about that at all.”
“You need to break out of your shell with him” I said.
“I will…it was easier with strange men…that sounds so weird, doesn’t it?”
I looked into her eyes and asked “You’re my girl, aren’t you?”
“Yes baby…you know that” she said, looking me in the eye. “You know I’ll do anything you ask me to.”
I kissed her deeply and looked at the clock and it said it was 11:45, I had 15 minutes to start my plan. I stood up and went over to my big purse and I said “Do you mean that? You’ll do whatever I ask?”
“Yes baby…anything…” and I felt powerful. I reached into my bag and pulled out what I had bought a few days ago: A large black strap-on dildo that was 12 inches long. It reminded me of Mr. Davis.
“I bought this for us so we could practice together.” Amber’s eyes grew wide. “That’s awful big!” she said.
“You ought to see some of the clients Rick gets us, they’re huge!” I said sliding the panties on and strapping everything in. For some reason I felt powerful wearing it and I walked over to Amber and sat down on the sofa next to her.
“Slide this into your pussy and face me” I calmly said.
“I..I think it’s too big!” she said and suddenly I slapped her face. “I said slide it into your pussy! No excuses!” I didn’t know what came over me but I wanted her to be my fuck slave and slaves can’t be given any quarter. “Yes Ann” she said quietly as she straddled this huge dildo and, pushing it against her pussy lips she lowered herself down on it slowly. I reached up and grabbed each one of those huge boobs of hers in each hand and guided her down. She got about ¾ of it in when she stopped and said “I don’t know about the rest” when I became angry and slapped her boobs hard.
“I’m tired of your fucking excuses Amber, slide down on it, now!” I ordered. Something came over me. With this dildo I felt like a man...powerful…ordering women around and being rough with them if I had to be. She lowered herself on it until it was completely in her pussy and she moaned in pain as she rocked herself on it. “Good girl” I said as I reached up and began to massage her big boobs.
“Whose slut are you?” I asked? “Yours baby, yours” Amber replied as she rocked on that huge dildo. I then began to suck on her boobs hard, squeezing one nipple with my fingers and sucking and lightly biting the other nipple. She gasped in a little pain but she knew that she had to take whatever I gave her. I looked at the clock and it said 11:55. Perfect.

For the next five minutes Amber rocked her hips on that huge dildo as her pussy got used to it and I alternated between sucking and slapping her big boobs. God, having this cock between my legs made me feel so powerful. Now I know why men treated sluts the way they did.

She started pumping up and down on that dildo until she came hard and collapsed in my arms. She looked up at me for approval and I said “good girl…kiss me” and she did. I wanted to dominate her so she would do whatever I asked. I need to break her and I was well on my way.

“Well, what do we have here???” I heard as Gary’s voice boomed out behind us. Amber was startled and turned around to see Gary wearing his suit.
“Gary?!? What are you doing here?” Amber asked, shocked.
“Maybe I should ask what are you doing here?” he replied taking off his jacket and tie and throwing them on a nearby chair.
“Gary, I…” Amber began when I cut her off. “You don’t need to explain anything to him” I said.
Gary walked closer to us taking off his shirt and belt. “So, you don’t want to fuck me at night but you’re in here lezzing out with the wife of one of my direct reports. He then took off his pants and underwear and his thick hard cock was standing straight up.
“She wants me Gary, she’s my slut now and does what I say” I wanted to push him over the edge so he wouldn’t hold back on his urges. Gary steeled his gaze at me and said “Is that so? You two sluts are going to get taught a lesson!” and he stepped on the couch and got between Amber and I facing me. He then slapped me hard across the face. “Fucking slut…I’m going to teach you a fucking lesson!” and he grabbed my head and said “open your fucking mouth and suck my cock!” I could tell that he had gone beyond the point of no return and I was eager to have him be rough with both of us.
“Amber!” he barked. “Spread my ass and tongue my asshole!” he ordered then I opened my mouth and he guided my head onto his cock.
“Fucking lez bitches…going to teach you to respect my fucking cock!”

Gary grabbed my head and moved it on his big cock. I could hear Amber licking Gary’s ass and him moaning. “That’s good baby…good job, licking my ass” he moaned as he fucked my face faster making me gag at times.
“Mouthy slut, can’t talk now can you?” he sneered as his large cock drove deeper into my mouth and throat. I kept slobbering and spitting up and getting his cock soaked until he pulled out and lowered his face to mine and spit on me before slapping me again. He then got off the couch and moved behind Amber.
“You have that dildo in your fucking pussy, you’re gonna have my cock in your ass!” and Amber’s face grimaced as he began to slide his big cock into her ass. He then pulled her hair back and hissed “you’re my fucking wife, you take orders from me!”

He began pumping her ass and I began to pump her pussy and we were both fucking her. He put his arm around her neck and hissed “You’re going to take it rough how I like it and no more bullshit from you!” He then looked at me and said “Slap her fucking tits, now!” and I reached up and slapped them. “Harder!” he ordered and I slapped them harder…again and again.
“Yeah…that’s it you fucking slut” he hissed. “Keep slapping them” I did and before long I could hear Amber wail as she came.

“OH GOD I’M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed as she came but we didn’t let up. In fact, Gary pumped harder and I slapped harder. Before long Gary began to groan and I knew he was going to cum and he grabbed her head tighter and growled when he began to cum in her ass. He finally pulled out and grabbing her by the arm took her off the dildo and threw her on the floor. “Get on all fours!” he ordered and she did. He looked at me. “Get down here!” and before I could move he grabbed me by the hair and lowered me to where I faced her ass.
“Lick the cum out of her ass!” he ordered and I spread her cheeks and dove my tongue into her ass, lapping at the cum as it oozed out.
“Teach you a fucking lesson” he muttered as he began to spank my ass hard while I licked the cum out of Amber’s ass. I could feel my ass get warm as he spanked it but I wanted the pain, knowing it was part of my life of being a slut. I finished licking all the cum out of Amber’s ass.

He then grabbed us each by the hair and walked us to their bedroom. He pushed me aside and led Amber onto the bed and rolled her on her back then dragged her so her head was just off the edge of the bed. I watched him order Amber to open her mouth and as she did he slid his cock into her mouth and began pumping. He looked at me and pulling her legs back said “get on here and fuck her ass with that dildo!”

I got on the bed and began to slide the dildo into her tight ass. I could hear her moan as she wasn’t used to such a huge dildo but then Gary slapped her pussy hard. “Shut up and take it!” he ordered and I kept pushing it in her ass. He looked at me and grinned like a madman. “Fuck her ass raw” he sneered and I began to pump her ass with the dildo, loving the power it gave me.
“Hold her fucking legs back!” he ordered and as I did he reached up and slapped my boobs then Amber’s back and forth. I could hear Amber gagging and gasping and spitting up but he didn’t stop fucking her mouth roughly. He then reached behind my neck and pulled me close and kissed me deeply. “You are such a hot piece of ass…” he groaned as he pumped Amber’s face. He kept this up for a long time, I was impressed that Amber could take this throat fucking for so long. He stopped after a few minutes and pushed me off of her and ordered “take off that fucking dildo!” I didn’t know Gary could get like this but he was d***k with power and seeing his wife be a complete slut.

Amber rolled herself on the bed, her face covered with saliva, spit up, her makeup running…she looked exhausted. Gary moved his face to hers and said “No more bullshit, understand?”
“Yes…yes baby” she said in between pants.
He moved to me and kissed me deeply again. “Get me hard” he ordered and I began to stroke his cock. He looked over at Amber and said “I had to buy your tits but they’ll never be as good as these big fucking naturals”. He looked at me and said “your tits are mine to use.”
Amber looked on jealously and I felt bad but Rick decided to favor her over me and I was mad at her for that. He kissed me deeply and then looked at Amber and said “I’m going to fuck your big-titted girlfriend here and you get to watch.” His cock began to harden and I couldn’t believe his stamina. He then pushed me onto the bed and moved between my legs and spread them. “Time for me to fuck that sweet pussy” he sneered before he slid in his big cock and began pumping me. It felt so good and I hadn’t cum yet all day…I needed his cock in me. He pinned my hands above my head with one arm and slapped my boobs with another. “Fucking perfect tits, big and fat” he muttered as he fucked me harder making my boobs bounce faster. He would alternately slap my boobs then slap my face. I looked over at Amber and she was playing with herself. “Baby, please…give me some of your cock” she moaned. Gary didn’t even look at her when he said “Fuck you…you didn’t give me any yesterday, you don’t get any today.”
He began to pump faster then moved on top of me and began to kiss me. It was more passionate and he was such a good kisser. I could feel his cock harden and I knew he was about to cum.
“Cum inside me baby, cum inside me!” I begged and he grinned and pumped faster and faster until he began to cum.
“FUCK!!!! Fucking cumming!” he yelled and I could feel a huge load of hot cum emptying into my pussy. He kept pumping and kissing me as I came too. It was really good with him, I don’t know why Amber wouldn’t do anything to keep him happy in bed.

After he finished cumming he slowly pulled out and told Amber “lick it off” and she did, hungrily. He looked at us with a grin…he had used us as he saw fit.

“I’ve got to get back to the office but I’m going to plan a little getaway with us three and Ann’s husband. We’re going to have some fun and I want to see him watch me fuck his wife.” He then walked away to get dressed.

Amber looked at me and said “he came inside you…aren’t you worried that..?”
“Don’t worry” I said reassuringly, “I’m on the pill”.
“Good, because the way that Gary cums he’ll get anyone pregnant in no time.


I drove home afterwards and thought about how I lied to Amber again. She had feelings for me yet all I did was use her for my purposes. But then I remembered that she was a slut and sluts aren’t treated like good girls.

I had stopped taking my pill a few days ago. I decided that I was going to get back at Rick by becoming pregnant and working for Barry. I was going to be picky about what man could cum in my pussy and since most men seemed to be happy cumming in my ass, on my face or on my tits, I could afford to be selective. My hubby, of course I want him to be the father of my c***d but I wanted to hurry things up. Gary was a man, a real man. Powerful, successful, he would do well.

Now, there was one other man I decided I would let make me pregnant: Jake. He was so beautiful and strong he would make beautiful k**s. And I had made arrangements to see him tomorrow…

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Excellent story. I like how it's progressing.