The Slut Wife - Chapter 8

As I drove to the see Gary, I thought about last night. I tried on some new lingerie for my husband and he was so excited. “Baby, that gym is really working for you!” and I got close to him and told him “the men at the gym, some of them look at me, like…like they want me for sex.” I could feel my husbands cock stiffen beneath his underwear and I continued.
“I think about some of those big men and think about them having big cocks and…using me. It turns me on baby. Maybe one day you’d like to see that?”
Suddenly he got that lustful look in his eye that men get when they lose control and he grabbed my ass and said “You know that fucking turns me on!” and kissed me hard. He broke the kiss and told me “suck my cock like you were sucking their cocks!” and I immediately got on my knees and took out his hard cock and began to suck on it. I sucked on it hard and he moaned and I pulled back and told him “I bet those men would like fuck my face baby, can you do that?” and he grabbed my head and began doing that. I realized that being rough wasn’t his thing but seeing me used like a whore was. After a couple of minutes he pulled me off of his cock and lifted me up by the arm and pushed me to the bed “Bend over!” he snarled and he pulled my thong to the side and jammed his cock into my wet pussy. He was fucking me harder than he ever had and I wanted to keep it going. I told him that I’d like him to see me fucked by big cocks all night and maybe two or three at a time. This turned him on so much. He came but was so hard he stayed hard and went back at it. We had never had such passionate sex before.

After about an hour we collapsed and panted on the bed and after a few minutes he said to me “baby…I want to see you do that, I want to see you with another man.”
I looked at him then kissed him. “Anything for my sweet hubby” I said.

I got to the apartment complex and the concierge gave me a key. I was wearing a short black miniskirt and a top that was skin tight and that barely covered half of my top so you could see my belly and it made my boobs look huge. I went up to the apartment and let myself in and I saw Gary, in a long-sleeved shirt and dress slacks, his tie off, sitting there.
“Mmmmm, you look gorgeous” he said as his eyes moved over my body. He got up and walked towards me. I was nervous because he was getting that look in his eyes but I was turned on. And I wanted to keep him happy so my hubby will go further up the the company.
“Do you like this?” “Yes, yes I do” he murmured. He came up close to me, pulled me and kissed me deeply. His hands reached over and grabbed each of my asscheeks and he pulled up my skirt and grabbed my bare bottom. I didn’t bother wearing panties. He then slapped one of asscheeks before moving his hands to my boobs. He pulled back and I reached and slipped the top off of my exposing my boobs. I was proud of them looking like they did at age 40. He looked down and smiled and cupped each one in his hands.
“Mmmmm…I love big natural boobs. Damn they’re heavy!”
“You like them better than Amber’s?” I asked mischieviously. My wife’s are big but they’re fake…nothing better than big natural tits” he said as he massaged them. He then lowered his mouth to them and began sucking them hard. My nipples were stiff and erect and I reached down and rubbed his crotch.
“I want to suck your cock” I said and he looked at me. “You can suck my cock later, right now I want that sweet pussy of yours” and as he undressed quickly I slid off my skirt and he smiled. “I had it waxed for you, do you like it?”
He sat down on the couch, naked except for that big cock of his, hard as a rock and he said come here. I walked to him and he began rubbing my pussy. I was already wet. “You’re ready for some action aren’t you?” he said and sat back. “Sit on my cock and ride it.” I got on the couch facing him, grabbed his cock and slid it into my pussy and slowly sat down on it. I forgot that it wasn’t as big as Rick’s but it was thick. I began to slowly ride it and he looked at me. I knew he was totally consumed by lust now, just the way I liked it.

Suddenly he slapped my boobs hard. Then again and again, making that thick slapping sound. “Fuck, I’ve always wanted to do that” he muttered as he did it again and again. “Slap my fucking boobs, that’s what they’re there for” I moaned as I grinded against his big cock. He kept at it and the pain made my pussy spasm more. Before I tolerated it because Rick wanted me to but now I liked it rough. I needed it rough.

He kept slapping them then suddenly pulled my face close to his and spit on my face! He then slapped me. “You fucking slut, you do like it rough don’t you?”
“Yes” I moaned, getting close to an orgasm. He then pulled my hair hard. “You are such a hot piece of ass” then I ground some more and he pushed his cock into me and within a few moments I could feel his cock harden and knew he was about to cum. “Going to cum in your pussy this time slut” he hissed and I could suddenly feel a hot feeling of cum in my pussy..a lot of it. I came too and between the hair pulling and slapping my boobs the orgasm was really strong.

After a few moments he said “get off my cock and clean it with your mouth..get me hard again!” It wasn’t a request but an order. I slid off of his cock and could feel his cum begin to ooze down my leg. I got on my knees and began to suck his cock. It was soft but still big. I began to suck it hard, wanting to get it hard again. I was amazed when in a fe moments it began to respond and get harder. Gary then grabbed my head and pushed it down on his cock. “Take it all bitch” he hissed and I could feel it push into my throat. He held my head in place until I couldn’t breathe then let go. I spit up a bunch of saliva and he sat up and leaned over and spit on my face again. “Good slut, now do it again.” We kept this up for about 10 minutes until I had spit up all over his cock and balls. He would spit on my face or slap me when I got up for air. He then pushed me back and said “get on this couch and bend over.” I did, a little woozy from the mouth-fucking and he then moved behind me and, spreading my asscheeks, began to lick my ass. It felt good and I began to rub my pussy to relax my muscles, preparing for his big cock.

“He then moved his cock near my ass and began to push it in. He got a good amount in and began to pump it. He then reached up and put one hand against the back of my neck, pinning my face to the side. He leaned over. “your big round ass is mine!” and he then slapped my face with his other hand. He began to fuck my ass faster and when I asked him to slow down he slapped me harder. He fucked me like this for a long time…stretching my ass out and slapping me. He then pulled out. “Get on the floor” he ordered and I did and he rolled me to my side and moving behind me slid his cock in my ass again. He then took his left arm and slid it under my head and then his arm went around my throat. He used his right hand to slap my boobs. And he pumped hard.
He would slap my boobs hard then my face. He also slapped my hips and legs, almost anything he could reach. He was beyond control now, just growling like some kind of Wildman.
He then pushed me off and told me to lay on my tummy and I did and he slid his cock into my ass again and pinned my neck down and began slapping the back of my head. He pumped so hard and after a few minutes came in my ass. He moaned, almost yelled when he did…the kind that a man does when he cums harder than he has before. He then pulled out of me and laid on the floor next to me. He was breathing hard and I was sore. Slapped, choked, spit on but he looked relaxed and that was what I wanted.
The look of civility returned to his face and he turned to me and said “you okay? I got carried away, I couldn’t help myself…”
“I’m fine, I told you I like it rough” I replied.
Gary then asked “when you visited Amber, did you and her…you know”
“You mean fucked?” I replied. “Yes, we did.”
“I know she’s been with other women but she won’t ever let me do a threesome with her. She says it’s private. My own wife saying that.”
I moved to him and said “what if I told you that I could get her to…loosen up in bed. Would you like that?”
I could see his cock jerk. “She told me you want it rough but she’s scared. I told her I would show her, she just wants to please you.”
“How?” he asked, rubbing on of my nipples between two fingers.
“Leave that up to me, I know how to turn her into a slut.”
He nodded. “But even if you do that, I’m going to see you. I love your big naturals.” He then said “you must have looked hot pregnant, with those tits getting huge.
I was surprised. “You, you think that’s sexy?”
“Hell yeah, a lot of guys do. You must look amazing.”

We then got dressed and I told him that this was between he and I and I got back to my car and drove, a bit sore. I thought about what Gary said about me being sexy when pregnant. I thought that Barry’s wanting me to get pregnant was just some perversion but if Gary thought it was sexy……..I can’t get pregnant just to satisfy men’s lust! But, no matter how I tried, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. Men really found it attractive? God, my boobs would get even more huge. I was confused…

Chapter 8

I felt strange seeing Gary and Amber at the same time but I had a plan and I loved being with both of them. On the way there I received a phone call from Rick.
“Your next client is tomorrow at 10. I’ll text you the address. Dress like one of those soccer mom MILFs, he likes that. And he likes it rough.”
My pussy began to spasm thinking about being with another strange man. But part of me felt cheap too. “Is there anything else I need to know?” I said cooly.
“Yeah, he has a huge cock. But after making Davis happy, you know how to handle big cocks.” Then he hung up and that was that.

Amber had called and wanted to see me tomorrow but I didn’t know that I was a prostitute with a client so I made up an excuse. But I did stop off at a sex shop to pick up something for us when I did see her the next day.

The next morning I dressed up in a tracksuit and sneakers, like so many of those stuck-up moms. I then went on my way to see my client.

The big hairy man was on top of me, sliding his cock in between my boobs and grunting. His body was sweating and would drip on me. He had stuck an anal plug in my ass and a running vibrator in my pussy while he fucked my boobs. He made me hold my boobs together and he would alternately pinch my nipples and give me slaps to the face. The vibrator kept making me cum again and again.

“Fucking MILF mom slut whore!” he snarled and spit on my face. “You fucking sluts live to ignore ugly guys like me. Now I have money and you’re going to fuck me like you fuck your tennis pros!” he said. I had come in the room and he almost immediately ripped off my clothes and had bent me over and spanked me. Before I knew it I was on the bed, with his big, banana-shaped cock with it’s thick veins between my boobs. He was sort of repulsive and I could tell he probably didn’t do well with women, which is why he was so angry.

He slapped me again. “Gonna fuck you up!” he snarled and began to pump his cock faster. He looked out of shape but he was a sex machine. After a few minutes he growled and suddenly a thick rope of cum shot out of his cock and landed square on my face, from my chin to my eyebrows. Then another and another, on my face, neck, he was like a fountain! After about 30 seconds he finally stopped but my face was bathed in cum, my neck too. He sat up and looked at me and said “You’re not so pretty anymore momwhore.” I was disgusted with him but I know I needed to do well or Rick would be angry and, as much as he disgusted me, his cock, as imperfect as it was, was huge and thick and that’s what I liked. He then laid on the bed next to me and I got up and began to stroke his cock then lowered my head to suck on it.
“Oh, momwhore wants more. That’s a good momwhore” he said then smacked my asscheeks hard. The vibrator had slid out of my pussy but the plug was in my ass still and I felt his hand grab it and slide it in and out of my ass.
“Gonna fuck that ass whore” he said. I sucked on his cock but it was so thick and curved it was hard getting it all in my mouth. Suddenly, I felt one of his big calves rest on the back of my head and kept my head down with his cock poking down my throat. He wouldn’t let up and it got to the point where I spit up saliva and some stomach acids because I couldn’t breathe.
“Ahhh, yeahhh” he cooed as he let my head free and I pulled off of his cock to breathe. “Suck it again slut!” he ordered and I did so and he did the same thing. He got off on making me gag. What a pig.

After a few minutes he let go of my head, got off the bed and, grabbing me by the hair, he walked me off the bed to a large mirror and faced me to it.
“You see, not so pretty now. All you got is that body of yours momwhore!” he snarled and I looked at myself and was sort of shocked: My face was covered in drying cum, I had spit up on my chin, my eyeliner had run. This turned him on. He then bent me over the desk in front of the mirro and slowly pulled out the butt plug. “Now I’m gonna fuck that big ass” and in a moment I felt the head of his cock slide in my ass, which was still stretched out from the plug. He wasn’t gentle and slid about half in.
“Owwww!” I said. It wasn’t that it was thick or long, but it was curved and he was rough.
“Hurts momwhore? Good” he said. This pig had issues.
He began to slide his donkey cock in me and began to fuck my ass faster. He reached over and grabbed my boobs and began to fuck me faster. I could feel his sweaty chest and torso lean up against my back.
“You hot piece of ass momwhore, I’m gonna wreck that nice ass.” He whisered at me as he began to pump. My ass got used to his cock and I reached down to play with my pussy to make it easier. I looked up and saw he had a crazed look on his face, that look that men get when they lose control. No matter how repulsive, he was really into me. Into my body, using it, that turned me on, as it always did. He kept pumping me like a machine and I had this weird feeling building. He kept pinching my nipples and saying dirty things to me and my pussy was building to some orgasm but it wasn’t something normal, it was coming from my somewhere deep in me, it was from his assfucking me! It was so weird, at that point I lost myself and my disgust and began feeling something like an orgasm building, but it was different. After a few minutes I yelled out, “Yeah baby, keep fucking my ass like that, I’m going to cum!” and he pumped faster and suddenly I had the strangest orgasm, as if it cam from my ass and pussy. I moaned and bucked against his cock as each wave made my legs tremble.
After a couple of minutes he said “You came for me?” “Yes, baby, I came for you” I said and I couldn’t help myself. He was bald, fat, ugly, hairy but his cock had given me something I’ve never had before and he was turned on by me. Deep down I felt bad for him and wanted him to know that he knew how to fuck.
He pumped faster and grabbed my hair and pulled it back hard and growled as he pumped his cum in my ass. Lots of hot cum, I could feel it in my bowels. Over and over again. Finally he pulled out and my legs trembling, I got down on my knees and faced his cock and began to suck on it. He was good to me in a way, I wanted to thank him for making me cum. He probably doesn’t see too many women, he got carried away and I wanted him to know that the rough sex was okay. It hurt but I didn’t mind, I wanted him happy.

I sucked on his cock and he pulled back and said “Let’s take a shower”. We went into the bathroom and turned the shower on nice and hot. “Wash me” he said and I took a bar of soap and washed his body. Everywhere. I could see his cock begin to jump and I knew he was getting hard again. I finished and he kissed me, but not roughly, deeply. He turned me so my back was against the wall and lifted one leg up and slid his cock in my pussy. But he was more gentle this time and began to slowly fuck me.
“You came for me, you’re not lying to me are you?” “No baby, I came. You made me cum” I said to him.
“You’re so sexy, so goddamned sexy.” He said. “Most women run from me, but you like me don’t you?”
“I love your cock baby, you know how to use it.” I murmured, enjoying his cock in my pussy.
And he fucked me for at least another 20 minutes, making me cum a few times. He wasn’t as rough. When he was pumping faster about to cum I pushed him off of me and got down on my knees and putting his cock in my mouth swallowed his cum. It wasn’t as much but it was still a lot. I swallowed every drop and it was yummy. He moaned and when his cock was finished he pulled out of my mouth and stepped out of the shower to let me get cleaned up.

I showered and came into the room wearing a towel and he was dressed. He looked at me and said “I’m sorry..I was rough and…I’m not used to women wanting to be with me. They just go through the motions and leave. But you, you liked it.”
I sat down next to him “Yes, I liked it. I like it rough. You don’t have to apologize.” I felt bad for him. I was probably the first women he actually satisfied sexually.
“I want to see you again. I mean I’ll pay of course. Hell I’ll pay double” Part of me felt good, that I was able to satisfy him.
“Of course I said, just talk to Rick and he’ll take care of it.” I then kissed him on the check and got dressed. I left then he left and I slowly got back to my car (my ass and pussy were beginning to get really sore now) and drove home. When I got home I had a couple of hours free and I simply went out to the backyard and laid by the pool. I didn’t even wear a bikini. I closed my eyes and thought about how much sex had become part of my life. More sex with my husband, being a prostitute for Rick and an affair with both Amber and Gary. But I loved it. And I had plans for Amber.
I got my cellphone and called Rick. He answered and said “Your client from today is in love with you. Whatever you did it must have been amazing.”
“I had a good coach” I said. “Rick, I have a friend that…wants to learn to get wild for her husband. I thought you might be able to help.”
“Why the fuck should I help?” he said. “She’s gorgeous, blonde, long legs, great body, pretty. You’d really like her.”
“Bring her over tomorrow at 10 Ann” he said then hung up. I then called Amber. “Hi Amber! Hey, you know what we talked about yesterday?” I asked.
“Yes” she replied.
“I have a…friend…who can help out with that. I’ll pick you up at 9 so we can be at his house at 10.” There were a few moments of silence. “Are you sure this will…work.”
“Oh yes, he’ll make sure you learn everything you need to know.”
“OK. I miss you” she said.
“I miss you too.” I replied. I hung up and thought about tomorrow and bringing Amber to meet Rick and my pussy began to tingle.
I thought to myself “God, what is the matter with me, I can’t stop thinking about sex!”

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