The Slut Wife - Part 6

I was so tired when I came home but my husband woke up and snuggled against me and I could feel his rock hard cock. I was tired and my ass and pussy were sore so I decided to give him a blowjob. I felt bad because I know he wanted to fuck me but I needed a rest. I used to always think of his cock as a good size and it isn’t small but…it’s not as big as I like them now. It’s so easy to swallow the entire thing. I pushed my lips against his pelvic bone and he could barely stand it. He didn’t last long and he came so much and I swallowed every drop. I love cum and I like to see him happy. I promised him tonight we would have sex after the k**s went to sl**p and he was so happy.

After taking the little ones to school I went to the gym but was tired so I did a light workout. Some more of the regular men chatted with me, flirted a bit and I thought about those big muscles wrapped around me while they fucked me. But I had to get a workout in, I had to keep my body because that’s what gave me the attention that I craved. They didn’t care about me as a person and I liked that in a way, I liked men wanting me for my body.

As I finished the phone rang and it was an unfamiliar number. I answered and on the other end was Amber.
“Hi Linda, it’s Amber”. Just then, I could feel my pussy twitching as I thought about what we did at that retreat. I had wanted to see her again but was scared to call her.
“Hi Amber! How are you?” I nervously replied.
“Great Linda, hey are you free today? I thought it would be nice if you came over.” My pussy spasmed again. I remembered I had spare workout clothes in my bag. “I’d love to, but I’m at the gym and all I have is workout clothes.”
“That’s fine” Amber said. “I’d really like to see you.”
“Okay, I can make it there in an hour, is that okay?”
“Yes, I can’t wait to see you, bye!”
“Bye” I said and hung up and I went into the shower and kept thinking that I knew what would happen. But I wanted to see her so much. Something about her drew me to her and I’ve never thought about women that way but something about her changed that. Even in the locker as I changed I caught a couple of the other girls looking at my body. Some of these girls are so gorgeous. I slipped on a fresh set of a sports bra that barely contained my boobs and short shorts. I didn’t have an extra pair of panties and I didn’t care, I didn’t think I’d need them for long. I looked at myself in the mirror and was so happy at what I saw. I had worked hard and my body looked good. I had begun shaving my pussy closely and you could see the shorts go up into my pussy. I left and had a few of the guys look at me. One of them, Frank, who flirts with me often said “mmmmm….you look good enough to eat!” and I just smiled and winked at him. He was really muscular and I though about him having a big hard cock and taking me. What was I becoming? I couldn’t stop thinking about sex!


I arrived at Amber’s house and she opened the door wearing a tiny skirt and a sheer top that didn’t hide those lovely boobs. She gave me a big hug and said “Oh my god, it’s so good to see you! Come inside.” I walked in and she had a beautiful home. Being the wife of the big boss had it’s dividends and she had a nice house, big with a pool…I wanted those things for us and that’s why I wanted to make sure my husband got the job he deserved.
I walked in and we did small talk, nervous around each other. We sat down on a lovely couch and had an uncomfortable silence between us. Suddenly, I moved to her and kissed her deeply. I don’t know what came over me but it seemed so silly to have us there when we knew what we wanted. Instead of being so damn timid and shy I was making the first move. She kissed me back and it was only a few moments before we took off our clothes and began to be with each other. I decided that I would lick her pussy this time and, though I had never done it before I was excited.

We spent the next hour making each other cum, kissing, licking each other, sucking on each other’s boobs, nonstop. We both came many times and couldn’t get enough of each other. We finally stopped, panting and she came over and rested her head on my boobs.
“God, I wanted to see you” she said. “I missed you.” And as she laid there I realized that as beautiful as she was, she was a married woman having an affair. She was like me, a slut. And Rick had taught me much about how to treat sluts.
“Take me to your bedroom” I said and she got up and said “you want more?”
“I don’t think you’ve had enough” I said. I remembered that with sluts you have to be firm, in charge. She took me by the hand and led me to this beautiful room with a king size bed, couch, just gorgeous and she laid on the bed. I sat next to her and began to slide my fingers in her pussy, first one then two and began to fuck her pussy with them. I looked down on her and she looked flawless and she was moaning. I began to feel her big boobs. I’m sure they were big before but the boob job made them very big. As she moaned as I finger fucked her, I thought about what Rick had taught me about big boobs.

I suddenly gave them a light slap and that seemed to surprise her but also made her moan more. Rick was right…big boobs needed to be slapped. I became more and more confident with this gorgeous blonde at my whim and slid a third finger into the lovely pussy and slapped them again and again. She was thrashing her head side to side and I said to her “you want to cum, don’t you baby?” and she moaned “yes…god yes!!!!!” I then smacked her boobs again. I then moved myself so my pussy was over her mouth and I faced her pussy and said “eat my pussy if you want to cum” and he grabbed my ass with both hands and lowered me onto her pussy. I began to rub her pussy frantically and could see it ooze juices. I was close to cumming and was d***k with being in control. I then slapped her pussy, just as Rick had done with me. That seemed to make her lick me faster. Just as I thought, she WAS a slut.

I said “you don’t cum until I cum again, understood?” and she just moaned a “m-hmm” and licked me faster. Now I understood why men treated me roughly, what an adrenaline rush. Such a feeling of power! It didn’t take long for me to cum, she was really good and I came all over her face, I wanted to cover her face with juices and then I slid 4 fingers into her puss and fucked her with it hard until she screamed as she came. We both then fell on the bed panting. She was crying a little bit from the power of her orgasm.
“Oh my god, I’ve never…oh my god that was the best I’ve ever been with someone.” She said. We laid there for a few minutes until the phone rang and it startled us. “Oh, it’s Gary!” she said and answered the phone and as she talked I looked at her body. So perfect, I began to rub one of her nipples together as she talked and it made her a little nervous.
“Oh, I ‘m here with Lisa, from the retreat” she said. “We’re just having some wine and talking” and I smiled knowing the truth. “Okay, I’ll see you tonight” she said and hung up.
“Gary is working late tonight.” She turned to me and said “can I tell you something?”
“Of course” I said. “You can tell me anything” and then I kissed her.
“Gary…he’s been wanting…rough sex…he brought home this video of this group of men that just took over these young girls, they were really rough, some of the stuff you did to me was on it, but from you it’s different.”
“Oh... have you done anything like that with him?” I asked curiously.
“No. I…it kind of scares me, like I’ll be hooked on it. Our sex life hasn’t been as good, he wants things rougher and I’m not sure I’m ready for that.”
An idea hatched in my mind. “What if I…could show you how to enjoy it.”
“You like it rough?” she asked
“Yes…I do…I can show you how to enjoy it, maybe help you out?”
She smiled at me and said “Okay…I trust you” and then she kissed me. “I have to go to the bathroom and she got up and as she got up I grabbed the phone and looked at the number and memorized it.


Amber and I went out to have lunch and just chatted. Afterwards we both went our separate ways and gave each other a peck on the cheek because we were out in public. We noticed the attention we got and giggled about it. On the way home I took my cellphone and called the number I memorized.
“Gary here” the voice said.
“Hi, this is Linda.” I said
“Linda…this is unexpected” he said
“I think I owe you something from the party, I never did thank you properly for my husband’s promotion.” I said. I could barely believe at how bold I was but I was different now.
“Yes, I think you do. Are you free tomorrow?” he asked.
“Good, there’s a corporate apartment down the street from the offices, I’ll meet you there at 10 am tomorrow, I’ll text you the address.”
“Good” I said, “I can’t wait.”
Then Gary said “you said you’d do anything for your husband…you meant that?”
“Anything” I said. “Amber confided to me that you want to do things rough. I like it rough.”
There was silence. Then he cooly said “Mmmm…I’ll see you tomorrow.”
I hung up and felt bad at using the information Amber gave me to help me have sex with her husband but I needed to make sure that the men impacting my life are satisfied.
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1 year ago
This is as good as it gets
2 years ago
more with Amber, Yeah! very hot series.
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2 years ago
Great story, thanks. Nice, healthy sexual encounter. ...ohh yes more more !Thanks for sharing