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The Slut Wife - Part Four

Part Four

“Don’t worry, you can come out. I don’t bite” Amber said. I had never been naked in front of another woman before and the thought of her looking at my body made my nipples erect. “Have a nice swim?” she asked with a big smile. “Ye-yes” I replied. I was so nervous. Did she see anything? Did she find out about Gary and I? And why was my pussy beginning to get wet at seeing her? I stood there, letting the sun dry me and she said “I was looking for a place to lay down and get some sun and I saw some of the men walking this way and decided to see if anything interesting was going on.”
She handed me a towel and I dried myself off and she watched me and I felt nervous. I then wrapped the towel around me and it didn’t even cover my ass. “Come on, sit down here” and she patted the rock next to her. There was an uneasy silence then she slowly slipped off her bikini top and I could see her boobs. They looked perfect, hard to see where they were fake. Then she slipped off her teeny shorts and was naked then sat next to me, lifting one leg on the rock and spreading her legs slightly so the sun would shine between them. Why was she doing this? I kept wondering.
“You don’t mind, do you? The sun feels so good today.” She said and all I could say was “oh..sure…no problem.”
There was some more silence.
“I saw what just happened.” She said.
I was startled. “Amber, wasn’t what you..” I tried to begin but couldn’t think of a good lie.
“They treated you like they hadn’t seen a woman in years” Amber said. “You seemed to like it.”
I stayed quiet…I was worried if she knew about me and Gary. And if she would say anything.
“Why did you do it?” she asked.
“I….I wanted my husband to get a promotion he was up for. He deserves it so I wanted to get them….so worked up that maybe I could change their minds.”
“Did you do it for him only, you looked like you were loving it.” Amber replied.
“I…I like it. I get urges, really strong urges. I’ve only been getting them recently and I like…sex….rough and with strangers. Oh god I’m so embarrassed!”
She looked at me and said “I understand. I get…urges…too. But I’m too scared to act on them” She reached up and gently placed a hand on the inside of my thigh.
Gary and I have great sex but he wants me to be like that, like in the porn movies we watch together sometimes. But I..I’m not sure about it.”
“I always thought those women were whores and sleazy but then I saw you and you’re not like that…” she continued. “You were so hot, I played with myself when I saw you with them.” She said and I was shocked.
“You did?” I asked.
“Yeah…it was so hot. Just wild raw sex.
“You could have gone after Gary” Amber said and I felt a knot in my stomach. I said “that…wouldn’t have been right”and felt awful for lying. “You were the only woman here that was nice to me this weekend.”
“Thank you for that. I know Gary is hot for you. I can tell. He tries to hide it but he keeps looking at you. I don’t blame him either.
Then my pussy began to get wet and I could see her nipples were hard. This attraction wasn’t in my mind.
“You’re so sexy” she said and then she reached over and slid her hand between my legs and began lightly stroking my wet pussy. Then she kissed me. Her kisses were soft and wet and sexy. Not rough and harsh like men did.
“I really like you Ann. Do you like me?” she asked and all I could say was “yes.”
“I’d like to be…friends…a special kind of friends.”
“I’d like that” I said and I couldn’t stop myself. I was drawn to her, and her to me. I stopped fighting it.
“Have you ever been with a woman before?” and I said “no…never” and she said “lay back and relax. Let me take over.” And I did just that and she moved in between my legs and I immediately spread them. “Oh my goodness! You are soaking wet!” she cooed and then I could feel her mouth on my pussy and her tongue licking me and I surrendered.

She licked me slowly and sensually and my legs were trembling. She knew exactly what she was doing and it felt like nothing I’d experienced before. She slowly slid a finger in my pussy but it wasn’t rough, it was gentle. She began licking faster and I got short of breath. Warm sun on my body and this beautiful woman licking my pussy like no one had ever done before. I lifted my head and looked at her and she was totally immersed in licking me. She was driving me crazy with her mouth and fingers. I reached up and played with my nipples, squeezing them, sending little shocks to my pussy. I began to moan and she licked even faster.
“That good baby?” she asked and I said “Oh God yes! Please don’t stop. Please!” and she went back to my pussy and began tonguing my clitoris and that sent shocks down my legs.
“Oh God!” I yelled and she began to flick my clitoris with her tongue faster. I undid the towel and reached up and pinched my nipples harder as she teased me with slow long licks now, prolonging the pleasure. It wasn’t like a man but it was so good. She seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.
She slid a second finger in me and began to pump them faster. Then with the other hand rub my clitoris. I looked up and could see her perfect breasts sway with her movements. She smiled at me.
“Please..don’t stop, please don’t stop!!” I said as this wave of pleasure began deep in me and finally erupted and I had to bite my hand from yelling but I couldn’t help crying. Tears were flowing down my face from the sensation and my legs were quivering. I could feel my pussy gushing and I had the most intense orgasm I’d ever had in my life. I was totally weak and helpless, she did something to me that no man had. I lay there panting and sobbing and she moved on top of me and began to kiss my tears.
“You okay Ann?” she asked and I looked up at her eyes and said “oh..yeah…oh my god!” and she reached down and kissed me.
This time I kissed her back hard. I couldn’t think about being with another woman, how strange that was, what it meant, all I cared about was how good I felt.
I slowly sat up and we just looked at each other. I slowly reached up and felt one of her boobs and they were different. They weren’t as soft and heavy as mine but her skin was so soft.
“You like them?” she asked. “Yes, they’re nice.” “So are yours” she said. “all natural?”
I laughed a little. “Oh God yes, I’ve never needed more than what I got.”
She looked at her watch and said “we’d better get back or they’ll come looking for us” and I didn’t want her to go. I wanted to be with her, but knew she was right. This had to be a secret.
“Can you come over to the house this week? Maybe catch up where we left off?” she asked. “Yes, I’d love that” and she said “Good. I can’t wait, let me know when a good day is for you?” “Sure.”
Then her and I got dressed and began walking back together until I realized that we would raise suspicion if we came back together. Amber agreed. “I’ll go first then wait a few minutes and follow me” she said and I agreed. Before she left she put her arms around me, our big boobs rubbing against each other. “I can’t wait to see you again” and we kissed. “Neither can I” I said when our kiss broke and she walked away. A few minutes later I followed and saw that those skinny bitches had come back and their husbands looked calm and relaxed. They looked at me as if looks could kill while their men smiled. Amber gave me a knowing smile. I went into our cabin and my husband was smiling and took me in his arms and said “Baby! Gary just told me that I got the promotion! It’ll be announced tomorrow at the company!”
“Oh sweetheart, that’s great news!” I said and we hugged and I was so happy for him. He worked hard and I didn’t regret helping him in getting that job in the very least. I loved him and would do anything I could, even if it meant being a slut.
“When we get home let’s go out to dinner and celebrate!” he said.
“Fine, but let’s celebrate a little now before we leave” I said with a smile and he grinned. “Now you’re talking” he said. “Look, I have to give Gary some information but I’ll be back in a few minutes, okay baby?”
“Sure baby, but don’t make me wait too long” I said.
“Never baby” he said as he walked to the door. “Oh, you got a call and voicemail from someone on your cell. Maybe one of your friends?” He said.
“Oh, I’ll check it out” I said and began to undress in front of him. “Hurry back now” I said and he ran out the door.
I stripped naked and got into bed and, picking up my phone, I listened to the voicemail message and suddenly part of my stomach knotted up. It was Rick’s voice.
Ann, tomorrow you have your first client. His name is Mr. Davis and he’s in the penthouse of the Downtown Crowne Plaza. Be there at 8 and he’s paid for 4 hours. Wear something sexy and do whatever the hell he says. Don’t fuck this up or I’ll take it out on your ass. Call me at this number when you’re done.
I put the phone down, scared about being an actual prostitute for Rick but I knew I couldn’t say no. Part of it was because I was so scared but part of it was because the thought of a strange man paying to have sex with me was such a turnon. Just then my husband returned and began to rip off his clothes and got into bed and looked at him and said “Baby, you’re gonna get fucked” and I thought “you have no idea…”

End Part Four

Sneak Peek at Part Five

I was nervous the next day. I worked out and barely noticed the men looking at me, I was nervous about my first client. I had told my husband that the call I had gotten was from a friend of mine going through a separation and that I would visit her this evening. I hated lying to him but I couldn’t tell him the truth, could I? I packed a small bag in my car and left it in the trunk with what I was going to wear tonight. At night, I had dinner with my husband and the k**s and he was so happy about his promotion that he was glad to spend time with them while I was out. Such a good man, he deserved better than a slut.

I drove to the hotel and valet parked wearing a conservative, simple dress and shoes, but I could still see the attendant look at my body. I loved that. I took my bag, went to the front desk, said I was a guest of Mr. Davis’ and they told me I was expected and they gave me a room key. I then went into the ladies room and taking a stall, closed it and began to change. I slipped off my dress and put on a short, red, pleated skirt, so short that it didn’t even cover my ass and barely covered my pussy with a matching red thong. I then wore black bustier that showed off my boobs, knee-high black go-go boots and much more makeup than I’m used to. I then put my hair back in a French twist and stepped out of the stall and looked at myself in the mirror. I was shocked, I couldn’t believe that it was me. It wasn’t Ann the mom, Ann the wife, Ann the parent that volunteered at her c***dren’s school. It was Ann the whore and I looked and felt great. I was going to wear a coat but decided to skip it and simply walk out like this.

I took my bag and walked out of the ladies’ room and walked towards the elevator. I passed by a reception outside of a ballroom and the conversation stopped when I walked by. I knew men were looking at me, I could feel their eyes and I loved it. I could feel my pussy getting wet and confidently walked past the group with my head held high knowing that a few dozen men and maybe some of their wives would take me right there and then. I went to the elevators and slid the key into the elevator so it would take me to the penthouse. I was so nervous but excited too. The elevator stopped and the doors opened and I stepped into a beautiful room, so much nicer than I’ve ever stayed at. I thought “so this is how the wealthy live” when I heard a voice from the right of me. “Ann? You’re right on time.” I turned around and saw a black man, six foot two or three wearing a silk bathrobe that showed off his wonderful physique. “I’m glad you’re here” he said then scanned his eyes up and down my body. “Rick does not disappoint, I can say that!”

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Getting fucking hotter with each turn of the page
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can't wait fo rmore with Amber
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I should go out, but I can't stop reading.
At least I have to change my shorts before I leave. It is soaked with precum.
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can't wait for the next part
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Fantastic!!! Love you telling of your fun times!