The Slut Wife - Part Two

Part Two

I hadn’t heard from Rick for a three days and my pussy was throbbing. I worked out, took care of the c***dren, but it wasn’t enough. When I was busy it was manageable but when I was alone is when the urges crept in. I had grown used to the daily savage fucking and I needed more. And something happened when I came back to the gym. The men started looking at me more. It was as if they somehow knew that I became a slut. They flirted with me and I loved it, but they would just flirt. I was waiting for them to take me and use me. I didn’t think I had to initiate things and didn’t want to. That didn’t turn me on. What turned me on was seeing men that wanted me so much that they lost control of their civilized selves and just acted on instinct.

It got so bad that I went to a sex store and bought a large dildo but it wasn’t the same. The rubber was nothing like a real man and I controlled the dildo. I wanted something that controlled me. I even found an internet site called that showed so many videos of women having rough sex, sometimes four or more men, being subjected to all sorts of things I’d never even dreamt of. But the difference was that these women were paid. I would do these things for free.

On Wednesday my husband came home and told me that he was up for a promotion at his job. He had been working hard there for years and I was happy for him. He had been invited to a weekend retreat by his boss that was being attended by other senior management. He told me “if it goes well I’ll get that promotion I’ve wanted. It’ll mean that I travel more but it’s a lot more money.” I looked at him and said “sweetheart, I’ll help you any way that I can to get that promotion.” The next day I skipped my workout and went shopping for some sexy dresses and new bikinis. I wanted to look good. I thought of those trophy wives with their botox and skinny bodies and wanted to show that my husband was married to a real woman.

We left early on Friday and drove a few hours to the retreat. It was a lovely ranch close to the water with some nearby woods. I was dressed in a linen outfit that was partially sheer. My husband was so horny when he saw me that he wanted to fuck me but I told him “no baby, let’s wait until we get there.” We drove up and he was greeted by staff at the ranch and we walked together holding hands. He introduced me to a man in his late 40s, grayish hair but in good shape and handsome. “Gary, this is my wife Ann. Ann, this is Gary Smith, the CEO of our company”. I extended a hand and he shook it and I said “it’s a pleasure to meet you Gary” and he replied “well, it’s very nice to meet you” but he wasn’t looking at my face, he was looking at the cleavage from my boobs . I wore something casual but enough to show off a bit. I wore a white thong as well, not to have panty lines and for my ass to look good. My husband introduced me to the rest of his colleagues and the men all reacted the same. They were looking at my body. I also noticed that when I was introduced to their wives that they were polite but chilly. I looked at them all…skinny, blonde, botox, some with fake boobs, all like clones. Here I was, this busty brunette with a round ass and a body that men wanted to fuck, I wasn’t part of their club and that was fine with me. I later on met Gary’s wife and she was this tall blonde, pretty, perfect-figured woman, a trophy wife. I wondered if she did half the things for her husband that I did for strange men.

That night we had dinner and while the wives were polite to me, they weren’t really friendly. I started liking them even less but got the satisfaction of having their husbands being eager to chat with me. I was happy as I wanted the men to like me, I wanted my husband to get that promotion. The only one that was nice to me was Gary’s wife Amber.

After dinner we went to our cabins and I asked my husband “do you think I did okay?”
“You were great, very charming. The guys really liked you.”
“Their wives didn’t” I snapped. “Those skinny stuck-up bitches. The only one that was nice to me was Amber.”
He came over “that’s because their husbands gave you lots of their attention.” I looked at him and said “does….does that bother you? I mean, men giving me attention?” I asked.
“At first it did but I think it’s hot. I like knowing men find you attractive…” he turned away. “I…it turns me on.” He turned back to me and said “I get turned on by men looking at you and staring at your body…I’m sorry, it sounds weird…”
“Oh baby” I assured him, “I want to look good for you. And no matter what you’re the one I love.” He then looked at me and said “I am so horny for you!” and I smiled because we were about to fuck. We both needed it.

The next day was a late breakfast and a pool party at noon. I had brought out some bathing suits until I picked out one I was dying to try: a red bikini that covered half my ass and showed off my boobs. I put on a sarong around my waist and when my husband saw me he said “holy shit, you look great!” “Thank you sweetheart” I blushed. Even though I loved being used by men, it was important that my husband thought I was pretty.

We walked out by the pool area and said hello to the other couples and I got the same reaction…smiles from the men and chills from the women. After a while Gary and Amber showed up and she looked stunning in a black bikini. She had such a nice body...I had doubts about my plan for the weekend because she was so gorgeous. We all took seats and the wives all congregated at a table and were subtle in making it known that I wasn’t in their clique. I sat at a table drinking a bl**dy mary by myself when Amber walked up and said “Hi Ann, can I have a seat?” “Sure!” I said and looking at her I thought “she’s perfect” and much younger than Gary.

“I saw you sitting down by yourself, why don’t you join the other girls?”
“I don’t think they like me, they’ve been chilly to me, I don’t know why.”
Amber leaned over, her perfectly shaped boobs bulging out of her skimpy top and whispered “they’re all bitches anyway, so you’re not missing anything.” Her reply caught me off guard and I burst out laughing, loud enough for those bitches to hear me and turn their heads. They turned them back shortly afterwards.
“You’re funny!” I whispered. Amber said “Gary was married before. He got a divorce and married me and they’re friends of the ex wife so they can’t stand me. They keep quiet because Gary is their husbands’ boss. You’re the only one here that is genuine.”
“That’s sweet of you to say” I thought she was nice. Then she whispered “And you have a great body, they’re jealous because you look so good!” and part of me blushed.
“That’s really nice of you to say, but you’re beautiful…” and I realized that my pussy was beginning to twitch a bit. I couldn’t believe that being next to Amber was turning me on. I’ve never even thought about other women but she is so beautiful.
“But you’re sexy” Amber said. “Really sexy, like the kind that men want to just jump all over”.
We spent some time talking and she was really nice. We had some drinks and lots of laughs. I told her “I’m getting hot, I’m going into the pool” “Me too” she replied then I said “let’s have some fun. Let’s see who gets the best reaction from the men!” and she asked “what do you mean?”. “Watch” I replied. I then got up and slowly walked pat the men, slowly taking off my top to expose my boobs. I stood at the edge of the pool and slowly undid my sarong and while taking off my sarong I wiggled it over my ass and my bikini bottom had ridden up my ass and I slowly ran my fingers down the bottom and covered what little more I could. I then bent over slowly and dived into the pool and began to swim. The water felt great and I turned to my head to see Amber hide her face while she laughed. I turned around and saw the men follow their eyes as Amber got up and slowly walked to the poll and slowly slipped off her white robe and, keeping the robe in her hands dragged it behind her while she wiggled her hips and went to the pool. She then reached up and pulled back her hair and thrust her boobs out then dived in. She swam towards me and we couldn’t stop laughing.
“I think you won” she said.
“No way, you totally won!” I replied and we had fun in the water. The other wives were glaring at us and turned their backs. Gary jumped in and then my husband and begrudgingly the other wives did too. I could see Gary be with his wife but he was staring at my boobs too.

Later that night we were all headed to a dinner and a little party and my husband had been happy. He felt like he was getting along with the other men and was feeling confident. I decided to wear a short dress with a neckline that showed a lot of my boobs. The dress wen to a little above my knees and I decided to wear a garter belt and stockings and 4 inch heels. My husband wore a tux and he looked at me and walked up to me and said “God you are hot tonight…I’m going to fuck you so hard when we get back!” and I replied “I hope so.” But little did he know that if I planned things right, he wouldn’t be the first cock I’d have tonight.

Dinner was wonderful and the after-party lively. The other wives were friendlier to me because I had gotten along well with Amber and Amber, she looked beautiful in a form-fitting minidress with those long legs. I kept looking at her wanting to see more of her and I stopped myself. What was wrong with me?

During the party I saw Gary walk to the men’s room and I knew I had my chance. I followed him and said “Gary!” and he turned and smiled at me. “Ann! How do you like the party?” he asked. He was looking me over. I stepped closer and said “I want to thank you for inviting us here, my husband is hoping that you consider him for that promotion.”
“Well, nothing is final” he replied then I reached up and rubbed my hand on his cock. “I would be very happy if he got that promotion…I’d like to know if there’s anything that I can do to help him.”
He looked down at me and grinned. “Did your husband put you up to this?” he asked and I said “No. And I’d like to keep this a secret between us if that’s okay with you.” He smiled more and I walked towards a storage closet that I saw earlier and opened it and said “come on in” and he walked quickly inside and closed the door. It was tight on space with a single light bulb lighting it and I reached down and undid he pants and reached in and grabbed his cock. It was big. Not as big as Rick’s but big and thick. I stroked it and it jumped in my hands and I opened my mouth and slid it in my mouth and began to suck. It felt good to have cock in my mouth and I could hear Gary groan as I slid his cock deep into my mouth and into my throat. I knew that I had to fuck him to the best of my skills. I sucked his cock hard for a few minutes then pulled back and said “You want to fuck me?”
“Yes!” he hissed and I got up and he reached into my dress and pulled out my boobs and felt them.
“You like them?” I teased.
“Fuck yes, nice and big.”
“Amber’s are really big too” I said and without skipping a beat he replied “but they’re fake, yours are real. I love big natural boobs” I hiked my dress up to my waist and he could see my garters and my thong that was now soaking wet.
“You like it?” I asked.
“Yeah. You wear that for your husband?” Gary asked and I said “no, I wore it for you.” And he pushed me against the wall and lifted one of my legs up with one hand and grabbed his cock and, as I pulled my thong to the side, he slid his cock in my soaking pussy.
“We don’t have much time his hissed” and I said “shut up and fuck me!”
He began pumping my pussy furiously. “I thought you were a cock tease, all of us want to fuck the shit out of you!” he groaned as he pumped faster. His hand grabbed one of my boobs and squeezed it, a bit rough. He kept pumping harder and harder and I could hear those slick sounds of his big cock slide in and out of my pussy.
“You’ve been driving us all batshit crazy with that fucking body” he hissed. “Your fucking pussy is still tight…I couldn’t stop thinking about fucking you!”

I loved it when men got like this. No rational thought, just lust. Wanting them to fuck me no matter what.

He kept pumping furiously and leaned over and kissed me deeply. It was hot and raw sex and he was powerful and so hard. It wasn’t long before I came and he had to cover my mouth with his hand as I wailed. “Quiet! Fuck you’re hot….” he whispered. He then pinched my nipple and pulled on it. The pain shot down to my pussy and made me swoon. “You like it rough don’t you?” he sneered and I replied “shut up and fuck me you fucker!” I had never used language like that before but I couldn’t help it. I was a slut now and I talked like one.

It wasn’t long before I could feel his cock stiffen and I pushed him away and grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth and felt the first blast of cum land on my tongue. I hungrily swallowed each additional blast. It tasted good…clean. After we recovered he said “I wanted to cum inside you” and I told him “when my husband gets that promotion.”

“I have to get talk to the rest of the senior management group.” He said. I then grabbed his cock and said “I’ll do anything for him to get that job. Anything. You understand?” he said and he smiled. He got dressed and opened the door and quickly looked around and stepped out and went to the restroom and I slid my thong back and pressed my dress and walked out calmly. I felt good for getting fucked but was upset because the rest of the group was involved in the decision.

I walked back into the party and my husband saw me and said “Baby! Where were you?” “I was in the ladies room” and he smiled and led me back in to the party. Amber came up to me and I acted calm but looked at her and thought “I just fucked your husband, I can taste his cum in my mouth.” She put her arm around my waist and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She was d***k. “Ann! Where were you?” Before I could answer she said “you know what those bitches are doing? They’re going on a horseback ride tomorrow morning and I saw they didn’t invite you and I was so pissed!” They asked me to come but I said no. Besides, I plan to spend the morning fucking Gary, hahahaha!!!”
I thought to myself…the wives will be out all morning? Perfect.

The sun was up and I got up slowly. I looked out our cabin window and saw the men sitting at a table having coffee and knew what I needed to do. I slipped on a thong, a pair of short shorts that my ass stuck out of, a short white tshirt with no bra, and my sneakers. I slipped quietly out of the cabin. I casually walked over to the men and said “Hi guys!” and they all turned to look at me and all of their eyes grew wide. You could basically see through my top and see my dark nipples. “Is there any coffee left?” I innocently asked. “Sure!” one of the men said and I said “great!” and I walked past the men so my ass was close to them. I reached over and made a cup of coffee for myself and turned around and they were staring at me. I then stretched my arms to where my top lifted up and you could see the bottom of my boobs while I stretched and they couldn’t take their eyes off of me. “Where is everyone else?” I asked.
“The wives went on a horseback ride, why aren’t you there?” one of them said. I looked down and said “they didn’t invite me, I guess they don’t like me.”
“Well, we like you” one of them said. “We like you a lot.” I reached over to him and bent down and gave him a kiss on the cheek so he could see down my top and the men could see more of my ass. “You’re sweet.” I said. Another said “would you like to join us?” and I said “you’re all really sweet but I think I’ll just take a walk in the nearby woods.” I started to walk away, wiggling my ass. I could feel them looking at me. I turned around and said “maybe you’ll come down and join me?” then I turned around and began to walk.

I took a slow stroll, the coffee tasted good when I heard the men’s chairs scrap against the wood floor and I knew they took the bait. I kept walking, acting as if I was unaware and I headed deeper in the adjoining woods. After a few minutes I stopped and turned around and saw them heading to me, about 50 feet behind me. I asked “are you following me?” One of them said “maybe” and then I took my top off and said “catch me if you can!” and began to run. I could hear them running after me and I zig zagged through the woods and hid behind a tree. I slipped off my shorts and stood in only my sneakers and a thong when I saw the men run past me.

“Where the fuck is she?” one of them said. “Fuck, she’d better not be fucking around!” another one said. “I’m gonna fuck that big ass of hers when I see her!” another said. When they walked 20 feet away I stepped out from behind the tree and yelled “Hey! I’m over here!” and I threw my shorts at them and it landed at the feet of one of them. He picked it up and I ran again and they were all running after me. I wanted them to stop thinking and act like savages. I was jogging away when one of them had sprinted around me and jumped in front of me. I stopped and the others caught up and they all had lust filled eyes and one of them said “so we caught you, what do we get?”
“You and the rest of you, you get to fuck me, that’s what you get. Now take off your clothes”
They couldn’t take their clothes off fast enough and were soon naked, stroking their cocks. I slid off my thong and got down on my knees and said “come on boys and get your cocks sucked.” They moved in on me and my pussy was soaking wet. I was going to enjoy this. But little did I know at the time that there was someone watching us.

End Part Two

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