The Slut Wife - Chapter 1

¬The bald man’s cock is deep in my ass as I sit on it while the blonde man has my head firmly in both hands and is fucking my face…the tip of his cock sliding in and out of my throat. Rick moves over on the couch next to me and begins squeezing then slapping my boobs…squeeze then slap, squeeze then slap. I feel a hand slide to my pussy, playing with my clit and then hear the bald man behind me say “wiggle that ass bitch!” then slap my hip hard for emphasis. The blonde man is face fucking me like a machine and is making me gag..he’s so hard in my mouth. I hear Rick say “I told you she was a hot piece of ass…she’s gonna make us a lot of money!” and the blonde man laughs as he shoves my face up to his pelvis and holds my head for what seems like forever..until he lets go and I pull back to breathe again.

I think for a moment how I ended up this way, with these three men using me as their sex toy, satisfying their a****l urges. It was only a few weeks ago…..


My name is Ann. I’m a married housewife, have two k**s, live in the suburbs…lived a regular life of a housewife until that one day. I dropped off the k**s at school and went to the gym. I work out five days a week. I just turned 40 and even though I have the k**s I’m in good shape. I like to keep my weight down and be toned…but I’ve always been conscious of my body. At a young age I developed big boobs and a big butt…not humongous but more than the other girls when I was in school and I always felt ashamed about it. Even now, I wear loose shorts and a loose top so they mask my big 40D boobs…having big boobs is a pain in the ass sometimes. I see these young girls with half the body I have wearing almost nothing to the gym…I wished that I could be like that but I’m so self-conscious of my figure. My husband was the only man I ever dated that totally loved my body. Our sex life was good, but I sometimes wondered if I missed out on anything. I felt ashamed thinking that because he always pleased me but lately I’d been having strange dreams. Dreams about men around me making me do dirty things and seeing huge cocks in my face. Sometimes in the dreams I’d suck on these big cocks or let them inside me. Sometimes it felt so real, but I always woke up wet and frustrated and ashamed that I thought of these things with such a wonderful husband.

One day after a workout I walked home, it was a gorgeous day and I live less than a mile away. I was so in love with the beautiful day that I didn’t realize I was being followed. I got up to my door and let myself in when suddenly someone from behind me pushed me into my house as I fell on the floor and when I turned around a man had entered and closed the door behind me. “What do you want?” I said but I could tell by the smile on his face what he wanted.

“You know what I want…now give it to me real good or else”. I tried to back away on the floor but he was so fast…he picked me up and led me to a couch and pushed me down on it. “Please…don’t….I won’t say anything just go please!” I begged and the man replied by unbuttoning his pants and saying “you’re gonna do exactly what I say or else…you got that?” He was tall and powerfully built…he could hurt me…but I didn’t want to be…my thoughts stopped when he took out his cock and my eyes grew wide. It was long and thick and straight…like a pole…at least nine inches….it was the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.

“Now…you’re gonna suck my cock but I want you to take off that top…I want to see your tits”. “Please…anything…”I said as I slowly removed my top. I couldn’t take my eyes off of that huge, perfectly shaped cock. It was sticking straight at me…

“Now take off that sports bra!” he ordered and I did and he stared at my boobs. “Fuck…those are bigger than I thought…nice big MILF tits” He moved closer to me. “Now, open wide and suck my cock” he ordered and I was so scared…I thought if I just did what he wanted I wouldn’t get hurt…but his cock…I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I opened my mouth and, taking his cock in my hand, began to suck on it. I could taste precum almost immediately from his cock and it was delicious..salty and musky. I began to lose myself and started sucking on this stranger’s cock.

“Fuck…that’s good baby. Look at those big fucking tits and that pretty face and that mouth….God the rest of you must be so good!” Then something happened that surprised me…my pussy began to clinch on itself….I should have been ashamed, humiliated…but this man’s cock in my mouth..him lusting after my body was turning me on! I sucked his cock deeper and deeper…I’ve always been good at sucking cock but my husband’s cock isn’t as big as this but I sucked more of it in my mouth...then after a while he pulled back.

“Take off them’s time you got fucked properly.” He said.

“Please..I’ll suck you dry but not in my pussy!” I said. I then felt a smack on my face. Not hard enough to bruise but hard enough to know he meant business. “Don’t fucking talk back to me bitch! Now, take off your shorts!” I got up and slid off my shorts and panties and he pushed me down onto the couch. “Your pussy is wet…I could smell it…you like this don’t you?”

“Please…don’t…” I began but it was true. I did like it. It was wrong and terrible but I did like it….he then slid between my legs and parted them, rubbing my clit. “Your pussy sure is wet…it needs some cock don’t it? DON’T IT!!” he yelled.

“Yes….please…give it to me..” I whimpered and in that moment he slid almost his entire cock in one fell swoop. Got it felt good! I’ve never had that much cock before in me..and he began to pump in and out and I was losing myself. I then felt his hands reach up to my boobs and he began to squeeze them. “Big fucking naturals…I love ‘em!” then began to lightly squeeze and slap them. I’ve never had anyone do that to me and it should have hurt but each slap sent a new sensation to my pussy…what was happening to me?

He started fucking me harder and started growling. “Fucking hot cunt…been watching you a long time…better than I thought!” and I was fighting back an orgasm. I shouldn’t come to this man taking me..a man that wasn’t my husband…but I was so turned on that he wanted me and he was so good…I tried with all my might to hold back an orgasm…but I couldn’t. Finally, I let go and this wave of pleasure burst out of me and I began to yell. “Yes…oh God yes! Fuck! Yes!” I wailed as I had the biggest orgasm of my life…I could feel my pussy gush and my nipples get harder. He began to pump faster and I came again! I began to cry from the sensation and he began to growl faster as he finally stiffened and came inside me. I could feel it…his hot cum…in me….

He then pulled out and put his pants back on as I lay there panting…satisfied in a way I’ve never been before and with another man’s cum in my pussy. He looked down on me and said “you ain’t saying a word about this to anyone if you know what’s good for you and your f**** got that?” I nodded yes.

He then left out the front door and I laid on the couch...trying to figure out what happened…my body betrayed me, my marriage…everything. I then felt his cum oozing out of me. I scooped some up with my fingers and looked at it as if it had an answer for me. I then licked it off my fingers and it was salty and thick…I did it again and again. I never did say anything to anyone and as far as anyone knows it never happened.


The blonde man kept pumping faster and faster until I felt his cock stiffen and cum flow into my mouth…it was so much! It tasted different but I was so caught up in lust that I didn’t care…it was cum and I was a slut and I was drinking it. He came over and over again until he finally pulled out of my mouth. Just then Rick said “I want some of that pussy now” and he pulled me up off the bald man’s cock and turned me around then bent me over. Rick said to the bald man “Jack…have her suck your cock...she gives mean head” and as Rick bent me over Jack stood up next to me and said “suck my cock!” and I moved closer to it….I knew that it was in my ass but I couldn’t resist. I reached up and slowly put it in my mouth…I could taste a difference…maybe my ass? Something but it was so dirty and Jack was holding my head now and fucking my mouth like the blonde man had. Just then I could feel Rick’s huge pole slide into my pussy. It was bigger than Jack’s and he immediately began pumping it. Just then I felt a hand move my hand and guide it to a cock. It was the blonde man. “Stroke it hard slut, I’m not done with you yet!” I heard him say.


The next day after my encounter I went to my workout and then went shopping for some clothes, trying to keep a routine but I kept thinking about that man the day before and what he did to me. He entered my home, I saw his face, I could report him, put him away but I kept thinking about his cock. I’m a married woman and I easily let some man fuck me and use me. I was so ashamed, my pussy began to spasm and clench on itself as I thought about my attack. I enjoyed it! I realized then that I enjoyed it. It was wrong for me to feel that way but I did.

I was shopping in the tops section when I heard a voice come up from behind me. “Hello again”. I stopped dead in my tracks. That was HIM. “I..please…leave me alone” I whispered and he moved in closer behind me and reached around and cupped my boobs. “I can’t do that… you’re too hot a piece of ass”. He then took my hand and led me to the changing rooms and we both went in one and I turned around and for the first time I got a good look at him. He was handsome...not the kind that you would think would accost a woman in her home.

“You liked yesterday, didn’t you?” he said to me. He moved in closer…feeling up my boobs. “You came for me.”
“Please, leave me alone” I whimpered, only half believing what I was saying. Part of me felt dirty and disgusting, part of me wanted him again. He reached to his belt and lowered his pants and his huge cock stuck straight out. “You can’t say no to this can you?” Damn him, he was right. Before I knew it I was on my knees and taking that cock in my mouth again. My pussy began to get wet immediately. I sucked it hungrily for a few minutes then he pulled back and said “if you want more then you have to do what I say”.

“Anything…anything please…I want more of your cock”. I couldn’t believe I was saying this but I was. He handed me an address and said “you be here at 11 tomorrow morning.” He began to slide his cock in his jeans and button his pants when he turned to leave. He stopped and said to me “You have a fucking hot body. The next time I see you I want you dressed sexy or I’ll fuck your ass up” then he left. I was there on my pussy soaking…still tasting the precum from his cock. I looked at the address and decided that I would go. I needed to go. But first I had to do some shopping.

The next day I drove to the address and it was a house far out from the suburbs. I parked and knocked on the door and it opened and I saw him again. “Get in slut” he ordered and I walked in quickly as he closed and locked the door behind me. “Let me look at you” he said. I turned around. I wore a short skirt, much shorter than I ever wear and a halter top that made my boobs look huge.

“Nice…” then he took me by the arm and led me to his living room and threw me on a couch. He undid his jeans and that beautiful cock emerged. “Now suck it until I cum bitch” he ordered and I leaped at the chance to have that beautiful cock in my mouth. I sucked at it hungrily and took more and more of it in my mouth. I pushed and pushed and finally got it all in my mouth as my pussy gushed. “Holy fucking shit!” he exclaimed. Then he held my head against him for the longest time…I couldn’t breather then he let go and I gasped for air..almost gagging. “suck it again!” he ordered and I did it again and I sucked at it hard and after a short while I could feel his cock getting harder and he grabbed my head and yelled “FUCK!!!” and I could feel a huge wad of cum enter my mouth…it was delicious….warm and thick and salty..then another and another…so much cum! I was swallowing it all but it was so much…I’ve never had so much in my mouth before…some of it ran down the sides of my lips. Finally..after a full minute he pulled out and I was swallowing the last of his cum and panting as he kneeled down before me.
“My name is Rick and I’m your fucking master…got that?”
“Yes” I said.
You’re gonna come here every day and I’m gonna teach you how to be a real slut…no excuses from you cunt. Every. Fucking. Day. You understand you big titted bitch?”
“Yes…I understand” I said.
“Now…take off them clothes because we’re gonna fuck!”

And I came every day at that time. Each day we would have sex and each day he would teach me something new…he taught me that big boobs were meant to be slapped and that I would have to take it if I wanted to please men. He taught me that having my ass spanked turned me on. He pulled my hair…slapped my back at times…all the time making me cum and cum…one day he slid his huge cock in my ass and I felt like my ass was on fire but it settled down and I loved the feeling. Afterwards I begged him to fuck my ass. Every day for a few hours I was Rick’s personal slut. And I loved it.

Something odd happened too. One day I went to the gym and thought I was silly to be so self-conscious about my body…Rick liked my body….I was going to show these 20 year olds something about having a good body so I began to show up in short exercise shorts and a sports bra. I didn’t even bother pulling down on my shorts when they rode up my ass…I wanted my ass to stick out so people could see it. When I caught men looking at me my nipples got hard and you could see them through my sports bra. I began loving the attention. Instead of changing into something else I’d go shopping like this. Sometimes I’d feel my shorts ride up halfway up my ass and I didn’t care…I like the looks I got and the attention. Sometimes men would be with their girlfriends or wives and they would give me a dirty look and I’d love it. I wanted men to notice me now. I wanted them to look at me and want to fuck me right on the spot. I wanted them to have hard cocks because of me and if we were alone I’d give them the best blowjob of their lives.

I started wearing short skirts and tops..tight jeans and thongs…sometimes I’d skip my bra and let my big boobs bounce under my tops. You could clearly see my hard nipples and they would turn heads. My husband liked the new clothes and he couldn’t’ wait to get his hands on me. Slowly he got more aggressive but it was never like Rick. I had never been with a man like Rick. It was as if he secretly wanted me to dress sexy and be slutty...but that couldn’t be, could it?

After two weeks, one day after Rick and I had some rather rough sex he told me “come by tonight at 8. My partners are going to be here.” “Partners?” I asked. He replied “don’t you wonder how I make money? We find women and train them to be whores for us. We charge top dollar because we provide women that will do all the nasty shit their wives won’t do.”

I was stunned. “But I’m not a whore!” I replied. He laughed. “A whore is a slut that fucks for money. Don’t worry, you’ll get your cut. Lots of men want MILFs because they’re older and have no shame and will do whatever the hell they want.” I was angry but not because he said that but because it was true. I…I was a slut…fucking a strange man behind my husband’s back. I was ashamed but part of me was thrilled at the prospect of men wanting to pay money to use me. To pay money for me!”

I showed up that night wearing a leather miniskirt and a tube boobs straining to stay inside. Rick opened the door and looked at me and said “very nice….” Then he slipped a collar around my neck and attached a chain to it. “This is very important to me…don’t you disappoint me.” I felt butterflies in my stomach then Rick reached over and kissed me deeply. “Tonight you fuck them but you’re still my that?” I nodded yes and he lead me to his living room where two men were seated, naked, stroking their big cocks.

I was bent over, sucking the bald man’s cock and having my pussy fucked hard by Rick. I felt the blonde man squeeze my hanging boobs and say “look at these fucking tits! We should knock her up and get them full of milk!” I heard Rick laugh and say “Barry, you want to knock up every bitch you see!” Barry replied “yeah, but this slut’s tits full of milk would be huge!”

I couldn’t believe they could be so casual about making me pregnant just to fulfill their six lust. Part of me wanted to run away, even naked. But the other part of me loved being treated like a sex toy, getting men so horny that they lost all control. God, I love that !

Suddenly I could feel rick pull my arms behind me and lift me up. He said “watch this” and he began to fuck me furiously. Harder than he ever had before. I suddenly felt my pussy gush and I could tell that I was going to cum. He kept at it and I could barely contain myself until I finally began to wail and came harder than I ever had before. I could feel my juices ooze around his cock and down my legs. He then let go and I crumpled to the floor. I was a mess. Panting, tears down my eyes, legs trembling, my pussy juice running down my legs and on the floor. I looked up and saw the three of them standing there stroking their cocks. Rick then said “slut…you got more left in you?” and part of me wanted to beg them to stop. I had been used, humiliated, treated like a whore and I should have stopped but I knew Rick didn’t want me to disappoint him. And deep down I loved being used.

“I’m…not done yet.” I panted. I then slowly got up and said “why don’t you really fuck me now!” They all moved at once. Jack sat on the bed and Rick pushed me down on him. “Sit on my cock slut!” he ordered and I got on top of his lap, facing him and took hi cock and slid my pussy down on it. Suddenly I felt Barry move behind me and then pull my hair. “You fucking slut…we’re gonna fuck you raw” he hissed as he slid his large cock inside my ass and both men began to pound me. One in my pussy and the other in my ass. They went at it like a****ls when rick moved behind the couch and half climbed on, so his cock was in front of my face and without saying a word I opened my mouth wide and he slid his cock in. They fucked me furiously for what felt like forever. The men couldn’t even talk now. All they did was grunt and groan like a****ls. So did I. I came over and over again. Each time I came I wanted more. It was like a d**g for me and I couldn’t get enough!

Suddenly I felt Barry’s cock stiffen and he growled like an a****l and I could feel hot cum shoot in my ass. He came so much. He kept pumping and pumping until he finally pulled out and I could feel cum drip out of my ass. I then felt a slap to the back of my head and heard him mutter “fucking slut…gonna knock you up and slap the milk out of them titties”. Then shortly after Jack moaned and I could feel hot cum in my pussy. He filled my pussy with it and then he simply pushed me off of him and Rick’s cock slid out of my mouth. Rick then moved in front of me and began stroking his cock. He pointed it straight at me and growled when a huge rope of cum shot out and landed squarely on my face! Again and again it happened until my face was covered in his hot cum. He finallys stopped and I could see Jack and Barry slowly put their clothes on. They were drained and I saw Rick pant and turn beet red. They tested me and I wouldn’t break. My ass and pussy were so sore but part of me wanted more. I was becoming insatiable. The men then left and I was alone with Rick. He leaned down and said to me “you passed…now you’re one of our sluts. I’ll call you when I need you. Now get dressed and get the fuck out of here!” and I couldn’t believe it. I had given them the best fuck they’ve ever had and they just walked away like I was yesterday’s news. I was so angry, and I was hurt. But I got dressed and wiped my face off in a bathroom towel and left. Part of me was crying because I wanted Rick to like me. When he kissed me I thought something had passed between us but I was just a piece of ass to him. I swore from then on that if I was going to get fucked like a slut that I was going to get more out of it.

End Part One

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