Black and White

I thought about sex with a black man for ages. Well, the video clips show these well hung guys, muscular, banging away with some white woman, she invariably gasping and screaming.
I had to try this for myself, hadn’t I ?
I was in Holland for a few days. Business mixed with pleasure. My husband was with me but he would be spending most of his time golfing, as usual.
It started one evening. We were in the hotel bar having a couple of after dinner drinks. Chatting away, I noticed him out of the corner of my eye. He was sat down at a table, on his own. White shirt, open-necked. The contrast against that black skin was remarkable. Those broad shoulders. Reminded me of the young Cassius Clay. As the evening wore on, I glanced more and more. We made eye contact several times. Hubby went off to the loo. The vodka tonics had made me braver. I turned and smiled. He raised his glass to me and smiled back. All those lovely white teeth !
The next day, hubby was off golfing again. I’d one meeting, in the morning, and then I hurriedly made my way back to the hotel. Quick look in the bar. Where was “Cassius”, for Christ’s sake. I prowled the foyer for over an hour, like a bitch on heat. Then, suddenly, a tap on my shoulder. There he was. “Oh, hello,” I sort of stammered. “I didn’t mean to startle you, I’m sorry. Would you care to join me for a drink ?” he asked.
“Not here.” I replied. “Let me go change, I’ll only be a few minutes”.
“I’ll see you down in the car park” he whispered.
I raced to the room. Quick change. Black underwear, he’ll like the contrast with my white bitch skin, I thought. Stockings, suspenders, definitely.
I rushed to the lift.
“Where to ?” he asked when we got in the car. “You choose” was my bland reply.
We headed out of Rotterdam and stopped at this lovely country hotel. Once in the bar, we chatted about this, that, anything and everything. The sexual tension in the air was electrifying. We laughed and I thought, come on, this is going nowhere. At that very moment, his hand strayed to my knee. It was as though he had read my mind.
“I’ll get a room, if you like”. I just nodded.
In the lift, his strong arms wrapped around me and those big hands grabbed my bum cheeks. He was treating me like a bl**dy whore. Did I care ? No way.
Once in the room, I threw my handbag on the floor and grabbed the front of his shirt. I feverishly started unbuttoning it. Down on my knees, I got to his belt. He grabbed my hair, firmly, but not enough to cause pain, and eased me up from the floor.
He kissed me so powerfully, breaking free to lift my top straight over my head. He was in total control.
On the other hand, I was a frantic mess. Fumbling with his zip, urgently wanting his cock in my hands.
He pushed me on the bed and stood there kicking off his shoes and slipping his trousers off. Oh that fucking bulge !
He lay next to me and, leaning over me, clasped my hands in his and pressed them into the bedclothes. “What do you want, white lady”. I murmured something like “Fuck me you black bastard”.
He knelt up, releasing his grip on my hands, which immediately grabbed the waistband of his underpants, yanking them down. God. The biggest cock I’ve ever held. It must have been 10”, rock hard and just sooo thick.
I was sat up now and opened my mouth wide to taste him. My hands stroked those big balls. He unzipped my skirt, already up round my waist and lifted it over my head. My mouth, temporarily separated from his cock, hungrily found it again.
Knelt by my side, his hand went down my knickers. I flinched as he gripped my bush mound so hard. God I was fucking drenched. I sucked each ball in turn, still stroking that majestic weapon. He flipped me over onto my stomach and then, such a wonderful moment, as he prised my bum cheeks apart and buried his tongue in my bum hole. Oh I was dribbling from my cunt. His hands outstretched he pushed them inside my bra and grabbed my tits, squeezing them tightly.
Then, over I went again, onto my back. I looked down between our bodies and watched as he rubbed his cock on my bush. Then, as it disappeared between my legs, I felt a supreme sense of anticipation. Then, ever so slowly, he slipped it in me. Oh, the sheer thrill made my whole body quiver. In and out it went, each thrust a little longer and faster than the one before. My mouth tightly shut, I breathed long and hard through my flared nostrils. My heart was pounding, so loud I could hear it. His hot breath on my tits, my nipples have never been as hard.
I remember feeling how really bad I was being to do this. Being fucked by a black man. My mind slipped away, back to when I was about 15. I’d been bad then. Mother had caught me snogging a lad. OK, he’d had his hand up my jumper. That was so bad I spent the next few minutes with my jeans round my ankles, bent over a chair, as she used a long handled hair brush on my arse. I remember smiling at the thought, what would she have done to me now.
My mind came back quickly. One of my still stockinged legs was up on his shoulder. I remember feeling how taut the suspender strap was across my bum. The other leg was around his waist. He was fucking me like crazy by now. I grabbed that firm bum as it went up and down, back and forth, pounding that fabulous cock up me. “You like, white bitch”, he asked, knowing the answer. “Just fuck my cunt, you black fucking bastard.”
The language was extreme. I do swear in bed, but, not usually to that extent. He flipped me over again. He was on his side now, so was I. He was taking me from behind. I reached down between my legs and stroked his length as he effortlessly shagged me. He stroked my tits. Then that first orgasm. The heat inside. The unstoppable wave of excitement. The thrill and then that gush. I just gasped aloud, open mouthed as my whole body shook in uncontrollable spasms. He buried his face in my neck and shoulders kissing me ever so hard. The motion started again. This time, he’d pushed me face down into the bedclothes, his hands around my waist, lifting me, pushing me back and forth, up and down his cock, like I was just a rag doll. Then, again, I came. My body, just one shuddering mass, squirting down his thighs. Then, suspended by his hands, just hanging there, limp, as the fucking started again.
I don’t know how long this went on for. I just remember coming to, bathed in sweat, lying across him. I reached down to his cock, still semi-stiff. The next thing I know, I was sliding down his body and licking his length. He was still glistening with my wetness. He was fingering me while I stiffened him. Then, my turn to have control.
I sat astride him and eased myself down his pole. “How’s this white slut doin’, nigger?” “You’s doin’ jus’ fine, missy, specially for an oldie”.
I leant forward and started my speciality. With just his tip in me, I gyrated my cunt in a circular motion. Then, taking him just a little deeper, and with just a back and forth motion, I started to clench and unclench my bum cheeks. Ever so gradually, I changed the pace, alternating between circular and back and forth motions. And, I am very, very good. I’ve had men climbing walls before now.
I could see his eyes glazing over. “Cum inside me, Jay” I whispered. “I want all of you”. A couple of minutes later, we both exploded for that last time. A real moment of pleasure, lust, desire and, yes, real love, as we just locked our lips together a kissed so long and hard, as he spurted in me. Then that lovely, slow moving together, in perfect rhythm as we mixed our juices together. Oh, that sound !
I lay there. Strange, I was thinking, I wish my husband would walk in the room.
Anyway, I’ve rattled on long enough. Oh, before you ask, I did get Jay’s number and, yes, we have met a few times since. And, most precious of all, he’s rung me as many times as I’ve rung him.

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10 months ago
Very hot!
1 year ago
Oh my goodness, so horny now, have an invite from a black friend....wonder if i could convince hubby!!!
1 year ago
Did your husband get to fuck you afterwards with all that black sperm sloshing around inside you?
2 years ago
omg! after reading that i feel the urge to contact one or two of my friends!!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
is a horny story,i like it
3 years ago
very nice story and nothing like being called a nigger while being knee deep in some pale white pussy. fucking magical.
3 years ago
Nice story!!!
3 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
Good, a true BBC slut!
3 years ago
very nice.. i love me some lilly white ass and tits! awesome story!
3 years ago