Being Watched

This story is about me being watched. I could go straight to the action but, during this particular day the sexual tension was growing all the time. I’d like to share that, too. I hope it excites you as much as it did me.

I’d been fairly horny all morning. I’d got up a little later than normal. Hubby was coming out of the shower, toweling himself off. He was slipping into his nice white briefs. I watched intently as his cock disappeared behind the fabric. Lovely bulge. I knew what I’d like to do with it but, he was already running late, so no chance there.
I showered. All too quickly really. I’d got a Client arriving at the office at 9. No time for a proper play. I just allowed myself a few fleeting seconds with the shower head on full throttle between my legs and a few more seconds soaping my breasts.
I dressed quickly. Summers morning so just bra and pants under a nice dress.
My Client arrived on time. She was nice. Not beautiful, just nice. Nice legs, I thought, as she told me her woes. It was a straight forward case so I didn’t really need to focus on what she was saying. I’d got the tape on so I could get the detail later. I was getting much hornier as the meeting progressed. She was clearly straight but, I somehow get more aroused by straight women. She crossed her legs. Nice thighs. Not skinny. I do hate thin legs on a woman…….or on a man, for that matter. I started to imagine giving her a massage. STOP ! Concentrate, Anne. This woman is paying you as a professional.
After an hour, or so, she left. Then the ‘phone started ringing non-stop. Can you advise me ? Can you help me ? God, piss off. I’m not in the mood. Well, I am, but not in the mood for you. I’m in the mood for some bl**dy pleasure.
I eventually told my secretary to hold my calls. My hand was straying to my thighs. Not too high, just above the knee, stroking the skin ever so lightly. That lovely feel of manicured nails on freshly waxed legs. Then a knock and in came “Fun Spoiler” with the post. My hand withdrew quickly and started to twiddle my ear. She parked herself on the chair next to my desk. Are you OK, she enquired. You look flushed. Are you coming down with something ? I’d like to go down on something, I thought.
We went through the post. Christ, loads of it. Had the postman not been for a bl**dy week ?
Then another Client. He was quite nice. In his fifties, maybe. I’d bet he’d fuck me if I let him. He was, unfortunately, an acquaintance of my husband, so, no go. Then, of course, his tale of woe. I stood up and walked around as he carried on talking. I have a full length mirror in the office and I watched his eyes fixed on my legs. Go on, look long and hard, mate. Imagine me bent over my desk. Dress up round my neck. Go on, mister, imagine ripping my knickers off. I bet you’re hard already, aren’t you. STOP, Anne, concentrate. Eventually, he left, too. Peace.
This time my hand reached my pussy. Knock, and there she was again. Fuck off, I almost blurted out. My, you are flushed. Yes, I do feel a little under the weather. No more Clients, good, I’ll go home and see you tomorrow.
At home, I went straight into the garden. Large G & T. Sun lounger. Mirror. Lovely light breeze blowing up my dress. I took a sip and lay back. My hands stroked my calves. I kicked off my shoes and played with my feet. I started to unbutton my dress. No rush, slow down. I knew I was going to masturbate…………I’d known since I showered. And this was going to be a good one.
I finished the last button and sat up, letting the dress come off my shoulders. My hands strayed to my bra. Gently I stroked my breasts through the lace. I love the feel of lace on my tits. My fingers pushed inside the cups. I love touching my nipples. So sensitive. Actually, I can orgasm when the left one is licked properly. Strangely, a similar tonguing on the right one doesn’t quite get me there. I sat up again and set my tits free. Wetting my fingers, I worked the left nipple. Not enough to make me come……..just enough to keep me on the edge.
I stood up. I walked on the lawn. Now that’s a nice feeling. Stripped to my knickers in the open air. I admired my reflection in the patio doors. I put both my hands inside the back of my knickers, squeezing my bum, as I walked around. Spreading my cheeks. Running a nail up and down the crack. That excites me. Flimsy pants. Just so exposed. Ever so vulnerable.
I lay down again on the lounger. My fingers felt my hairs through the fabric. Then strayed between my legs. God, I was pissed wet through. I toyed with the elastic, then one hand slipped inside. I started to gently rub my clit. I held the mirror in my free hand. I love watching myself. I could see my fingers through my pants, working away. I put the mirror down and slowly pushed my pants down my thighs. Slipping them off my feet, I held them to my face, enjoying the aroma and the moisture.
Picking up the mirror, I started stroking my pussy again, watching my cunt lips open and close. My thighs trembling as I put two fingers inside me. Then those short gasps and that wonderful first spray. I stopped for a few seconds, then back to the job in hand.
What was that ? I heard a car engine. Then the car door. Must be hubby arriving. I heard the gate creak. Should I stop ? I couldn’t if I’d wanted to. My heart was racing. I’d never felt such pure excitement. Would he announce his arrival. No…….He’d expect me to be at the office. My car !! No, he’d not see it. It was in the garage.
I angled the mirror. There was his face behind the patio doors. I tried to breathe. All I could manage were short gasps. I swear my heart was pounding so hard it made my tits bounce. My fingers were going faster. I looked in my mirror. My cunt was gaping. More spray. All over the mirror. I let it fall…… use now, I couldn’t see anything through it, anyway.
Two hands now. I thought of him watching. The thrill of what I was doing. I’d masturbated a thousand times before but never like this. Then I forgot all about him. This was for me. More juice. Then more, much more. I used one hand to smear my tits. I remember manoeuvring my body, my head over the edge of the lounger, my head almost on the floor. I love the way the bl**d rushes to my head…… orgasms ever. Then that final climax. My whole body jerked, my mouth wide open, gasping for some precious oxygen. My fingers darting in and out of my cunt. The spurt, again and again. Me licking my fingers then back to get some more. My bum, now off the lounger, quivering as I gasped out loud.
Then that relaxation of my body as I dribbled everywhere and lay there whimpering. My forehead bathed in sweat. My hair tousled. Then I remembered him.
I smiled and closed my eyes.
Then I heard him shout, I’m home, from the hallway. I sat up and slipped my dress on my shoulders and fastened a couple of buttons, strategically selected. Out he came. Nice day, he asked.
What a gentleman. He’s never mentioned it to this day. Mind you, that evening I got fucked 3 times, the first time in the hall, then in the shower and finally on the bed. He was still up for more but I was completely drained. Anyway, as a treat I gave him the best tit wank he’d ever had…………or so he said.

Hope this wasn’t too long winded for you, the reader. I so look forward to your comments, particularly you girls out there.

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5 months ago
superb story,got me rock hard.thinking of watching you play.x
2 years ago
Great story. Very well written.
3 years ago
So horny. So well detailed, it felt like i was watching!!
3 years ago
Wow, I love this story! I bet you are beautiful in your panties. Thank you for posting this. Tris
3 years ago
luved it, the detail made it
3 years ago
very horny story, you need more office privacy lol
3 years ago
very nice story
3 years ago
Your best so far. Hot stuff. Well done.
3 years ago
Excellent stuff - thanks
3 years ago
Mmmm, delicious!