another bi night.

So here's another written sexcapade I've had.

After my bi night in my first story this is a couple of weeks after. Determined after my first night of sexual experimentation I wanted more! A lot more. I slowly arranged a foursome for some serious fucking fun. My wife and I are meeting with my bi couple friends I fucked a couple of weeks ago.

My wife is not sure all of what's going to happen but I have an idea what Lisa and her hubby have in mind and I think everyone will have there holes filled one way or another. Lots of bodily fluids exchanged.

We arrive and are greeted with some drinks to loosen our tongues. Some finger licking nibbles and a few more drinks. A big joint is passed around and we all get to feel the high. Lisa I can see has got her eyes on my wife, she mentions that she has something she like Annies opinion on and they disappear off towards the bedrooms. I smile at Neil in an unspoken way we know whats going on. Lisa has her eyes on getting suck my wifes big boobs. Neil puts some porn on the tv for us to pass the time with.

So we sit and watch a couple of chicks licking each other out and I say I think that's what's going on in the bedroom as the two girls have been gone for ten minutes or so. We decide to go see what's happening and with no surprise my wife is laid on her back on the king size bad half undressed with Lisa lying on top of her half way up feeding tenderly on my wife's nipples. My wife is enjoying the tongue running around her fleshy globes with her eyes closed. Neil and I stand at the door to watch. I feel my cock growing in my pants, Neil I see has already got his cock out and is rubbing it slowly, his man stick is growing ever larger. Well if that's how it's going to be then I'm getting mine out too. We stand being interested voyeurs from the door way as Lisa tugs at my wife's trousers and knickers. Neil's cock is like a rock now and I want to touch it so I stop pulling mine and reach over for his. Its bigger than mine and I like the feel of it. I grab it and start rubbing it slowly. Meanwhile Lisa has her face buried in my wife's wet cunt and is sucking her clit.

I decide that it's time to get naked so I have one last pull of Neil's cock. I step out of the clothes I'm in and Neil follows me. We move into the bedroom and towards our women on the bed. Before I reach the bed however Neil has grabbed my shoulders and steers me towards and chaise near the bed. I turn and half lay on the seat. Neil sinks down between my legs and starts to lick my pre-come leaking cock.

Pulling my skin back and sucking my bulging purple head running his tongue all around enveloping my cock as deep as he can down his throat. I don't know where to look. My wife having her cunt sucked or Neil sucking me off. Lisa makes my choice easy she swivels around to 69 Annie and I have a great view of Lisa's arse and cunt being licked by my wife, Annie grabs Lisa's arse cheeks and spreads them with Lisa's puckered hole appearing from the flesh. It's twitching and Annie's moves her fingers towards it. Running a finger down to Lisa's wet snatch then up towards her prize. Slowly she pushes her digit in and starts to fuck it.

Meanwhile Neil has his tongue around my balls and is heading for my tight ring. I lift my leg to help him get there. I moan in sheer delight as his wet tongue rims my arse. He wets my hole round and round then back up to my cock he continues to get his fill of dick. One or both of the girls have cum I'm not sure but I hear orgasm groans from the bed I'm enjoying being sucked off. I look over to see the girls part and move up to each other to kiss tasting each other's cunts on there faces. They turn and look at us feasting there eyes on the scene and me being sucked by Neil. Lisa demands we go to the bed and suck each other as they want to watch and wank. Neil pulls his mouth from me and stands up and goes to the bed. I follow and lay down on my side Neil turns and I'm faced with his meat again this time I'm not so nervous going down on him. I grab his dick with my free hand and steer my waiting lips towards it. He does the same to me. The girls watch the spectacle of their men blowing another man's cock. Lisa is close to me watching me suck her hubby and she moves in towards my arse, I feel her hands parting my cheeks just as Neil had done earlier. She plants her tongue straight onto my twitching ring and sends me into ecstasy, I love being rimmed but to be sucked off at the same time too. Heavenly. Then I see my wife's face reach for Neil's cheeks and together we suck, tongue and slober over his cock and arse too. I take his sack in my mouth and give each ball a suck then back to sucking his rock hard cock.

So there we all are this b**st with four backs writhing, licking and sucking our way to sexual heaven. Lisa breaks the chain first by moving for her toy drawer. She pulls a couple of cock shaped vibrators out and hands one to my wife. Come on girl she says let's fuck em. She grabs some lube gives the cock shes going to fuck me with a squirt and then passes it to Annie for use on Neil's hole. I feel her hands and cold lubed up fingers again parting my cheeks in search of her prize. She slips it towards my ring and pushes firmly to feel it go straight in and me gasp as it enters my passage. Still with this delicious cock in my mouth I see Annie do the same to Neil. He jumps as she pushes it hard up his arse. We then are fucked by each other's wives. Lisa turns the vibrator on and really starts to wind it up me. It feels amazing and I stop cock sucking to enjoy the vibrations and stretching of my arse.

After more than a few minutes of this Lisa pulls the still buzzing vibrator from within me. She pulls me over on my back and mounts my face with her soaking cunt and proceeds to grind her cunt and arse into my waiting tongue. Annie meanwhile has replaced me on Neil's dick and still buzzing and fucking his arse while she attempts to cram his large cock down her throat. Lisa's cunt tastes great that lovely musky woman scent. And I'm able to get my tongue in her arse just a little which seems to be driving her wild. Then she slides forward I suck strongly on her large erect clitoris.

Annie and Neil have swopped and now Neil is fucking her arse with Mr buzzy the vibrator and has his tongue licking her cunt and clit. Lisa moves down on me and clearly needs some cock now because she slides slowly down on mine and dangles her gloriously big tits in my face for me to feed on while she starts to ride me. We start to move together her pushing down me thrusting up and together we meet with a sloppy squish of bodily fluids. Next thing I can feel is a tongue on my dick when it leaves Lisa's cunt then it goes again I look down to see Neil licking his wife's arse and my cock while we fucking. My wife is moving towards my face and plants a huge wet tongue filled kiss on me. I think she's enjoying this is what that just was. Then with out a word sits up and straddles my face so I'm again confronted with a wet cunt and this time a lubed up arse which my tongue breaches easily.

So see all move like this for a few minutes. Me having what seems to be the best of it all. Lisa is the first to change things when she lifts off my cock slides forward and pushes the head of my cock into her arse then firmly she pushes herself all the way down till she can fit no more in her. Its tight what a great feeling her arse gripping my cock tight then she eases up then down and proceeds to fuck me. Neil moves towards Annie and tells her to get on all fours, he moves behind her and slides his cock over her wet slit of a cunt a couple of times to tease her, she pushes back and he enters her easily. Both women are moaning and groaning with the fucking that's going on.

After more than a few minutes of this Lisa moves off me and moves for her box of toys again. She looks at me as she pulls something out. Right now you've done my arse I'm doing yours! Well I'm not going argue with that besides there's something very sexy about being done up the arse by a woman with that roll reversal. She walks towards me with a feeldoe dildo she inserts the small end into herself and looks at herself now with a big rubber cock standing out in front of her. On your knees boy she demands! I move and she winds a finger in my hole and decides I need some more lube with she pours on my arse with glee, she pushes it around and suddenly and slippery I find 3 fingers easily sliding in my bottom. Mmm nice. Lisa moves in for the kill and slips her long thick cock into my accommodating hole. Slowly sensualy she fucks me I close my eyes and enjoy the moment.

Annie has been watching me get fucked by Lisa and has decided she wants some of this too. She asks Lisa if she has another strap on. She says yes there is a bigger one in the box. Neil removes himself from my wife's cunt and gets on the bed next to assuming the position. Annie does as Lisa did and feeds the slim end up her and there she is with a purple cock standing in front of her. She moves around to Neil's rear end and feels his arse up. Grabs the lube and big dollop on the cock and she positions herself next to Lisa and myself and behind Neil. She smiles as she slides the cock up Neil. He groans at the size but that just makes her push it in deeper. So there we are this foursome doing it all the wrong way round as the two girls fuck Neil and I, both trying to push it harder than the other appears to be.

The girls are enjoying fucking each other's men. Lisa takes control as usual, come on Annie swop she says. With that they both pull out and change over, slippery cocks bouncing in front of them as they reposition themselves behind us again. I look around to see my wife watching as Lisa as she enters her gaping hubbys arse. Annie does the same to me and we fuck some more. My balls are busting with cum and I want some real cock so I ask mistress Lisa if I can have her man in me. She agrees so we all part I lay on my back and Neil comes in for my arse. His cock is rock hard and I guess it won't be too long till he comes if he's anything like me.

Even though I've done two different dildos Neil still stretches me as he fills me up with his meat. He rams it up me real hard and starts hammering me full. Lisa sits herself back on my face and demands I lick her again. Meanwhile Annie spots my cock is need of attention and gets to work with her mouth. My head is all over the place. I'm getting fucked, sucked and have a wet cunt sliding all over my face. I feel Neil really start to push it in and realise he's going to cum. He jerks and stutters and jams it deep in me and he releases his seed warm and gooey in my arse. His cock head is throbbing, pulse after pulse. Annie and Lisa remove themselves from me. now my balls really are busting to explode and i want something warm and wet to put it into. i head for some of my host lisa's receptive orifices, i love arse so i move for it needing to unload. she kneels for me and presents her willing hole, i know this probably isn't going to last that long but i m going to enjoy it while it lasts. her dark hole is warm and welcoming, her muscle grips my cock and squeezes it, i start to fuck her again my cock moves effortlessly in her, damn i love fucking arse and hers is going to make me very happy shortly when i come in it. im humping her with all ive got and i can feel my balls about to bust. i bury myself deep in her and with a few grunts and some deep breaths in pump my come into her.

what a great end to a wonderful fuckathon, lots of licking and fucking. we head back to lounge to chillaxe and have some drink and maybe some more sex when we're all ready. but thats for another time!!

hope you all enjoy.. comments please.
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1 month ago
love this one too. hard and dripping the whole time.
10 months ago
Had too save this one cuz I came to soon.
1 year ago
great story
2 years ago
Great story, just the way sex should be
2 years ago
This is wonderful. Imagine how hot it would be to have bi encounters with your wife...perfect.
2 years ago
This is wonderful! Imagine how hot it would be to have bi encounters with your wife...perfect.
2 years ago
really sexy story, had me hard all the way tru
2 years ago
realy good