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Hi everyone, i'm big fan of porn and i'm here to have fun and have a good time.
-100% hetero-
I am openminded and open suggestions, Chat, Tribute, cam to cam, meetings, movies...if you're ok, ask me !
Thank you to you for visiting my profile and thank you xhamster !!

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PS: Some of these videos are the many hints of my fantasies! (Hint , hint!) Please recommend me some if you think I'd enjoy! ;)
November 27, 2012, 7:36 pm

Yes … I want to fuck you in places concave and convex
But I don’t just want to fuck you for the sake of having sex
And what I mean by that is I’m not here to corrupt you
But at the same time I just don’t want you to lay there, and let me fuck you
I want t you to stop me at the door of your labial slits
Take my rod of desire and use it to stroke your clit
Not just as an instrument to impale your pussy and run it through
I want you to use my rod [and my staff], to comfort you
I want you to guide me in like the Port Authority guides ships into the docks
Feeling the warm flesh of your uterine walls as you engage my waist in a leg lock
Winding and churning your hips with your pubic area grinding against mine
Easing ever forward into a climatic episode … a feeling so divine
I want to fuck you, listening to you sigh and moan in perfect erotic pitch
And at times I wan you to take control, fuck me and make me your bitch
Fucking me like no means yes … riding me the distance
As if you have nothing to lose standing before a judge handing you your sentence

Yes … I want to fuck you but you have to want it just as bad
I want us to make the ceiling jealous and the four walls mad
I want us to make the blinds blush and the window panes sweat
All from making your pussy wringing soak-n-wet
I want our reflection in the mirror to want to trade places
I want the floors to creak with indignation and feel the need to be ostentatious
I want to the door and door knobs to whish they were animated objects
So they can be like us and participate in our man-woman projects
Yes … I want to fuck you, and do so without apology
Leaving your pussy so worked out that an imprint is left on your psychology
That leaves the bed and the be sheets satisfied from the sheer rigor of events
And the head-board grateful for our extra-nominal experience
I want t the light and light switches to spread rumors of what they witnessed
And the spaces in the hall way to be so mad, they put us on a hit list
Because our interaction and intercourse are marked with the word ‘over-achieve’
Fucking each other as if we were Adam and Eve

Yes … I want to fuck you, chase it and pursue it
But the thing is you have to be just as in to it
Because, like prey playing dead instead of being on the run
To the serious hunter … the hunt becomes no fun
I want it to be hard to get but not impossible to reach
I want to wait for it like a Georgia farmer waits for a peach
And like the peach when it ripens it’s so juicy and sweet
I want to get at it at the perfect time to know that the wait was complete
I’m with it like oxygen in the wind unabashed with no shame
I want the urgent freak in you to match mine and be the same
So that when we do come together in the middle of the road
We’ll be like a spark and dynamite … when we come together, we’ll explode
I want the sexual tension to be so taut that we strain ‘til we faint
I want us to want each other so bad to where we devour each other, without restraint
Me, putting my lips on all parts of you … no matter where
And you, giving me your all without an ounce of you to spare

Yes … I want to fuck you and take up residence in your spaces
I want to work up a go get ‘em rhythm as my heart races
I want to hit hot spots that make you orgasmically sing
But I only want to do so … if you want the same thing
Because for me to want it all and you not be in the mood
Makes for moments of awkwardness and me appearing rude
Discovering there is no vibe and no sensual erotic flow
I defer to being a gentleman … excuse myself and go
I want to make you sweat as your uterine desires are fed
Look you in the eye and wipe the sweat from your forehead
Kiss the tip of your sweat salted nose while your body’s having fits
And periodically - at points along the way - take a licking to your tits
But if this isn’t on your agenda on the way the night should go
I’d like it very much if you’d just speak up and say so
Instead of me insinuating and insisting … and making a push
Let me know so I don’t waste my time beating around the bush

Yes … I want to fuck you and it’s easy to admit it
As much as I want to go there, I’m there only if you’re with it
To move together like the tibia and the femur, connected at the joint
But for me to chase it when you don’t want the same thing then really, what’s the point
As much as I revel and enjoy the fun of having sex
Brining you to repeated orgasms and their after affects
And in the process being brought to an ejaculation of my own
As much as I like fucking you, I can do without and leave you alone
I can defer my own passions and pleasures … I’ve done so before
Because I’ve been the powerless turned out man who would whine and beg for more
And now, instead of begging for action or hoping to get some from a plea
I’d much rather save myself the trouble, keep my dignity and let it be
Now if you must, and really feel the need to keep yourself to yourself
I’m good with that, but don’t be upset if you find I’ve gone someplace else
To satisfy those essential sensual means, to that end
Because in a manner of speaking you want to just be friends

Yes … I want to fuck you, and do so in different venues
I want to do it in a variety of places, sort of like ordering from different menus
Different positions are one thing, but in reference to our sexual vocation
I want to change up the scenery and fuck you in different locations
I want to fuck you on a park bench and invade your vaginal pride
As you sit on my dick facing me I want you to rise and ride
With your skirt covering my lap and your hips grinding strong and slowly
To the world we’re looking at each other when in reality, we’re fucking, low key
I want to duck in the stairwell of a public building for a spontaneous booty call
Holding on the rails as your moans and grunts echo off the walls
And like ass in underwear I’m stirring and poking up in it
When someone opens the door and you exclaim “Damn muthafucka, can you wait a minute?!?”
I want to take you on a coffee shop table with your legs in the air
Fuck you, make your ass and legs jiggle and not give a care -
About the eyes in our direction of such an account and anecdote
And don’t be surprised if a few spectators are taking notes

Yes … I want to fuck you, invade your pussy and get you sprung
To the point when you have flashbacks, you get that urge to bite your tongue
Or better yet, bite your bottom lip while wiping drool from the sides of your mouth
Trying to satisfy the urge to fuck by touching yourself 'down south'
I want to leave an imprint on your mind that’ll be a future tease
Every time you think about it you get weak in the knees
Thoughts etched in your memory that had you over-bent
So vivid you can still feel the intercourse and smell its scent
Through your pants and panties I want you to touch yourself every time you blink
I want you to feel the perspiration of your crotch every time you think -
About the grimacing, fuck face making fuck session that worked you out
Causing you to climax in a crazy way to where you would jerk and shout
Yes … I want to fuck you … and fuck you that damn bad
To where fantasy and reality collide and when you snap out of it, you’re so mad -
That you call on me like a drug addict who needs another hit
So that we can get together and your body talks all kinds of shit

Yes … I want to fuck you … putting my shot in your sling
I want to commit Fornication Under the Consent of the King
And you be my Queen as I mount you and mate you
As you fuck me back with a passion that could be captioned “I hate you”
I want to experience that angry pussy in its furious angered context
I want to feel your body heat as we experience angry sex
I want to feel the moistness of your pussy … hot and slick
As you ride me with intensity and attempt to break my dick
Give me that pussy like you have a fucked up attitude
Slide me that belligerent vagina and make sure it’s irreverent and rude
Talk as much shit as possible while your twat cusses me out without shame
And when it comes time to bus’ your nut … call me out of my name
I want to see look in your eye that I just can’t up and pass
That look that says “I want to fuck you up … I want to kick your ass”
That makes me want to fuck you, take a hand full of your ass and grab
Because truthfully, angry sex has a fire that make up sex just doesn’t have

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1 year ago
Hey bro, how are these days?
2 years ago
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take care and more godbless you :
2 years ago
thanks :)
2 years ago
Hey dude, thanks for your comments, im ok im still looking to get laid! on xhamster lol!! i cant finde a date yet, got any ideas?
2 years ago
2 years ago
Thanks for the photo love :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hey man, im doing ok thanks for the comments, just got to ask you a question, have you dated any women on xhamster? ive not had any luck yet! most are spammers and most are either married or just whant to do a cam shows.....
2 years ago
Thanks for the comment on my page, have fun on here ;-)
2 years ago
Find that finger and go for it... X
2 years ago
Hi and Thank u for ur invite ;-)
2 years ago
Great experience, but your right, lots of lotion... X
2 years ago
thank you for your visit.
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Thanks for your comment sexy X
2 years ago
Thanks for the invite sweety X
2 years ago
2 years ago
Mr S in the house!! LOL! whats up bro? how is your weekend, i thought i drop you a line today, you should check out my porn videos, take care.......
2 years ago
Hey bro, Lol!! its all good,thanks for your kind comments, yes i got a sick sense of humor, not had gotton laid yet?, most of the women on xhamster only do cam shows, have a great week man.....
2 years ago
thanks i try hard cuz i'm a pervert porn lover lol!
2 years ago
wow you know how to make me wet,i want you to tame me,im so wild and horny for you :P my pussy is so juicy after i read your words,im your slave ;D
2 years ago
Thank you xx
2 years ago
thanks dear ^)
2 years ago
Hey mr s i like your porn collection, keep up the good work!
2 years ago
oh yes i wanna feel you,you'd make me get hot and wet in my pussy! i want your hands on me so bad,cuddle and crush as you wish :P you wanan spank my ass? i want you to eat my pussy
2 years ago
Mr senual for president in 2012!!
2 years ago
Hey man,thanks for comments! it would be fun to tag team a milf from xhamster,do you know any horny women?
2 years ago
Thank you for the invite, I hope you enjoy my pictures and videos.
2 years ago
Mr sensual, you a stud with the ladies, great porn collection!! keep uploading more videos...
2 years ago
Building up to it. Thanks for stopping by.