My hot latina friend and me at the gloryhole theat

Me and Tanya had been friends for a few years and she would always tease me. She was 4'11" and about 120 pounds with caramel skin and some sexy brown eyes, a great set of tits that sagged just a little bit and a nice full round ass! I loved her ass the most and she knew it and would walk around in just a thong and t-shirt in front of me when her friend (my girlfriend) wasn't around.
one day we was hanging out just chillin and having a few drinks, I was living near the Cina-Mini 2 in town and suggested we go there to watch some porn. At first I had to almost beg her to go with me but after telling her that I wouldnt leave her she decided to go.

We walked in and I paid for admission and we went straight to the booths in the back there was a row of three booths the one in the middle had a gloryhole on both sides but the ones on the side of it only had the one with access to the middle booth. So I told my friend that she could go into that one and I would be back in a couple minutes to use the restroom and that when I came back I would call her name, at first she didnt want me to go but I told her I really had to go and I told her to just lock the door behind her which she did.

I actually didnt need to use the restroom I just quietly snuck into one of the side booths and had a seat where she couldnt see me if she peeked thru the hole.
After a couple of minutes I decided to have a peek thru the hole and I saw my friend deep into the movie and gently rubbing one of her tits thru her shirt. I went back to watching my movie and started stroking my cock when I started to hear some movement in the booth next to me I decided to have a look and saw my friend had moved down onto her knees in front of the gloryhole and it appeared that she was sucking a dick!

I could not believe it that here was my friend who had teased me for years and she was sucking some strangers dick! Of course I was a little pissed but I decided to take advantage of the situation and reached thru the hole and started to feel her up. She still had clothes on but I started unbottoning her pants and she allowed them to fall and pulled them off she was in there in just a shirt and thong. I started to finger her pussy while she was sucking this dick and when I heard him moaning I knew he was filling her mouth full of cum.

I knew this was my chance I quickly pulled my arm back in and replaced it with my hard cock which she quickly started to suck and OMG it was fuckin amazing! After sucking my dick for a few minutes she stopped but held onto my dick with her hand and than suddenly I felt something warm and wet on my cock, I figured out that she had put my cock in her pussy she kept banging back hard against the wall and after about 10 minutes of that I erupted deep in her pussy, she quickly got off my dick and started to swallow the rest of my cum.

I left my booth and went over to hers and called her name she let me inside and we left soon after that one guy put his dick in the hole but she ignored him (poor guy) and I soemtimes wonder if she knew it was me she was fucking but she never mentioned it but she did keep teasing me.
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6 months ago
so hot
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yes nice
2 years ago
thats so hot great storie you should tell her what you did so she know s
2 years ago
hot story!
2 years ago
2 years ago
nice you have to tell her some time