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Angel & Melanie were best friends growing up. They did everything
together. That's what she told him. He had been dating Angel for a few
months now, and they were getting pretty serious. When she said that
she wanted him to meet her friend Melanie, he was looking forward to
it. He had heard all sorts of stories about the two of them. Grade
school antics, dance recitals, junior high, cheerleading, gymnastics,
High school, they even applied and attended the same college. Angela
told him that they were inseparable and shared everything.

Angela made arrangements to go to Melanie's house in South Beach for
that weekend. They drove up after work on Friday and arrived early
evening. When Erik picked Angela up at her house, his jaw dropped. She
was naturally beautiful, long auburn hair, lovely green eyes, and a
trim athletic build. A Julia Roberts look alike. She made friends as
easily as breathing, she was friendly, witty, intelligent, and her
smile lit up everything around her. She was wearing a dark green halter,
with a matching mini skirt. She looked awesome!! She looked at him and
smiled, it was going to be an interesting drive.

On the way to Melanie's, he was treated to a peep show. Angela had
cranked up the radio to one of her favorite Sarah McLaughlin songs.
Then slowly pulled her skirt up, revealing that she had seemingly
forgotten where she kept her undies. She teases him by drawing her
index finger seductively into her mouth, making sure he sees how much
she lingers on sucking the digit. Then as she withdraws it, he can see
the sheen of salivaas she places it down between her legs and circles
her clit with it. She arches her back as if hit by an electric
current. But she doesn't stop there. After rubbing herself slowly, she
then inserts the first finger inside herself.

He is jarred back to reality by a blaring car horn as he steers back
into his own lane. Angela giggles at him. He is now attempting to
focus on his driving but is distracted by her moans and groans as she
pleasures herself. He quickly glances towards her -- he now sees not
only one finger but 3 jammed into her hot young pussy. She is working
herself into a lather and he can tell by the volume that she is close
to cumming. She has one hand under her halter pulling on her erect
nipples as her hand continues its steady rhythm. He loves watching her
masturbate, he reaches down to his pants and feels himself. His hard
cock trying to burst through his pants. She moans louder and he can
see that she has succeeded in cumming all over her hand. She looks at
him with lust in her eyes. She looks down to where his hand is filled
with his meat. She climbs over to him. Kissing him passionately as her
hand replaces his. His gently squeezes him, making him groan with
pleasure. She shimmies down to lay flat on the seat. She undoes his
pants and pulls out her prize. The cool air hits his hot cock seconds
before she engulfs his head. Sucking it hard into her mouth. He lays
his hand on the back of her head, stroking her hair as she bobs up and
down on him. He reaches down with his other hand to adjust the seat
back to its furthest setting. As she blows him he reaches over and
grabs an ass cheek, squeezing it for play before he feels for her
crack. She lets him dip a fingertip into her hot wet cunt, he feels
the wet walls of her pussy, and feels her squirm under him. She pulls
his balls out and sucks them into her mouth, stroking his shaft as she
does. He pulls his hand out from her and licks his fingers clean.

After watching her show and feeling her fuck his dick with her mouth,
he knows he can't last much longer. He slows the car down and pulls to
the far right lane as he explodes in her mouth. She sucks him in
greedily, taking his cum in her mouth. When he is done, she pulls away
and looks up at him with that sexy smirkthat makes him shiver. She
tucks him back into his pants. Then lays back into her own seat as if
nothing had just happened.

She looks at the highway and says that her exit is coming up soon.

When they arrive, a gorgeous young girl comes bounding out of the
house. She seems to be about 5'6", to Angela's 5'10", with blonde hair
longer than Angela's, wearing a sundress that does little to hide
anything. It's clear that she has nothing on under it and Angela has
noticed, but says nothing. She hugs her friend close and he can tell
she is very glad to see her. As they part from the hug both girls'
nipples are visible thru their tops. Melanie turns to him and says,
"You must be Erik, I've heard so many nice things about you," as she
embraces him.

Erik can feel the young girls breast compress against his chest. The
hug was a little longer than what he expected for a first time
greeting, but he enjoyed it. She and Angela turned to head for the
house, while he retrieved the overnight bags. He caught them
whispering to themselves and giggling like young schoolgirls. Angela
caught his eye and smiled at him, even gave him a wink.

They went out to a club Melanie knew of and had a great time. He
danced with both girls. They drank, not too much, and ended the night
getting a quick bite to eat before making their way home. Angela had
showed him the house earlier and Melanie told him to make himself at
home. He noticed a sauna in the basement, and whispered to Angela asking
if she'd be interested in some steamy fun. She had a wry grin on her face
saying that would be fine. They went downstairs after saying goodnight to

The sauna was in stand-by mode and took no time at all to steam up.
Erik tossed some water on the rocks, and after sizzling, the small
chamber steamed up. Inside there were two levels of seating, shaped in
an "L". They had removed their clothes before entering, taking some
towels left on a rack outside the door. Angela was looking very yummy,
and she was sitting on the upper level as he dribbled some more water
on the rocks. It was quite steamy in there now; a haze was building at
the ceiling. He went to her and she welcomed him, dropping the towel
she had wrapped around her. As she enveloped him in her embrace, he
stroked her now damp backside, running his hands up and down her back.
He was at her neck kissing and roaming his hands to her front. As she
leaned back against the wall, he grabbed both breasts in each hand,
thumbing her already stiff nipples. She arched her back and fed him
her tits as she felt below for him; she found his sweating member
stiff and ready. She stroked him several times; she could feel him
getting slick with sweat. He dropped down to bring his lips in contact
with her nipples, sucking them into his mouth, tasting the saltiness
on them. The texture of the wrinkled skin turns him on. He enjoys
sucking her. He stops momentarily to kiss her lips full hard,
entwining tongues, dancing in their mouths. His hands drops to her wet
pussy. He feels her open wide for him, he can't tell which are juices
and which is sweat. He thinks its time to see what she tastes like. He
kneels in front of her; she guides his head down low, where his tongue
snakes out and flicks against her engorged clit. She's enjoying the
feeling of his mouth on her when the door opens.

Melanie is halfway in before she realizes what's happening. She
doesn't leave, she watches her friend's lover expertly licking at her.
Melanie's hands slowly work their way to her own bared breasts and she
can feel herself become aroused. When they were younger they played
and experimented with each other, and those feelings were coming back
now. She reached down to touch her own pussy, and could feel it
warming up, and it wasn't because of the sauna.

Erik wasn't aware of what was happening but felt a presence pass him
by, when Melanie strode up the bench to reach for Angela's tits. The
two girls exchanged glances at each other's bodies and Melanie asked,
"Is he as good as he looks?"

Angela replied, "Oh yes, he really enjoys eating me".

"Do you think he's willing to share?"

"You'll have to ask him yourself, but I'm sure he won't mind."

Melanie squatted beside Erik as he licked his girlfriend, and asked if
he would like some help. He said that she could enjoy Angela herself
and he would enjoy her. So as Mel, began licking her friend's cunny,
Erik introduced himself to a new pussy. She was well trimmed and had
the slightest stripe of hair. And as he spread her lips wide and saw
her pink juicy insidehe began licking her in earnest. While he sucked
at Melanie, he could hear his girlfriend moaning from the reaming she
was getting from her friend. He slid a few fingers inside as he ate
her; she was very wet and very tight. His hand was picking up speed as
he fucked her with his hand, she was moaning around her friend's puss.
She was so excited that she stopped her ministrations on Angela and
was breathing quite hard, humping against his face, rubbing her hard
clit against his chin. Melanie was overcome with sensations. Angela
was now licking Mel's tits and pinching her dark nipples. She came in
a flood of juices, covering Erik's face and hands. Sweat coated all of

Erik sat back with his hard on pointing straight up and asked Angela
to straddle him. As Angela moved towards him, she took him in her hand
and guided his sweat-covered dick inside her. She slowly lowered
herself onto him, and he helped her. She began riding him and braced
herself on the bench as he fucked her hard and steady. Raising his
hips for every thrust, he pushed deep with every stroke. Not to be
left out, Melanie was in front of them both, her hands simultaneously
playing with Angela's tits, and Erik's hanging balls. Melanie brought
her hand down to rub Angela's clit as she got it from behind. She
rubbed it vigorously from side to side. Angela was moaning loudly,
telling Erik -"fuck me, fuck me...oh... yeah, hmmm".

She told them both she was going to cum soon. Melanie continued
stroking her friend, urging her to orgasm. Erik would alter between
long slow thrusts and quick rapid fire jams. With Melanie playing with
his balls he couldn't last too much longer either.

Angela screamed out as she felt herself cum. Oh it felt so good, Erik
could feel her juices running down his thigh. That was all he could
stand. He pulled out of her and felt himself shooting on her. Jet
after jet, and Melanie was there to help him. She stroked his cock as
he let loose his cum. Melanie thanked them. She licked her fingers
clean and gave both Angela and Erik a kiss. She told them that there
were showers just outside, and was looking forward to breakfast.

Angela watched her as she left the sauna; she turned to her boyfriend
and asked what he thought. He was still catching his breath when he
smiled and said, "She's nice. –Let's keep her!"
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Great story. So what happened at breakfast? Thanks for posting.
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very fucking hot
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this is a very excellent story sexy & hot
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wow ... out of 2600+ people viewing to only have 36 rate.. and no comments ... hmmm... seems I need to post another