The commute!

We are creatures of habit. Take my daily commute into work. For over 2 years i have completed the rat race into London on a busy train. I stick to the same carrage every morning. i decided on this carrage not because it is easy when getting off but solely due to the fact that the gorgeous ladies are in a higher number in this carrage. There is one woman who i have been undressing with my eyes for 2 yrs now! Commuter etiquette is to
smile and nod to say hi. On the occasions where the train is delayed we would do the huff and knowing sigh.

My train lady is so sexy. She has blonde hair. Deep blue eye and always dresses to kill. High heels and short skirts. Her bottom is pert and shapely and her breasts are a perfect handful size...

Today our level of interaction was going to change. Our train journey is an hour and has 4 stops to our end destination. Today our normal train was canceled. The crowds at the platform grew. Our train arrives and is only half the length! I can see through the windows that there are no seats and already little room to stand. We all bundle in into the train and I find my self facing the hot lady. Standing close to the door in a corner. We are very close. I smile at her with that look of its going to be a long journey. I am also smiling as today she is wearing my favorite outfit. A short black skirt. black tights which i am sure are stocking! but cannot be sure and that low cut tight red top! hmmm. I already have a semi..

Stop 1. the train doors open and there is huge influx of people. I push forward on to her. now our legs are touching and i am instantly hard! she smiles. I can feel the warmth of her legs on mine. my hands are by mysides and are in very close proximity to her thighs...

Stop 2. doors open and another squeeze and push. now my face is close to hers. my entire body is pressed against hers. Her eyes are closed and she smiling. my back of my hand is now pressing against her upper thigh. Now i am feeling really horny! i now cannot conceal my throbbing cock. so i push against her hand. her back of her hand is now positioned perfectly. She must know my cock is there pushing her hand.

Stop 3. its is impossible to have anymore people in this train! tho that does not stop people trying.i become bold! there a big push from the masses on the train! my hand turns the other way and now i have her thigh in my hand. I move up with a firm grip so she knows i am there! my hand now under her skirt and now teasing the top of her stockings!... i get the green light! her hand has now turned round and she is cupping my hard on and rubbing firmly. my hands are already in motion! pushing against her wet knickers. i feel that she is wearing a g-string as her pussy lips are now over each side of her dripping wet knickers. i slide my fingers under her knickers and feel her warm wet pussy... the motions of the train are aiding my finger's movement as they rub her clit. the tanoy speaker informs us that we are soon to be approaching our destination....
on cue i push two fingers deep in her pussy and finger fuck her with urgency... i hear her groans. she now has her hand in my trousers and is pounding my cock with the same ferocity! Final stop approaching... she shakes and trembles as she cums on my hand... i shoot a week load of jizz in the palm of her hand... The doors open... the mass of people who i just re-notice leave. we are the only ones on the train... she smiles at me and i bring my wet fingers to my lips and taste her wet
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So hot xxxx hmmmm