for her mind only

this was created for her who chose to be only frends

watching a movie some thing romantic but not important enouf to watch .laying close enouf to each other to whisper words to one anuther.they are ppl in the house in the whisper you tell me but things are so eletric in the air i see that look in your eye of please please me i kissyour neck slowley up to you ear and whisper can you not make a sound ?the longer we are quite the better it will be its the quite game just for us are you gamn ? with out a word you smile and nodd yes you understand the rules and your mind starts raceing .

with out a word you look me in the eyes with a mischevous smile and sugest its your turn first with only a justure you pres you finger to my lips asureing my scilence and cwoperation you move close to my ears and whisper you promised and you linger around my neck tempting kisses and just sugsteing touches each thought a potent dream shaired but no word shaired just impulses of happy ness and dreams and desireyou have me mounted and strattled but you pause and lisen for any sign of watchers or liseners you gring silghtly and playfully agens me wateing to fill some thing awaken as you feel some thing arise and begen to press agenst you your smile widens and that look changes from mischouf to sin you slide you legs back and allow your chest to rest on my lap and look up with deadly inocents you look at me and you look at the growing mass that you created you f***e your hands agenst my chest and shove me back fingers to lips to reminds me no words you lift my shirt up with the ferosity of opening a long wanted present you slip the belt free of the buckel and move it away but you pause and stand back on your knees you cross your arms and begen to slowley lower your top the black lowering bit by bit to show the light reflrctong from your skinlowering the left then the right the allowing one nipple to pop out just the tip and a coy look as if asking for aprovalwith all my bouy i say yes but never move my lips just push farward as if to reach for you you lower the top and expose to perfect round peaces of you white and clean as god him self only deserves a pink made of the hevins and you are only useing thim to tease so un fair .insted of returning to me you reach for lotion and you i****t on makeing sure your brests need to be mositurised and your nipples tuged to full erection for your please and my tourcher you smile and lean forward to only show off what you have that you want me to have but are not ready to give thim to me you smile amd turn around to show off you othere assets and the look over the sholder to make me ever harder you all you your hands and knees looking up with thoes pouty lipsflicking your hair from one side to the other with each movrment left to right letting your brests sway in your own rythem and you manover your self over my lap and move your hands over my legs up to my zipper at this poing nor sure how that zipper is holding in the b**st you have created

wanting so much to beg you to say please but cant can only look with eyes yearning for what ever tuch you will allow me you finaly give in and lower the ziper abut slowley makeing each movement mean some cock is so hard and so ready for you it has drops of cum already begging you pleading for you that makes that grin rill acrossyour face you go to the tip of my head and blow across it only makeing the purple head harder you grip it as hard as you can and pull your self up to my ear and whisper have you ben wateing for me and giggle as you frturn to you place in front of me but letting your nipple drag across the head you settle back down and place my hands on your precous brest letting me tug the nipples to watch you twitch ip exciment then you pull my hands away and wag your finger as to say enouf and have a pouting face till you remember my cock is wanting all your attention you wrap your hands around my cock squeaseing the base and talking to the head asking in scilence if he wants you and you stop befor you kiss it you exhail warm breath and a few drops rise to the surface and that lets you know you are the only desire you till the head with a simple peck to let me knoe you are in control you lick your lips becouse of the sailty taste a you smerck i smile and blush you use your tung on the rim of the head to allow your mouth to prepair for its viset from the b**st craveing to be in you demanding to feel you pleading to let you taste it . you mouth warm and you toung sofy doing laps but you push in in you push as far as you can with out a sound you put you finger to my lips to not make a moan you mouth is the warest the tightest the hardest i hav ever tryed not to let my self cum not to fill your mouth with me but i dont i let you rise and fall my member thrusting trying to give you all of its self but not loseing its self and your not makeing it easy your pinching your nipple tomake your self shiver to make my cock shiver i grab your arms and pull you up and kiss you you have have you hands stroking me i move your hand away.

with a play full f***e full ness i posion you on the sofa slideing you farward to allow your brest and neck to be axcessed looking at you with eyes of an explorer trying to decide where to start the mounds of prefection ir the slim lines of grace of your neckkissing where the steps of the angles blesed your body my finger on your mouth scilence as i nibble on your ear kissed rolling down your neck to your chest where the choice of brests makes me wish i had to mouths the best i can abide is to pinch between my teeth and suck on one as i pinch and tug the other looking at your face for the exciment looking to see your lips curl form excitement switching nipples to watch your smile . laying my head to your chest to hear your heart beat thump thump thump thump lisening to that rythem and kissing between your brest kiss kiss kiss kiss working yo way to your stomic licking your belly buttoy and emadely looking up to see you hold back a squeali shake my head and press my finger to your lips my other hand has moved your skurt up in front and has negun to message the area directly above you clit rubbing and pressing to get bl**d to louw and make you warm and sticky sweet makeing you so wet i need to taste .i move my self to your legs and kiss your knees the gates to heven i tuch the back of your knes to make you giggle then kiss your thi frrling the sskin warming under my nose i have cume to you black panties lace patern allowing glimpses of your warm center the target of my serch i burry my nose in your panties and nuzzle your clit and and am achaking in my cock i want in you so bad but not yet not ready i pull your panties down not all the way just enouf to see your hot little clit begging to be sampled i look in to your eyes from down there and pause and blow on it to see you squerm i have to sample need to taste the juces you hide the stick bits of you on my chin i dive in lick the clit and breath deep of you and message your labeya with mu fingers and plunge my toung ferther than i should reaching to be inside you letting it drag across your clit on the way out .

move my toung over my lips to savor yout taste i see you biteing your lips i jump up to your lips to save your sound and take your mones away to keep it scilent my lips locked to yours to take your screams and i slide to your side but still in range to kiss you still ceressing your neck with my nose i take my hand and fallowing the lines of your body the jaw the nape of your neck and your nipples as race tracks making a few laps kissing your lips each time you twitch i walk my fingers down your stomic to your panties and i begun to rb your clit to message it to tease it to plunge fingers in and out to make a mess to let my fingers get sticky with your sugars and tuching your candy my lips kissing your feeling your pleaser makeing you scream but only to me not a sound being herd pushing deeper and harder making wayes of orgasim (le petet mor)the little death killing you each time but worth in you bite my lip from the thrill you push me off and poke my chest with the eyes to say FUCK ME NOW but i know we have to be quite thats what makes it fun i whisper in your ear if you can be quite i can make it dangerous and fun how quite can you be baby ? you say not a worf just gesture of ziped lips and a tossed key i stand you up and remove your panties and we take a walk to your husbands bedroom door you try to pull me away i press my fingers to my lips tasteing the sweetness you left on my fingers you shake your head no you cover your brests i fall to me knees and beg you cross your arms no but wrap your arms around my hear and run fingers in my hear as i look up you nood your head yes reluctant to see my plan but knowing i wont let you suffer any harmi stand and take you in my arms
and walk you to the wall next to the door and run my hand down your body to your skirt and grab the back of your leg and lift it so i can see your lips wet for me i have my pants down namd have ben craveing you all this timemy cock is ready to explode so it will have to work slow and build but you know that you primed it you want it i press my body agenst yours and lock lips and push my cock in side you sliding the tip first letting the heat over take me lettting me know what you have in store for me trying to main tain control i can smell your pleaser its driveing me fucking nuts i want to be in you i push my way in side you its so warm so engulfing so what i wanted i need to be one with you i need to be in side you i reach down for your other leg now i have you strattled across me you back agenst the wall you husband sl**ping on the other sideof the wall and not a sound being herd i cant take it i need to pump to push i need to thrust i push and pump i use the wall to thrust agenst gravity ot pull you back to me to pound and to pump harder to thrust and hold in all in you to feel as one with you breathing heavy kissing you to keep from cumming starting to shake starting to quiver from being in you pumping as fast as i can letting you bite my sholders in sted of moan you bite a little to hard and a trickel of bl**d but it worth in i want to keep pumping i cant hold it its to much i need to explode i have to whisper i need to ask i say it i mouth the words baby can i cum you look in my eyes and beg yes i have to fill you with all of me i push pump constant till my legs spasim and lock thrusting farward kissing you saying i love you with each kiss i colapse and fall to my kneese and embrase you you hold ne to your chest breathless and spent
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