He Got Used and Didn't Mind (Part Three)

Great responces so once again 10 comments or 1,000 views gets part 4. I hope the categories are listed correct this time. Part 4 may be the last to this series unless I get fed some ideas after it. If you like the series please comment.

The next morning Dave woke up at Lucy and Carla's feet at the foot of the bed. He went to wake them and they each smacked an ass cheek. "Dave come take a shower with me." Carla beckoned as she nibbled his ear. Lucy nodded in approval and off they went. Once in the shower, Dave started to wash Carla's soft, chocolate body from head to toe with a gentle massaging touch. No sooner then he finished with Carla, Lucy stepped into the shower and he began the same process with her tight, creamy body. By the time he finished with Lucy the water got cold and she told him to take his cold as they made breakfast.

After he got out of the shower and into the kitchen, Dave found Lucy and Carla plotting out what all to do that night. "It's settled then." Carla remarked "Dave you call Jesse and invite him over tonight for dinner and games. And Carla will get what she needs to stay the night again and some games of her own." Lucy stated. "I'll be back around 5 as agreeded then." Carla kissed both on the cheek and out the door she went. As he ate, Dave texted Jesse and invited him over for dinner and games at 5pm so he could meet Lucy and Carla.

5pm rolled around and Dave had the table set, food ready, and everything else just so as Lucy had directed. She was starting to enjoy how much Dave was startin to submit to her every desire. There was a knock at the door as Carla just walked in with a bag full of stuff. She handed Dave some games to play and the girls went to the bedroom to put the bag up. Shortly there after the doorbell rang and there stood Jesse. Dave showed him in and called to the girls "Come and get it!" He placed the food on the table and started to get drinks as everyone else sat.

Conversation went well and everyone enjoyed eachothers company. After dinner the card and board games came out along with some drinks. To Dave's suprise that was Lucy's idea. After a couple games and several drinks, Lucy suprised Dave again by saying "Lets play strip poker." "What are the stakes?" Jesse joked. "Loosers do what the winner wants." With that remark the cards came out and the game was on.

Dave and Jesse lost every hand and not intentionally, while Lucy and Carla had only their bra's and panties on. "Draw between us?" Carla asked "Draw." Lucy nodded as the girls got up and motioned for the guys to follow. Lucy directed Jesse to lay on Dave's side of the bed and said to Dave, "Now suck his dick. Make it nice and wet." As Dave was lying on the bed sucking that meety beef stick, Carla and Lucy pulled out some lube and started to work it in on Dave's tight mangina.

Once they had his ass completely lubed and seen Jesse's dick was full and wet, they had Dave lay on his back and told Jesse to stick it in his ass. While Jesse slid his man meat into the eager hole, Carla positioned herself in a sitting position on Dave's face, then into a 69 when Jesse was fully in and getting ready to pound. Lucy was incerting a Feeldoe strapless dildo. "Dave get that pussy nice and wet. I want to fuck it hard above your face. And it didn't take long for Carla to cum quick from Dave's toung.

Lucy incerted deep into Carla's dark twat and she came even harder on Dave's face causing Dave to buck harder on Jesse's cock. Jesse began pounding Dave harder and groaning loud. "Oh shit I want to cum!" Jesse grunted. "Deep in Dave, make him drip it for days!" Lucy ordered as she pounded Carla harder, rubbing her pussy harder into Dave's face lapping up her juices. Jesse pulled tight and unloaded deep in Dave. The warmth overwhelmed Dave's body and just in time he warned Carla he was going to cum. But she took his cock in her mouth and drained his load completely. She pulled herself back held Dave's head in place and once again snowballed him with his own load. Jesse leaned in to kiss Dave's lips and taste the load. Lucy started to cum again herself, but a little more powerful causing her to thrust harder and making Carla cum again. They all four laid on the bed and Dave cracked the joke "Well Jesse and Carla lived up to their promises of not fucking eachother on their first meeting."

Again 10 comments or 1,000 views gets part 4 which may be the last in the series unless I get some ideas of how to continue it.
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I liked it
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suppose to be interacial and group sex