He Got Used and Didn't Mind. (Part 1)

I am getting back into the habit of writing stories. As I have done in the past physical features of characters are left to the imagionation. Please comment on this if you like to let me know when I need to write part 2.

Dave met Jesse online and they kicked it off well due to things they have in common. Since they lived in the same city they decided to meet in person at Jesse's place. Dave had been working side jobs and told his wife Lucy that his new friend Jesse wanted to talk out some jobs he may have available, and off he went.

Once there a conversation took place about common interest. Soon there after Dave was sitting closer to Jesse with his arm around his sholder. Jesse began to play with Dave's nipples. Dave was a little nervous because this would be his first interrical experiance but soon sliped his shirt off and was quickly down on his knees.

Dave pulled Jesse's thick rod out of his pants and started to lick and stroke it. The cick tasted so sweet he had to put his mouth around it and take it as deep as he could. Jesse thru his head back and moaned in extacy having never had his cock worked so well. Jesse placed his hands on Dave's head and started to take control forcing him to take it deep more often and for longer lengths of time. The next thing Dave knew, Jesse was moaning louder and stopped his head at just the right place so his load could go directly down Dave's cum dumpster.

"I never swallowed a load before but I liked it." Dave uttered as he came up smiling. So Jesse shoved Dave's head back on his cock "Suck it some more and earn another load." he ordered. In the midst of being face fuck, Jesse's room mate came home and seen Jesse getting blown. Dave wanted to pull up and stop, but Jesse kept his head there as his room mate sat down next to him with his cock now out.

Jesse pulled Dave's head up and shoved it down on the new cock. "Suck Billy's dick. Get him off like you did me." Jesse ordered. Once Dave was all the way down on Billy, Billy then placed his hands on Dave's head making him work his shaft. Jesse then got behind Dave and pulled his pants off revealing a tight awaiting ass. He then spit on Dave's asshole and rubbed it around with his cock before shoving it in.

With his mouth full, Dave let out a muffled moan. Jesse smacked Dave's ass as he was bouncing his balls off that ass. Dave's head started to work Billy's cock even faster and harder causing Billy to tighten up, grasp Dave with both hands and unload against his tonsils. Between the gagging moans of Dave taking the load and the moans of Billy letting loose, Jesse gave a one final hard thrust and unloaded deep inside Dave's ass.

Dave fell limp to the floor as the cum slowly started to drip out of his ass. Billy went to his room and Jesse sat above Dave staring down at him eye to eye. "Would you want to see me fuck your wife after I get to know her also?" Dave could only nod in agreement he was so exausted. "Don't worry I will not fuck her on the first time I meet her. Jesse helped Dave up and to get dressed.
"Now figure a date we can meet and hang out. You make a good bitch."

Again comments will let me know if you like and if I need to write Part 2.
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8 months ago
Great story.... keep it cummin
1 year ago
I'd love to be Jesse's bitch.
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
Part two is out there. Just go to it from my page is the easiest way to find it.
1 year ago
Anxious to hear about Lucy getting her share and do hope Dave gets to watch!
1 year ago
Amazing story. I liked it a lot.
1 year ago
Loved it, looking forward to reading more!
1 year ago
Just wrote part two. Should be up after a bit.
1 year ago
Just wrote part two. Should be up after a bit.
1 year ago
I dont know why the worng three categories came up. But I may wait until 10 comments or 1000 views whichever comes first. As of now 797 views and sorry this coment doesnt count so there are 3.
1 year ago
loved it cant wait for part 2 xx
1 year ago
wow looking forward to part 2
1 year ago
love it more plizzz