Vouyer Sister

Vouyer s****r

It was fall of 2010 and I had just been through a tough break up. I didn't wanna be near my side of town so I decided to crash at my s****rs house. Luckily she just released her in laws from there and it was my perfect chance to move in for the time being. I was pretty sad and my s****r could see right through me. She knew how I was feeling so maybe she also took me in cause of that. My ex looked just like my s****r. They got along to well they were practically s****rs themselves. I know they were close enough to share the juicy sex secrets so my s****r knew how active me and my ex were. I guess it didn't phase her too much about our sexcapades. She showed me around the house because I had never been. She showed me the master bedroom and the bathroom. It was a stand up shower in it's own section and the bathtub right next to it. My s****r gave me a nudge and said don't think you'll be having sex in one of these anytime soon. I blushed and got sad at the same time. She must know about me and my ex's favorite spots. She then showed me my room and told me to get comfortable. “After I take this long relaxing bath I'll cook us up dinner.” She said.. She recently got into a fight with her husband so he wasn't near the house for awhile. Probably gone with the in laws. So it was just me and her alone in the house.. Just like the good ol' days.
I hear my s****r close her bedroom door and then the bathtub water running. I never heard a second door close so it gave me the impression she didn't close the bathroom door.. Being curious I haven't seen my s****r in awhile. I used to be in her room while she changed and told me to never turn around. She never knew that most of the times I did and boy did I get a view.. Those were teenager years.. I couldn't imagine her now. I snuck into the backyard hoping she left the blinds how they were. They were slightly open but enough to see perfectly into her bathroom. I suppose she didn't have much in her backyard or behind the house so she didn't bother closing the blinds.
I can see her head laying on the tub relaxed as ever. You can tell she was a bit stressed and thinking things out in her life. She laid there for awhile. Playing with the end of her hair because she didn't go underneath the water. She continued to cup the water and splash it so the water ran down her neck. It wasn't much but it was sexy as hell. I saw my s****r clear as day taking a bath.. She sat a little higher and there they were. A beautiful view of her breasts. They weren't large but definitely a good size to cup. She's still playing with the water teasing herself. Using her pointer finger tracing herself from her lips to her nipples. She began making gestures as if I was standing right next to her. She was flexing her arms making fun of me earlier because I told her not to help me with my bags that I got it. Then she began messing with her hair and putting it in various styles imitating my hair because I had recently changed it. She was now rocking the same hair as me. I then saw her blush. Playing with her chest as she was playing with mine. She gave me a hug earlier and was pounded her head against mine telling me how my chest is hard as a rock. Working out does seem to pay off. Then I see her playing with her nipples. Cupping it over and over and pulling her nipples making them harder and harder. She than slides up Sitting in the corner, between the wall and the tub, and I see her legs spread slowly. The water drips from the shoulders all they way down to her pussy to her ass back into the tub.
Her hand slowly again traces from her neck, to her breasts, and down to her pussy. My hands did the same as it found it's way to my hard penis. I no longer saw this female as my s****r, but just another human being with a sexual appetite. There couldn't be much wrong if I was the one who turned her on and if she did the same for me. I'm standing in her backyard patio staring at her play with herself. Her eyes were closed and fingers passionately playing with her clit. Slow.. Sexy.. Such a tease.. I got closer and closer to her backyard sliding door. My face quietly hits the glass.. I didn't realize how close I was. I thought I was done for.. Caught.. Kicked out living on the streets while I find a place to live.. She stopped rubbing and opened her eyes. I'm not sure if she saw me but she squints at the window. It was still completely dark around me. I don't think she saw me.. I was standing as still as possible.. She just bit her lip and began rubbing. After about a minute she stopped. She put on a robe and didn't bother to tighten it up. She slowly walked out of the bathroom and went straight to a drawer.
She pulls out her vibrator and sat down on the bed. She just smiles at the glass door and began playing with herself. She was facing away from me so I saw her ass and nothing but it. The robe covered her entire body. It felt like she was doing a show just for me. I was already in the mood to cum and I was about to explode but I just stopped. Watched as she played with her asshole and stuffed the vibrator inside her pussy. It was such a beautiful site. The motion of her body was so into it. As if she hadn't some real dick in awhile. She's humping the vibrator as if someone was fucking her doggy. I could only imagine me pulling her hips in fucking her harder and harder. As my thoughts played out it came true as she began thrusting harder and harder to her finger tips stuffing the vibrator all the way in. She then laid on the edge of the bed. Spreading her pussy straight to the glass door. The door was nowhere near 7 ft away. She began sucking off her own juices giving seductive eyes. It didn't look like it was actually towards me she must not have seen me. She must be doing this show just for her. That was even more sexy I was so hard my dick was leaking of cum. She rubs the vibrator all over her clit. Her body is pure bliss as she jerks with the motions. Over and over cumming and I finally cum. She must've heard the thud from my cum hitting the glass. It dripped all the way down to the bottom. As we both finish she lays down with her toy in her mouth and rubbing her pussy slowly.
I ran back into my side of the house and jumped in the bathtub myself. I filled it up and jumped in.. I laid there while the water filled up. Thinking about exactly what I've done. After about 5-10 minutes or so I could smell something cooking. I let out a big sigh and realize I'm safe. I got a free show and free place to stay.. I smiled and laid back and enjoyed the bath. I begin having flashes of what just had happened. I find myself hard again thinking about how she was teasing herself but it really felt like it was for me. Within minutes I find myself jacking off again to images in my head of my s****r. I was about to cum until I felt a hand grab mine. I was no longer jacking myself off. I open my eyes to see a glass of wine on the counter and my s****r in an apron jacking me off. She smiled. I couldn't say anything I just laid there letting it all happen. She felt my dick getting completely hard in her hands and she stopped all her motion in entirety. I was shocked now.. I didn't know what else to do.. I just asked her what was for dinner? It was a weird gesture.. But all she did was pull up the apron and showed me her bare pussy and pulled my face towards.
I drained the water and threw her in the bathtub with me. I grabbed her and put her face against the wall. She knows how I like it I assumed only because her and my ex talked to much. She knew exactly what I was gonna do and I could feel her pussy get wetter by the second. I pound her pussy over and over and her knee gave out. She laughed and I just laid her down on the toilet. I ripped off the apron and only thing was wearing was a night gown.. It didn't really look to f****y friendly but I didn't care. My cock was already deep inside her. I grab the showerhead and spray it on her. Spray her all over her while I fuck her. She enjoyed it so much grabbing the showerhead and spraying it on her pussy while I fucked her. She wanted it rough. Both of us have been deprived of this for months. I grabbed the showerhead back from her and sprayed it all over her chest and face. Making it hard to breathe she was choking on the water spitting it out over and over. Fucking her while she moaned and choked on the water. The night gown became see through and that was it. Her boobs bouncing to every motion every time I thrust. I couldn't help but ready to shoot my load. I threw the showerhead back into the tub and she commanded me to cum in her mouth. Her tongue wide open and I give her a few more good thrusts and sit on her chest and shoot it all over her face. I thought that was it and I slowly was getting off her chest but she grabbed me and made me stay there. She sucked me dry making sure no cum left her mouth. She continued to suck until I was completely soft. I just shivered and stood up. I pulled her up and we laughed at the mess we made.. We hugged deeply and I spanked her ass. Only thing she said was you better make ME cum next time. We laughed and had our dinner and caught up on other various events in our life.
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8 months ago
you horny pair!!
great story very erotic:)