Baby Sitting The Niece Part 2

Baby Sitting The Niece Part 2

Few weeks go by since the last incident.. Things felt a little different after leaving a little cum on my s****r in laws face. Not sure if this what a regular person would catch but anything she wore.. I could see through it all.. Her nipples through her white shirts with no bras or when she's wearing her leggings her pussy lips just seem to shine through. It's hard for me not to get hard but I hide it as much as I can. Ever since then whenever I had my own solo sessions I would have to imagine her.. I just cant resist her tight body.. My dick was in her mouth! Her soft lips kissing my head was the last thing I remember in my dream before I awoke..

I wake up to my s****r in law standing over me. She was biting her lips as if she has been standing there for awhile. I'm a bit startled because I caught her looking at my morning wood. I couldn't help it but then to see her standing over me was quite a different feel compared to my dreams. She told me she had to go somewhere quickly and couldn't bring my niece and asked if she could watch her. Of course I agree'd although I knew it wouldn't be an open opportunity like last time where she had to take sl**ping pills.. But she sighed in relieve and told me she had to jump in the shower real quick. My niece was already eating cereal in the living room and watching her morning cartoons. My s****r in law continued to insist to go ahead and wash my face if I needed to while she showered. She gave me small smirk that almost came with a wink. I was a bit shocked but she smiled and walked away.. I was entirely confused waking up with my morning wood poking through my shorts.

I go and check on my niece who seemed dazed and locked onto the screen so I didn't bother to intrude with her toons. I decide to go ahead and wash my face cause I was still barely waking up. The bathroom set up was a bit weird. First room were two sinks and second room had another door which led into the toilet and bathtub. My s****r in law was in the shower but then I had noticed the door was a bit cracked. Seemed like she didn't shut it all the way. Her pink lace underwear were keeping it cracked opened. I guess she mustn't have noticed.. Or maybe she intended? I never know with her! I see her washing herself off letting the water run down her body. I couldn't believe it. I felt like I was set up as if I was going to get caught.. But she told me to.. She did.. I stand behind her 5 feet away just about.. Watching her caress herself.. All of a sudden it seemed to be much more than taking a shower. It looks like I came right in time.

She began caressing her nipples.. I can see them hard as a rock. She leaned over and put her left arm to hold her while her right arm began finding its way down to her pussy. Her back begins motion of arching over and over as she quietly is moaning my name. Screaming louder over the pouring water. Fuck me John, fuck me! In my head I'm like holy fuck. This has to be the moment I'm in.. My hands now down my pants while I'm stroking myself off ready to cum I hear my niece asking what am I doing? She was quiet so her mom didn't hear I freak the fuck out and grab her and take her back to her cartoons.. It was a bit disturbing but she is the daughter of her mother.. I didn't want to give an age out at the time but I told her I'll tell her later and I'll give her a popsicle, k**s love popsicles also told her just not to tell her mom. We picky promised and that was it.

As soon as I hear the shower go off I was like sweating bullets. She was wearing nothing but towels wrapped around her body and hair. She came over to us to ask if we were doing okay and right then and there my niece threw me under the bus. She yelled “Uncle John was watching you shower Mommy!” My eyes shoot wide open and thought I'm fucked. She seemed a bit mad herself and just said “Oh really? Okay baby, you stay here and leave me and uncle alone okay? We're gonna have a talk. Stay here baby you don't wanna hear us.” She looked at me with no words just her eyes saying well.. “let's talk” I was shitting bricks.

She sat me down in her bed and said well.. what were you doing? Did you enjoy yourself? What did you see? I only told her in my defense she told me to wash my face and I told her she left the door open.. I couldn't help but take a look.. I told her I didn't see anything it was steamy and I only saw her bend over but I didn't see her breasts or anything like that. She turns around almost the same position as if she was in the shower. She drops her entire towel and wet her falls along her back. My jaw drops along with the towels. She asked if it looked like this? “Did you see my rubbing my pussy like this? Did you hear me calling your name?” She was seducing me with just the words.. But the body movement was making me leak precum. Her two tiny fingers going in and out of her pussy. “Is this what you wanted to see?” Shes moaning all over again calling my name “John do you wanna taste my pussy?” She turns around jumps on me with her naked body. Stuffs her fingers down my mouth. Making sure I'm licking and tasting all of her. Shes grinding me over my basketball shorts. She asked me and raised her eyebrow.. “John do you wanna fuck me?” She pulls down my shorts and stuffed my cock inside her. Shes pulling behind my neck as I'm looking down our chests between her hanging boobs was my cock sliding in and out of her. She was letting out all her frustration out on me. Fucking me harder and harder screaming on how good it feels. I still haven't even touched her body because I was so in shock. I pull her back to see her face. She stared at me and said “It's okay.. we both know we wanted this.. Pull my hair pull it..” I pull it harder and she screams yeah like that. She's riding me harder and harder and I squeeze her left tit and she let loose. All over me she stood hovered above my cock to squirt all over me. She was shaking and screaming. She couldn't believe how much she let out. I asked her if she liked it as she stuck my cock back in to hump it slowly nice and passionate.. I told her squirt for me again and I grab her hips raise em and fuck her until she came all over me again.

She was breathless I threw her over and stuffed my cock inside her mouth while she was gasping for air. She took it all in licking my head all the way down my shaft then to licking my balls making sure she licked all her juices up. I step back to bend her knees in so I can spread her pussy nice and wide. I fuck her hard until she screams. We were now fucking in a puddle of her juices. I loved every time she came she would hold onto me tightly. As if this was her first experience a true feeling of bliss for her as she let her juices out on me. I fuck her harder and harder and pull out only to finger her until she comes all over the floor. I only play with her now as I stop and she begins begging me to fuck her wet dripping pussy. I don't though.. I only then rub my dickhead all over her lips and even that made her squirt all over my cock. Every time she would squirt I would stuff my cock all in side of her.

She does nothing but pull my head closer to her.. We kiss and I pull her hair back and she lets out a moan.. I kiss her lips down to her neck to her busty chest. It was rough at first but it became very passionate towards the end. I make her sit on my face as I eat her out.. Even then she squirts all over my face.. I never had anyone do that but damn what a feeling.. She than realize how much she was neglecting my cock.. We turn now in the classic 69 position.. Licking her pussy juices clean out of her and she does the same for my cock. Spanking her and eating her out making her suck me harder I feel I'm about to cum. Feeling my way to her butthole that was all soaked already I slip my way in and she lets out another moan and stops sucking my cock.. As I started pumping she loved the feeling and began jerking me off and sucking my head and she knew I was about to cum.. I cum all in her mouth as she squirts all over my face.. Together and then we lay there.. For a minute.. We hear a knocking knowing its her daughter.. She yells Shit! Now I'm definitely late.. Who knows where she had to go.. She threw on clothes gave me a kiss and ran out the door.. She told me to just tell her daughter some crazy story.. And this.. Will lead to a another story.. Gotta love my s****r in law.
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