Baby Sitting The Niece

I had just got home and my s****r in law asked me to baby sit her daughter while she slept. I had thought for a minute and said hey I'm off. Why not? I knew she had been sick for a few days and is a bit stressed and tired. I decided to do her this favor. She gave me a big warm welcoming hug that somewhat threw me by surprise. She hugged me tight making sure her breasts squeezed firmly against my chest. I thrust back making sure my dick didn't run into her. She informed me on what to do if her daughter was hungry or thirsty and such. My niece was just about 5 years old so I figured she couldn't be that much of a pain. Throw on some TV and she'll be set. She also told me she'll be on sl**p medication and something along the lines of NyQuil that'll keep her knocked out for sure.. She threw in a small smirk, wink, and a nudge in there as well. Saying you can probably touch me and I wouldn't even know! I was so confused...

30 minutes go on by and I had to use the rest room. I walk passed her room and see my s****r in law, knocked out. Her door was cracked just enough for me to see her laying down. The blanket was more onto the bed as for her ass was hanging out. I wasn't sure if I was seeing what I was seeing. So after I used the bathroom I walked by really slow to make sure I was seeing it correctly. As I walk by she gave her ass a little wiggle. I continue to ask is she teasing me? Playing a game with me? I asked me niece if she needed anything and she said it she was fine watching cartoons on the tube. I go back staring between the crack and her ass was just there. I began stroking myself slowly thinking about all the things she has hinted on me before. I remember one time she asked me to move her truck and knowing I would be moving it she had left her bag on the passenger seat floor. I moved the truck but took a glance over I noticed sex toys of all sorts. Dildos and vibrators of all shapes and sizes! I knew she was dirty but damn! She was loaded!
I take a few steps into her room. Her ass still hanging off the side of the bed. I leaned in and took a whiff of her sweet pussy. She had her laced underwear on her but I felt the warmth of it and it made me so hard. I rub my hands up and down her legs to make sure she's sl**ping. She surely was out. I rub her pussy until it's nice and wet. So wet I can see her juices leak through her baby blue lace. I pulled her laced panties to the side and her bare pussy was there. Wanting me to do whatever I pleased. I rubbed her clit and her bed was completely wet. I stick two fingers in nice and deep. She let out a big moan. I was scared I had awoken her for a minute. I stop but my fingers were still deep inside her. Her breathing got deeper and deeper and her body began to make a lot of movements. I still couldn't believe it I thought it was definitely a fantasy. She started talking so I stopped.

She made a big movement and I thought for sure I've been caught. She pulls the blanket off her and lays on her back. She began to play with herself right in front of me in her sl**p! I couldn't believe it I was so hard. I was playing with myself as she played with herself. I know it wasn't a big deal but felt like I was fucking her. She was huffing and puffing and her nipples were piercing through her nightgown top. I wanted to see her boobs so badly and like telekinesis she pulls it out over her top. I was in shock. She's rubbing her pussy and nipples at the same time. If she wasn't about to cum soon I was about to. I decided to reserve myself and I begin sucking on her nipples and she moans even louder. She begins calling my name out softly. Intertwining the words of my name with moans made me so hard. I knew for a fact I was caught now and regardless if she was awake or not. Everything was happening, it was real, playing out almost like a fantasy. I'm fingering her and sucking on her nipples at the same time. She was rubbing my hair and holding my head down with pressure to make sure I suck it nice and hard. Each time I sucked harder the pressure went down more as well as her hips humping my fingers. I wanted to badly to fuck it but I knew this wouldn't have been the right time or moment. So I continued to get what I can out of it.

I was hard as a rock staring at my s****r in law just about naked right in front of me. Her hand wondered and fallen to the side of the bed. As if she was a wrestler who had been put to sl**p. Her arm was dead. I motioned my cock to be in perfect position of her hand. She begins rubbing my cock nice and gentle. I was about to cum I can feel it. She was going faster and faster I was surely about to blow but then I felt a pull down on my cock. It kind of hurt but the motions were in sync with my fingers fucking her pussy. She's whispering my name softly "Oh John! I want your cock in my mouth.. mmm.. So bad.. I want to taste your cock.." She pulled my cock to her mouth and she began to suck it. Then she stopped. She was still sl**ping indeed. She began to lay on her back with her body stiff as a normal sl**ping position would. She was tasting her fingers her own pussy juices. It made me so hard I was about to cum. "John I want your cum all in my mouth... please.." I grab just her head and put my cock in her mouth. Only her neck was turned as her body was still laying flat. I begin fucking her mouth. She was completely out of it. I was staring at her body imagining me fucking her but then I blew it. I came all inside of her mouth and she opened with a big moan. "Mmm it taste so good.. John.." I pulled my dick out and a long strand of my cum plopped over on her cheek. I didn't clean it, but I did put her clothes back to normal as her hand wandered back down to her pussy. She smiled and I threw the blanket slightly back on her.

I walked out of the room to find my niece there asking if her mom was okay. I told her she's fine and that we should go watch some tv while I feed her. 30 minutes later my s****r in law comes out of her room. She walked out with her nipples still hard as a rock. She let out a big yawn and said "Whew that's really the best rest I've had in a long time! Thank you John! You're such a big big help!" She came over and gave me a big hug. I told her no problem.. Anytime :]

Sorry if double posted, wasn't 100% if it posted the first time.
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6 months ago
hi, can you wrote a little more about it
7 months ago
This is so much like when i trie3d to fuck my niece. She was sleeping and I put my finger bin her cunt. When she didn't wake, I tried my cock. It wasn't mature enough but I felt good pressing against her bum.
9 months ago
sleep my ass...
1 year ago 2 definitely..pls
1 year ago
love these types of passed out and unconscious stories..I am such a prev..nice story indeed
1 year ago
Hot hope there is a part 2.
1 year ago
this is a great story with plenty more that can be written