Ayshea the sexy asian girl

Ayshea is a nice girl she wears a Black Hijab on her head a muslim girl who wears eye lashes extension , powdered in thick make up and bright pink lipstick she had a petit figure however he breast are overwhelming when she wears any asian clothing her breast clearly stand out and when she turned around you could spot her ass from mile away it had nicely round shaped and she had a nice thickness .Every time i saw her walking down ilford she would sometimes be with her friends i always wanted to chat to her and ask her for sex however always somebody would be there one day i saw she was walking home and went into a house i got the feeling she lived over there i remember her house number i use to walk past but never saw anyone coming out . I one day saw her again in ilford all alone coming home with shopping bags in her hands she approached her house and left her gate open and she carried her heavy bags inside i saw she had dropped a bag and picked it up i shouted out oiiii you drop this !! she didnt pay no attention to what i was saying and closed the door i knocked on the door KNOCK KNOCK she looked through the window i pointed You dropped this she opened the door and said Thanks and took the bag i said Excuse me can i use the toilet ? she replied Ummm ok sure its upstairs on the right hand side . i went up the stairs and used her toilet and quickly went downstairs i saw her on the sofa bending over looking for something i looked at her big round as she was wearing a very nice blue colour trouser suit and she had her dupatta covering her cleavage and i looked around to see whether anyone was at home then i went into the living room she was still bending over on the sofa her ass was looking soo juicy and meaty i really wanted to shag her i started thinking about fucking this women my cock got erected and hard i put my hands in my trouser and started stroking on my cock it went ultra hard and long i kept continue doing it then i just pulled my cock out my trousers as my trouser were tight i moved closer to her big round ass in the blue trouser suit and then i grabbed her ass she looked back suddenly and said what you doing ? she screamed get off get off ! then i pulled down her trouser bottoms on her suit she tried pulling them up i held onto her ass tight and slapped it she screamed ouchhh i pulled her trouser down to her knees and then i saw her pink coloured underwear i pinched her ass she screamed ouch fucking get off ! then i slapped her ass she screamed fucking leave me alone ! i loved feeling her big round ass it was soo thick her underwear was holding alot of ass in it i had to let it loose i pulled her pants down and held her hands she tried struggling and trying to set her hand lose then i pulled her underwear down and i saw her big brown ass it was sooo thick and juicy i started touching her soft brown ass and she moaned let go stop touching it AWHHHHHHHH stop it then my cock got even more harder and then i just pointed it towards her ass and i poked it into her pussy it was nice and tight she screamed AHHHHHHHHHH i pushed my cock deep into her pussy spreading her small pussy lips and then i started fucking her deeper and deeper finally my cock was inside this womens ass she screamed FUCKING TAKE IT OUT MY BUM PLEASE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i grabbed onto her big ass and started fucking her silly in her big ass PAAP PAAAP PAAAAP PAAAAP PAAAAAP PAAAAP PAAAAP PAAAAP PAAAAP PAAAAAP her ass made a nice noise as my cock hit harder into her pussy and she screamed more louder AHHHHHHH HHHHHH OWHHHHHH OWWHHHHHHHH OWWHHHHHHHH OWHHHHH I spanked her ass SLAP SLAP SLAP her ass started going red then she said AHHHH fucking what you doing to my ass i started fucking her even more harder BANG BANG BANG PANNG PAAANG PAAAP PAAAAP PAAAAAP PAAAAAAP she screamed AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH then i told her get up and get on the floor she did exactly what i said and then i said open your mouth she said NO NO then i grabbed her head and opened her mouth with my hands and rubbed my cock against her lips she tried moving her head then she started moaning NO NO NO NO then i put my cock into her mouth and she tried spitting it out then i started fucking her throat and she got started gagging on my cock and she screamed with my cock in her mouth AHHHHH ahhh Then i pushed my cock in her mouth and moving her head forward and backward she slowly started sucking on my cock and SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP she was bopping her head up and down and she started sucking on my cock i grabbed onto her boobs and started pressing on them they were very big and covered in a cushion bra i squeezed them and she moaned while sucking my cock i removed her trouser suit top over her head leaving her in a pink bra her sexy olive tanned skin and then i unhooked her bra and boobs were easily accessable then i put my hands on her boobs and started playing with them making them nice and hard her nipples were small and however her boobs were big i threw her bra on the floor and told her take your trouser off and she removed it i saw on the sofa and i grabbed her and told her to sit on my cock her boobs were in my face i started sucking on her milky boobs they were really nice and big then i moved my cock near her pussy she dropped her ass on my cock she sat on my cock and screamed AHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHHH HHHHHHHH she held onto my shoulder and started bouncing up and down i held onto her ass and all you could hear is her screaming and her big ass hitting on my cock making CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP she was slamming sooo hard on my cock and i looked every minute of it then i threw her down on the floor and i pulled her legs over her head and fucked her upside down she screamed sooo much louder now in this position i banged the silly bitch in her pussy and also finger it while fucking her she moaned awhhhhhh awhhhhhhh awhhhhhhhhhh fucking helll i slammed her even more harder and harder and then the cumshot came over and went all over her pussy she screamed then i got ready and went quickly she stopped me and said come over sometimes and kiss my lips
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