how i lost my v

i was a bit young and for legal reasons im not telling you my age when i lost my virginaty but i will tell you this, NEVER FUCK A GIRL THAT HAS A STUPID s****r. it was a wednesday and i was walking to my girlfriends house to do.. you know, we enter the house to find only her cat and some beer bottes by her stairs, we disposed the beer bottles and went to her bed room, i startid to kiss her and she pulled my top of, i started to toach her breasts and get more and more sexual towards her, she pulled my trousers down leaving my pants and socks,then she took her top of and skirt, i un-hooked her bra and she took her trousers of, i then began to stick my dick in her pussy, i started to have sex and she started moaning then i herd a noise coming from her door, i looked to see and i noticed a camera and her s****r, my girfriend screamed and i go bright red, she takes a few pictures and she appeard intoxicated ( d***k )

3 days later my girfriend dumps me for that very reason and i regret being hasty to have sex, her s****r never wants to talk to me without gloating how she broke us up and the pictures were put on facebook ( but quicky got taken of because it was inapropreate ) i miss her but i got a new girfriend now that does'nt have an evil s****r (thank the lord).
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