The Magic House

Hello folks, my name is Mason, I am 50 years old and currently happily married to my beautiful wife for fifteen years. We each had a k** from a previous relationship and we have had two happy, healthy c***dren in our marriage.

My story does not start here but it starts when I was 15 years old. I got my high school sweetheart pregnant. We had a baby, a son. It was tough for a couple years because my parents were older and and fate had a different plan for her and her parents.

When My son was three, her parents got hit by a d***k driver and were instantly killed. The next couple of years brought the death of my mother and father, who were in the sixties. My father died of a heart attack and my mother died peacefully in her sl**p.

Fate would play another cruel trick. When my girlfriend was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She found herself in the middle of a bank robbery. The problem was she was chosen by the robbers to be an object lesson. The robbers killed her.

It was shortly after her funeral that my son and I moved into a very special house.

It was on one of my days off, while my son was at school that I found CD which was left by the previous owner.

What the CD said was this house was, in the 1800's, was the home of a voodoo priestess who also happened to be a spell on the house. What the spell did was to make the males very virile and give them the ability to, magically, have sex with multiple women at the same time.

The house was set up this way. When a person walks in the back door, one walks into a small storage room where one finds another door which leads into the kitchen. There was another doorway which lead into the dining room. In the dining room there is a long table. On on side of the table there is on chair, on the other there was fifteen. Behind the side with the fifteen chairs, there was a large, flat screen. When i took a closer look at the underside of the table, I found that there, was inset into it, several cameras. When I found the remote control to the television and turned it on. When I did, I found that it was a closed-circuit and the cameras were pointed at the chairs.

Apparently, the recently moved out owner had changed the spell. The change was that when a woman, of any age, crossed the threshold into the kitchen, the woman's underwear (bra and Panties) would disappear. Then, when they crossed into the dining room, it does not matter what they are wearing, the outfit becomes a white, Blouse, and min skirt.

When my son and I are at home by ourselves, our general dress code is a robe, slippers, and little else.

My fifteen year old son is quite the scamp. He is kind of the a brain. He does like girls and is sly enough to get himself into home economics class where there are fifteen young ladies.

It appears that, one day while I working, he found the disk that explains about the house. The very next day when I was at work, he brought the fifteen young ladies home.

Three months later, I received a visit from the fifteen mothers of the fifteen girls who are in my son's class. They seemed to be very angry and confused at how the young ladies are all three months pregnant.

I took them into the Dining room and this was when I noticed that one of the women had a wedding ring on. I took her aside,and put her into the den. I sat her in front of the TV and turned it on the auxiliary channel and told her to watch and everything would be made quite obvious.

I went back into the dining room and started the festivities.

I flipped the monitor one and said the spell.

The other four women, all, in unison, started to act like they were having sex.

I could feel my testicles tighten and my dick grow. three hours later, I had finished. and the other females left.

I went into the den and found the fifteenth woman sitting there with her mouth open.

I told her that three months from now, they will find that they are pregnant.

I told her about the house and its magic. I also deduced that my son found out about it and used it.

I told her that when I saw her wedding ring, I just could not do to her what was done to the others because I did not want her husband coming to get me.

I made a promise that my son would help pay for the c***d.

It was six months later when I met my wife and a year after this we were married.

The End
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Thanks,but this is a very good story with a lot of sex honor..