Life's Changing Hand

Life can be a funny mistress sometimes. When a person is in the formative years, they think that they have a pretty good idea about what they want to do, as an adult. Sure, there are stats which state that a particular person will change jobs at least three times in their lives but there are people who decide to take a fork in the road of life and that job becomes a starting point for a career.

I am one such person.

As I was growing up, I had this Idea of being a teacher but life had its own ideas.

My name is Pearl Constance Jabrone and I am what is considered a nerd and a geek. I was is many clubs in high school. I was in the chess club, glee club, I read comic books, I was in the chess club, and many others. My IQ is 199, I made a 1400 on my SAT test, and I made 33 on my ACT standardized test.

It was at this point, that life had got its hands on me. I had decided that I would go on the road to some of the colleges to do the interviews. Some of the interviews were on the west coat, and in particular, sixty or so which are located in California. I am from Indiana and will have to either drive to the west coast. My dad had bought me a certified used car which had less than 25,000 miles on it.

I had recently graduated early. By this, I mean that I was one of these rare people that smart enough to skip several grades. I am only sixteen after I graduated from high school but I would turn s*******n just before I would hit the road.

It took a week to drive from Indiana to California. On the way, I was making stops at some of the colleges, Junior Colleges, and community colleges to do the interviews at those particular schools.

When I arrived in California, this is when Life showed her twisting hand. When I arrived there, there was a big huge storm. This storm is one of the worst I have ever seen. It was one of those rainstorms where you could not see ten feet in front of you. It was almost to the point where the windshield wipers to keep up.

Then it happened, my car quit on me. I was out in the middle of nowhere. It seemed to me that there were no houses or trailers to be seen. Then I looked several feet ahead of me and saw a medium to large sized house.

As it would happen, my car quit on me but I was able to cruise to the point where I ended up parked in front of a walk way that lead to the front door.

After I put my car in park, pulled the emergency brakes, and I decided to try to use my cell phone. The problem is that I forgot to charge it up and it was dead. This means that I will have to get out in the rain to go the house to use the occupants cell to call a tow truck and a mechanic.

I had no umbrella but I had to get out anyway. So I pushed over to the passenger side and prepared to get out. I put my cell phone and charger into my purse, and opened the door.

I was wearing an oversized blouse, long skirt down to my calves, and a pair of tennis shoes. As I walked to the front door, I nearly got blown off of the walk way several times but I made it to the door.

When I arrived at the to the door, I was soaked to the bone. My hair which was in a bun, was down to on my shoulders and stringy.

I knocked on the door. I heard someone come down the hall but they did not come down what I assumed was the foyer to go the back door. I knocked and rang the doorbell. It was at this point that I saw the light go on in the foyer and heard both the chain come off the door, and heard the bolt lock open.

Then a woman opened the door.

It surprised me to see that she was totally naked.

She said, “My name is Amelia, how may I help you?”

I said, “My name is Pearl Constance Jabrone. My car broke down and my cell is dead. May I use your cell to call a tow truck and a mechanic?”

She said, “I can do you one better, but first I think that we should be get you out of those wet clothes.”

I sat down in a nice chair and started to take off my shoes. I looked up for a second and she was gone. I took off my socks and looked up again. She had a couple of towels. I knew what I was to do with them. I would wrap it around my body and one around my head.
I have always been a very self-conscience about my looks. I have 36 c chest, 30 inch waist, and 34 inch hips. As we walked down the hall, I noticed how confident she was.

Now, I have many watche many confident women, but she takes it almost to an extreme. The confidence which she exhibits is of a woman wha is not just comfortable in her own body, but she is very confident in her sexuality. I asked her, her measurements. She said that her chest was 45 inches FF, her waist is 25 inches, and her his are 32 inches. She was in incredible shape and this fits into how she carries herself.

It made me very self-conscious.

What, also makes it less of a help is that we are the same height, 5'11" tall. While she is filled out in all of the right places and it makes her extremely attractive, I am not. I am your basic bean-pole, at 102 pounds.

We walked into a room, and she flicked on the light switch. The first thing that I noticed was the decorations for the room. There is a rocking chair in one corner of the room. I headed straight for it to sit down and to finish drying my hair. It was then that I noticed that what was holding the back, side rails, and rocker rails were penises. I thought ‘Ok, she is very open on the case of her sexuality.

The art around the rooms caused me to raise an eyebrow. These pictures were of women who were nude and either sitting on their laps, or standing between the women’s legs. On the ceiling was a mural of a nude man and woman. The man had his bead between the legs of the woman. The woman’s legs were up on the man’s shoulder. On the other side of the room was a pole.

It was odd to me that in this particular room was where I had some of the most restful sl**p.

It was that next day when my life started to change.

I would not be able to get totally dressed until my skirt and blouse would dry, so I decided to just walk around naked like Amelia.

So, I went into the kitchen and fixed me some waffles. I went to the pantry, and got the syrup. Then, I went to freezer and retrieved the frozen waffles, to the refrigerator for the butter and milk, to a cabine get a glass, and to the dish drain for a fork.
I put the two waffles into the toaster and pushed the lever down. The I opened the butter and the syrup. After the waffles popped up, I took the out of the toaster and put then on the plate. I cut a couple of pats of butter and put them on one waffle each, then I took the syrup and poured it on the waffles. Finally, I started to eat. Everything went well until the last bite. I not have stabbed it hard enough and it fell from the fork.

It slid town the middle of my body until it I, quickly, closed my legs and it rested on my vagina. I piked it up, put it on the plate, to the plate, glass, fork and knife to the sink. Then, I took the butter and milk to the refrigerator, the waffles, to the freezer, and the syrup to the pantry.

I was headed off to the bathroom to take a bath when I met, what I assumed, is Amelia’s significant other. He asked me where I was off to. I recounted the story about breakfast. It was at this point where he said, “Let me to that for you.”

He took me over to the rather large kitchen table and asked me to lie on it. Next, he kissed me on the lips. Then he went the center of my cleavage. He started to lick me from there. Oddly enough, it felt very good. He continued to lick until his head was between my legs.

As he begun to like my vagina, I do not know what happened, but I moaned. As he continued, I started to moan much louder. Oh God, did it feel good.

After he was done., I felt more relaxed than I had ever been, and said so. It was then that I sat up and saw Amelia. She said, “Of course you feel like a million bucks, My dear, Ronald is the best tongue in the west and this is the reason I seem so relaxed to you when we met last night.”

I did not notice until now that she was carrying two small pillows. She put those pillows on the floor as Ronald turned around. Both she, and I knelt in front of Ronald. Our heads were at waist level. It is at this point that I noticed that Ronald, even though it was flaccid, it was still very large. Amelia told me that, as we knelt, his penis is eight inches long and five inches thick. She took her tongue and the tip. She started at the bottom of the tip and went to the top. Then she licked the slit. This made him groan.

She had me do that, and it garnered the same reation.

Then, she held itainst his belly and licked it from bottom to top. Again, she told me to repeat the process. When I did, I received the same reaction.

Then she looked at me and said, “I will take one of his balls in my mouth and you will do the sam with the other. We will suck and lick them.” We did just that and he moaned.

She had him lie on the floor and then she told me to sit on his lap. I did and it was painful at first but I gritte my teeth and I started to bounce up and down on his lap. At one point she told me to stay sitting and grind in a clockwise motion.

Then she had me stand up and sit down again but this time, with my back facing him. Then a bounced and ground. Then she had me stand up, bend over, put my arms on the kitchen table. Where by he approached me from behind and inserted himself into me. By this point, Amelia told me that Ronald was not 12" long and 8" inches thick.

I was moaning a crying and enjoying myself immensely.

He would, eventually take me to the couch an lie on it on his side. Amelia told me to lie in front of him and to put my leg in the air. When I did, Ronald held it up and entered me from behind, again. Six minutes later, I had theses strange feelings. It felt like my insides were contracting and releasing.

One minute later, he withdrew himself from me and began to pump his penis. He asked me to turn to face him. Then he did what Amelia said was coming. He squirted all over my front.
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