My friend's horny gran.

I guess you could say I was born “blessed”; So much so that my uncle nicknamed me “tripod”, a name which stuck until I moved to a new school at 11. Even my friends used to call me it, having no idea why!
At 16, I had a 9 and a half inch cock, and I saw it as more of a curse than a blessing. The rumours about Mike having a big dick soon circulated through the school, much earlier than my 16th year, but I was much too shy to do anything about it.
I had a few girlfriends, good looking ones, too, who wanted to fuck me purely because of my big cock, but try finding a 16 year old girl willing to take on such a task was nigh on impossible; Most got too scared by the time they saw it, and I even had one girl start to cry!
The female teachers were always too willing to give me extra help in class. I was in the school swimming team and I could see them staring at my package in disbelief; You see, there are “growers” and there are “showers”. I have friends with dicks not much smaller than mine whose cocks, when flaccid, measure barely 5 inches. I am a “shower.” At 16, my dick was 8 inches flaccid, and I would often catch my teachers looking at my package. I am being honest when I say that there was one particular teacher, Miss B, who used to sit at her desk rubbing her thighs as she stared at my cock as I stood up and read from my textbook.
My biology teacher was as bad; She once brought a banana and a condom into the lesson to instruct us all on their correct application. As she rolled the rubber down the fruit, she said something like; “Now, this banana measures about 6 inches, which is the average size of an erect penis. Some may be smaller, but they can also be MUCH bigger” and she looked at me as she said it. The whole class broke into fits of giggling, but I was red-faced!
At 17, I began to go clubbing. I began to have more success sexually, pulling girls/women well into their thirties. They were obviously more experienced than the girls at school, and more willing to give my cock a chance. Even then there were those too nervous to let me fuck them, preferring to wank me off or suck me.
Just before my 18th birthday I went to a party at the house of a schoolmate. His dad was turning 40, and the whole f****y were there. As I stood pissing in the upstairs bathroom the door opened and in walked his gran. She stood there for a moment, mouth open, staring at my 9 inch flaccid cock, before apologising and walking out, closing the door behind her. After that, she kept filling my glass with everything imaginable, and I knew that she was trying to get me d***k.
When everyone else had gone home, as I lay on the sofa downstairs, I heard someone walking into the room behind me and I quickly closed my eyes, pretending to be asl**p. They sat on the sofa at my feet, and I could feel the duvet raise from my legs. I half opened an eye and saw that it was my friends gran, who, at 56, looked 15 years younger and had fantastic tits. Thinking that I was asl**p, she gently placed a hand on my cock. Keeping it there for a few seconds to see whether I would wake. She then began to softly knead my dick through my boxers, and I could hear her breathing becoming heavier. I began to get a hard on, and I heard her whisper “Oh my God!” as I reached my full length, and she struggled to wrap her hand around it. It was then that I decided to “wake up”, and I opened my eyes and looked down at her. She had on a black satin nightie, which could barely contain her massive tits, and she was wearing black stockings. “I’m soaking wet!” she said, as she took my hand and placed it on her pussy through her lace thong. She was indeed incredibly wet, and I put my hand inside her knickers and placed it on her hairy cunt. Her clit was rock hard.
“Can we fuck?” she asked, and I nodded. She pulled down my boxers and knelt astride me. Pulling her knickers to one side, she took my cock and placed it to her frothing pussy. She pushed herself against me until finally, my bell end was inside her. I was amazed at how tight she was, as she slowly eased herself onto me, inch by inch. I was only halfway inside when my cock nudged against her uterus. This seemed to make her more aroused, as she sat heavier on me, forcing herself lower onto my rock hard cock. When I was almost all the way in, and she could take it no deeper, she slowly eased herself off me, the whole length, and again, back down. She bit her bottom lip as she rode me, slow but hard, and after a short while I felt her tight cunt grip my cock even tighter as she came. I looked down at my cock, which was coated in thick white cream, and I must admit it looked fucking fantastic!
I was nowhere near to cumming, so she began to lick her juices from me, wanking me as she did. “ I wanna fuck you again”, I whispered, and she smiled and moved back up the sofa,. She began to grind against me, soaking me once more with her wet cunt, and she took my cock and eased it once more inside her. She placed my hand on her hairy bush, and my thumb rubbed against her plump clit. She rode me different to before, squeezing the base of my cock which made me thicker, and she worked only the first 4 inches of my dick. She bounced up and down much quicker than before, her free hand lifting her nightie above her tits and pinching her big pink nipples. “My God, My God”…was all she said, as she finally lifted herself off me and squirted hot cum all over my stomach. Now, these were the days when the internet was in it’s infancy, and I knew nothing of squirting. For all I knew, my friend gran had just pissed on me. I was as horny as fuck, though, and it only spurred me on. I moved her off me, bent her over the arm of the sofa and fell to my knees behind her. I spread her chubby ass cheeks wide and lapped at her pink asshole. “Jesus” she said. “I’ve never had that done in 56 years!”, so I continued, tonguing her tight hole. After a while I stood up behind her and put my cock to her ass. “Sorry, love, I don’t think it’s gonna fit!” she said, but I persisted. I pushed hard against her puckered hole, and eventually her ass surrendered to me. I slowly eased myself deeper inside her until my balls were touching her pussy. She moaned as I did so, and sighed as I pulled back out. I built up a rhythm as I fucked her tight ass, reaching round and enjoying the weight of her enormous tits. Her stockings were hanging down, and she looked every bit the slutty gran! When I was near to cumming, I pulled out and told her to turn around. She did as she was told, and voluntarily dropped to her knees in front of me. She took my cock in both hands and wanked me quickly, her mouth wide open for my cum. When I came, I came a thick creamy load. It hit her tongue and some splashed on her face. She closed her mouth, threw back her head and gulped the lot.
She got to her feet, took off her knickers, and wiped her cunt clean with them. “These are for you,” she said, putting them in my hand. Without another word, she left the room and went upstairs. I lay on the sofa, amazed at what had just happened. I pulled the duvet over me and held her knickers close to my nose, smelling her sweet scent. I stuffed them in the pocket of my jeans hanging over the back of the sofa and went to sl**p.
The following morning, I awoke to the smell of bacon cooking. The f****y was milling about throughout the house, so I got my jeans and pulled them on from beneath the duvet. I stood up, went to the bathroom and came down to the whole f****y sitting around the breakfast table. My sexy visitor was dishing out the food, and she smiled at me as she placed the biggest sausage on my plate.
After breakfast, I was in my friends mum’s car getting a lift home, and she stopped the car and asked my friend to fetch some milk from the shop. He got out, as I waited on the back seat. His mum turned around and said. “Have a good time last night?” I smiled and nodded. “James’ gran is a bit of a character, isn’t she!” My God, did she know? I just nodded.
When the car pulled up at my house, I opened the door, got out and thanked them for the lift. “No problem, Mike” said my friends mum. “ You’re welcome at our place anytime, although I can’t guarantee my mum will be there to keep you entertained! I’m always game for a laugh, though!” What was I hearing? I looked at my friend, who was completely ignorant to the implication. I smiled at her, and she drove off, giving me a cheeky wink as she did so.
I soon discovered that James’ mum was every bit as fun as his gran. But that’s a different story!
97% (73/2)
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1 year ago
the next chapter to this should be terrific
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Grate story
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i am waiting for the next part please
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Great turn-on!Well written story.
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Excellent story!
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good story
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superbly written. loved it
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Really good story with juicy details.
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yes and james was even more fun and then the tripod fell over