NEW fetish i just been doing my thing thinking i knew everthing . but latley i been noticingi atrract to the no good gitls that for less of a term aint shit. im no player. but i seen my female freind convince her boy freind t powwer.o go both wats. i wwas like damn. for real i was scared . but it attract me cause that was a her. power. i Use to mud her out but she bever took charge . so one day i told to punch me. she she just give order and i i was way out of line. so setting to get a some of my belt that she grab from my pants.

thinking it was just a hip ..........wrongshused it hold me still like schoke. had control of me and i learn jeanssitting is something i like to doyeah at frist i wwas like i eat pusyy be it was a shock who i was trap and i loved it. now when im with other schick im dowd there a squeezer i try to roll them so they on top. . just waitng for the the gril who can break me so hard .i no player im get whip easy but i met so many that wont do it i like those who wrestle . jean sitting i want to no more i like to prY FOR THE NEXT BREATHE . MORE and more i tell chick i just want u to beat my face with ur crotch/ NICES I DONT NO 333 AND LOST i see word heAR UNDER
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