My Wife’S Long-Term Boyfriend

My Wife’S Long-Term Boyfriend My wife’s long-term boyfriend

My wife was out one night with a friend of hers to see a tribute band in the city. They met a couple of guys there and one thing lead to another and my wife took a liking to one of them. She wound up in a dark corner of the club making out with (lets call him John).
My wife told me he was an amazing kisser. In that first night he had his hands on my wife’s breast and even made his way down her pants. She said he got her off a couple of time just with his hands. John couldn’t hang out all night because he was the designated driver for his group. John and my wife made plans to call each other and hook up at a later date.

My wife comes home around 3:00 am in the morning all hot and horny telling me about this amazing guy she met. She climbed into bed ready for sex. She pull my cock out and had her mouth all over it as she told me how he fucked her with his fingers and how good he made her cum. I moved my hands down to her panties and the where very damp. I pulled them off and my cock slide right in. It didn’t take me long to shoot my load into her.

The next morning she was like a little schoolgirl with a crush. John contacted my wife by email the next day and seemed very smitten as well. They setup a date for the following weekend. They were going out to dinner Saturday night then maybe out for a drink. The day finally came and my wife kissed me goodbye and I told her to be careful and call me to let me know everything was going ok. About 8:00pm I get a text saying everything is great. Dinner was cool and now they’re going to a bar/club. I get a text around 12:00am saying they went to this bar and they had couches and they made out all night in a dark corner. Same as last time her was in her pants and at some point my wife was able to release his cock from his pants. She was stroking his cock and at some point some told them to get a room. Feeling a bit embarrassed they left to go to a hotel.

Now before my wife left the house I asked her if she planed on using protection. She said no not really. That just made my cock rock hard. I told her do not take a shower before coming home! I wanted to smell their sex on her. Now at the hotel it didn’t take long before they were both naked. John apparently is and expert at oral according to my wife. John had her cumming a few times just with his mouth. At this point my wife told him “fuck me!” John never asked about using a condom he just went bareback into my wife. John could hold out a long time. When he finally did shoot his load deep into my wife it was like a gusher. My wife said she could feel his cum shooting into her. They fucked most of the night.

The next day I get a text saying she will be home around noon. I could hardly wait! My cock was hard from the moment she left the house. Finally she walks in the door. Both of us are just smiles. I asked, “so how was it?” she said amazing and I didn’t shower like you asked. She made some excuse that she had to catch the train and didn’t have time to shower. So now at home she said why don’t we have a drink first. So I grab some wine and she told me how good he was and that his cock is longer then mine but mine is thicker. Now my wife has never given head to any of her guys. In her words she said she feels she should save that for me since I love them so much. I told her no, I want you to next time and I want to hear all about it. So now we are standing in the kitchen and she’s telling me about her weekend. My cock is hurting it’s so hard. I told her I am not going to last long at all. With that she pulls my cock out and gets down on her knees and stars sucking my cock telling me more about her weekend and in no time I shoot my load right into her mouth. She swallows it all like a pro and then takes my hand and guilds me to the bedroom. She undresses but leaves her panties on. I lie next to her and kiss her and move down her neck then her belly where I notice some dry cum. I keep moving down and I can smell the mixture of her and a strong sent of cum. I pull her damp panties off and her pussy is just red and wet. I am shaking at this point. I move in and start to lick her pussy and I’m in heave. She totally was enjoying it as well but she was a bit sore. She asked “so how do you like it? Can you taste him? I said it’s amazing. After I gave her a good cleaning my cock was super hard again. I just slide right into her wet pussy. As I’m fucking her I asked “how does it feel to have two different cocks in one day? She said she felt so dirty and naughty. I didn’t last long and shot my load as deep as I could into her.
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2 months ago
5 months ago
I just love that wicked sensation of my wife's lovers' cum swilling around my bell-end,deep inside her recently-fucked snatch..............
9 months ago
been there, done that....super!
10 months ago
my kind of story!