My friends stepdad

Well let me describe myself first before starting this story. Im 5'7'', latina, lightly tanned skin, big round black beautifil eyes, luscious lips,nice round ass, small waist, 40DD with big areolas and nipples that are pierced, with long black hair to my lower back.--So I went to my home girls house for a kick back she was having and there were some people there. Not a whole lot. When I was there I was talking to my friend and she said that she had the place to her self except her step dad was there. (Her real dad is hispanic but her mom is white. her mom then married i white man later and my friend sandra now has a white stepdad and white mom). Her mom had left out of town to visit f****y. Her step dad is pretty kool and he let her have a kick back as long as he can drink for free lol. So when I showed up I said hi to him “Hi Mr. Thompson” he was an a whiteman in his late 30's... and he came and gave me a hug but brought me close firmly where my tits were really pressed up against him. It was weird at the moment but thought nothing of it lol. Sooo I went to mingle and then time past and people were leaving cuz it was already 2am. I was a bit buzz by now. I asked my friend if she don’t mind if I relax in the Jacuzzi outside. She said to go for it so I got my black bikini that I leave there and put it on and went to relax since everyone had left. The house was dark and my friend said she was gonna knock out. So I went out side and took off my robe to relx in the tub. A few mins later her step dad comes out and asks if I wanted a beer and I said sure and he asked if I didn’t mind him joining me and I said ok. So he comes back with sum beer and slips into the Jacuzzi with me. We start talking about what I like to do for fun, where I grew up. Then , the bubbles had stopped and I said that I would turn them back on so I got out and I notice he was checking me out from the side of my eye.well…my tits were practically coming out and the bikini was really showing the roundness of my ass. Any ways I come back and he had told me that hes only seen girls in movies or in porn that have a body like mine and dress in a bathing suit like me. I kinda laughed and asked him if his wife dresses saxy and he said no cuz shes really conservative and boring lol. His sex life is just as bad and I laughed and felt sorry for him at the sametime. I had finished my beer and he got up to get me another with I noticed a bulge in his pants. When he got back in I moved a lil closer to him. He raised up his arm because he was aching from the hardwork at the office and stress. And I offered to give him a he turned around and i started to massage his shoulders and his arms. Then I asked if hes always been with white girls or anyother nationalitys. He said no, just white but fantasized about being with an asian or latina. when i was done masaging his back i told him to sit up on the jacuzzi so i can massage his legs. While massaging his legs I noticed he started getting hard. The size of his bulge was getting bigger and the size of it was making my heart beat fast and I was curious. So I started to massage his thighs and then I grabbed is bulge. And I said “Mr. Thomptson you have such a big dick” and he says” I cant do this, im married" and I told him to just relax and live for the moment and i can fulfill his fantasy. So I unzipped his pants and took his cock out and it was big. 9’’ of thick meat and vainy. So I started to slowly massage it and jerk it off and then with my touge I went up the shaft of his dick and the played with the tip of his head. I then took off his shorts and to my other surprise were the size of his nuts. The size of golf balls. No joke. So while I slowly jerked his dick I played with his balls and sucked on each one and licked them.He lets out a moan and i asked him if his wife does that and he said no. So while jerking him i feel some precum come out and i let go of his cock to see it throb and watch his face as he leaned back and relaxed. I was getting so wet. Then I starting to suck him down and I started to taste sum precum. I sat stood up and i had got his hands and out them on my ass and brought him close to kiss me. He liked my big ass and then i got his hands and moved them to my chest and he caressed my big tits. rubbing my nipples from the outside of the bikini and clearly seeing they were erect. Then i layed him back and he watched as i slowly removed a partial of my top not fully revealing everything. I told him that ive always noticed that he stares at my breasts everytime i had came over. And asked him if hes ever had big tits before and he said never. So as i took off my top fully off and he was marveled by the size of my nipples and areolas i told him to suck on my nipples and play with the piercings.started to suck and caress my breasts and just couldnt believe that this as happening. Then i had bent over and he rubbed my ass and i told him toexplore with his tounge. So he started to lick my ass and finger me at the same time. I started to moan loud and I came all in his mouth…then I told him to put his big dick in me and he took his time and then did me slowly and then faster and faster…I felt his dick throbbing and he shot a big load inside me. Then I sat him down again and sucked him down tasting the drips of sweet left over cum. Then he was hard again and I got ontop and started to ride him. I then had multiple orgasms and I got off and I wanted him to tit fuck me. He planted that massive dick between my tits and fucked them and at diff. intervals I would suck on the head. Then he told me he was about to cum and he couldnt hold back and he shot his huge load all over my tits and mouth..his load was thick and creamy and it was “ALOT”. I then cleaned up and he said hes never had sex like that before and I leaned over and grabbed his balls and told him “Cant wait till the next time” and got my stuff and went back inside while he stayed outside in the jacuzzi. I went inside and I went to sl**p and my home girl was there waiting for me and she had said she saw the whole thing. It had made her horny and she told me her secret. She also wanted to fuck him but is nervous to go about it. And my friend his a hotty as well with bigger breasts than me.. 34FF tits and a petite body with an exotic look. Well we will see what happens in the near future…keep you updated
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3 years ago
Very nice story, could almost feel her tight pussy