Late Return Lezzie

My name is Sandy, I'm a 20yo, short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a decent figure, although I'm a bit on the skinny side, and I manage the one and only video rental store in our little town. As you might guess, our inventory is not very extensive. In fact, our Adult section consists of only two, very ancient, VHS tapes. Last month, a new customer, Lisa, came in looking for something X-rated. She and her husband had just moved into town. The first thing that impressed me about Lisa was her stunning beauty. At 31, she possessed a glorious mane of platinum yellow hair that brought out the green of her eyes, the fullness of her ruby lips, and accentuated her hourglass figure.

She wasn't impressed with our measly stock of smut. "Oh well, my husband's on the road a lot and I needed something to keep me busy at night!" she purred, reaching out to lightly caress my hand. "If you know what I mean."

I was speechless! The delicate touch of her slim fingers made my nipples tingle and my pussy twitch! I have to confess that I have occasionally had fantasies about women, but my naughty reaction really surprised me. Unfortunately, Lisa turned out to be a very "late returner." To make matters worse, she ignored my phone called so I decided to stop by her house on night after work and collect the tapes myself. No one answered my knock, but since there was a light on, I just walked in and got the shock of my life. Lisa lay sprawled out naked on the sofa, jamming a dildo into her pussy while watching two women having sex on TV! When she glanced over at me, she smiled. "Well it's about time you showed up!" she murmured, patting the other end of the couch. "Come join me."

A part of me wanted to run and yer I was interested to find out what exactly she had in mind. The instant my butt hit the cushions, she took me into her arms and kissed me with her lips and tongue, while using her hands to guide mine to her luscious breasts. I never stood a chance. The next thing i knew, my clothes lay in a heap on the floor, and we were both writhing around naked on the floor, breathing heavily; sweat glistening our skins. Lisa pushed me onto my back to suckle my pink nipples and fondle my smaller breasts. After that, she started kissing down my quivering tummy, gently parted my legs, and swept her tongue along my moist wattles. I thought I was going to climax on the spot! Peeling my wet petals open, Lisa licked around inside my twitching slot for a while before inserting a finger and diverting her oral attention to my throbbing clit.

"Ooooo! Yes, Lisa!" I cried, clutching her flouncing golden waves as I locked my flexing thighs around her burrowed head and humping my leaking pubes at her nibbling lips. "Eat my cunt! Oh, yes! Make me cum, baby! Make me cum!" My filthy words must have encouraged her because she quickly picked up the pace until I gushed a torrent of girl goo into her hungry mouth. Naturally, I was eager to sample her fragrant cunt, and Lisa was more than ready. She led me into the bedroom where I immediately began caressing her downy flesh and nursing on her puffy, coral-colored nipples. Soon, Lisa was trembling uncontrollably and her pleasurable moans echoed throughout the room. Finally, I slithered down between her shapely tights to taste the clear nectar that oozed from her gaping gash.

"Ahhhh! Yes, my darling girl!" she whimpered, pushing on the back of my neck with both hands. "Your tongue feels wonderful! Awwwww! Yesss! Keep that up and I'll cum all over your adorable face!" That's what I wanted, so I kept it up. Following Lisa's instructions, I alternated lashing at her mushy folds while chewing on her pulsating pearl, and the minute her rock-hard, pear-shaped ass started bucking wildly, I jabbed three fingers up her twat to bring her off.

Afterwards, I let her keep the videos. It gave me a reason to come back the next day!
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