She Watched

Rick ran on the treadmill trying to forget is problems, he continued to have flash backs of his failure as a man, a failure as a husband. Rick continued to ran as fast as he could as he looked down at the minutes knowing he was nowhere near braking any kind of record so he hit the stop button with his head down in defeat he was snapped back to reality by his wife, you can’t run away from being a sissy boy Rick, you might as well come down he is not leaving anytime soon. Rick wife Carla was a sexy Cuban woman fully equipped with the curves, like a grown woman should have. She stood there arms crossed with 10 inch heels on toes out and toes painted as always, and of course her signature purple dress.
Rick wiped his face and walked down stairs, placing his towel around his neck, as he slowly walked down stairs he could hear a males voice saying “no one can stand in my way you either lead follow or bend over” Rick shuttered as he heard the voice, there sitting on his couch was his business partner Steve also the birth of all his problems. Steve sat on the couch with his legs open as if he owned the damn place. Rick lost in thought didn’t need to guess why his partner was here he knew earlier that day Rick had taken advantage after he found out that they would have to file for bankruptcy or lose their business. The day started like any other Rick came to work by walking through the warehouse to their office they sold health products, and business had been slow, sales were slow. As he placed his key through the door he could hear Steve talking on the phone, as he opened the door he could see that Steve was completely naked sitting on his desk talking on the phone, “ you need a big cock for that Mexican ass woman, you’re not Mexican, well who cares you have a big ass.” What the hell are you doing you fucking nut? Rick asked, it’s the end of the world buddy Steve answered so I’m doing whatever I fucking feel like, hope that answers your question buddy. No it doesn’t and stop calling me buddy, I’ve told you how I hate that, hang the phone up and tell me what’s going on. Well buddy in a nut shell, we are broke and we need to sale some shit fast or it’s all over. Hey hang the phone up, Rick yelled, hey I will call you back later and let you know, Steve hung the phone up as he jumped off the desk to his feet. Steve’s huge cock swung up struck his stomach than flopped back down swinging between his legs, Rick couldn’t help but look, and looking became a stare.
Well I see you like my fuck stick buddy, and seems to have made you forget about your problems, no, no it has not, and who calls their penis a fuck stick, never mind, I’m fucking freaking out I come in here your naked and talking about the end of the world, swinging you big cock all around and who were you talking on the phone with anyway? So you think I have a big cock, Steve asked, hmmmmmmmmmm, very interesting. Steve got up and walked toward Rick wearing nothing but a smile on his face. Buddy its simple we are broke and I being the man I am, I have to turn the page I’m taking this moment in life to hit reset, starting over do whatever I feel, whenever I want. Steve grabbed Rick by his shoulders and pushed him down on the office couch, as Rick looked up all he could see his Steve’s huge dick dangling in his face. What the fuck man Rick said before being silenced by Steve cock slapping him in the face. Shut up man and just go with it. Rick attempted to stand up, Steve grabbed his shirt and ripped it open, sit the fuck down and go with it I was trying to get my kicks with some married chick but I guess I’ll get them, another way. Steve pushed Rick to his knees and shoved his cock in Rick’s mouth. Rick went with it, he was having an out of body experience, he could see as he floated above his body a wimp of a man on his knees sucking a huge cock attached to a much bigger and stronger man. This went on for a time, until he was snapped back by Steve saying bend over, WHAT! Rick yelled, the assault continued as Steve flipped him around and pulled down his dress slacks from Sears, Rick watched as the hit the floor, he turned around to see Steve pick up a bottle of vitamin E lotion that they sold and rub it on his dick, hey just go with it buddy, Rick attempted to hop away Steve hopped with him, here comes Steve cotton tail, Steve mocked hopping down the fucking trail. The next thing Rick knew Steve was on top of him his cock slide right in Ricks ass with a pop, Rick thought to himself hey this fucking hurts and he wondered had anyone else in the company thought of using the lotion as a sex aid, that’s it man go with it Steve said as he pounded Ricks ass, his balls slapping against Ricks little cock, and balls.
This went on for what seems like an hour, Rick had actually began to enjoy it as Steve’s big dick hit his male G-spot over and over, Rick was in heaven. With ever story there is a twist and this one comes from Ricks wife Carla, who had decided this day to bring her hard working husband lunch, as she walked through the warehouse, the workers were distracted to the point of standing still, her huge breast, jiggled as she walked, her hips swayed in a sexy Cuban beat movement. As she reached her husband’s office door she stopped and listened as she could hear male voices, one for sure she could tell and they sounded like they were making sex sounds, she stood there in silence as she could hear a voice that she now identified as her husband’s partner Steve, “ you aint gonna shit right for a year bitch!” Carla shook her head, and laughed she had been on the phone with Steve earlier and she knew he had d***k dialed her, telling her he wanted to fuck her big round ass, she wasn’t going to tell Rick because she didn’t want to start any problems, besides with relief she knew Steve to be a whore so she believed him to be having sex with one of his hooker girlfriends, she looked cracked the door to see Steve’s muscle ass moving in a good rhythm fucking some bitch, hard, she looked down and seen her husband pants and shoes on the floor, she than looked closer and seen little balls hanging between the girls legs, than it hit her at once, Steve was fucking her husband in the ass literally and not like in all his business deals, Take it bitch Steve yelled, than to her surprise she found herself touching her large breast, rubbing them through her dress, she watched Steve fuck her husband up the ass. Steve’s cock was huge and she couldn’t believe how big it was compared to her sissy husbands, she watched and watched as Steve ran the gauntlet of sex positions on Rick, she almost laughed out loud as Rick got on the desk with his legs in the air like a bitch allowing Steve to make him into his Faggot, she found herself becoming wet, from the sight of Steve controlling her husband.
Well she thought I can’t stand her forever, she turned the door handle and said surprise, and acted as if she was surprised herself. At that very moment Steve had pulled his cock out of Rick’s ass and began spraying cum all over Ricks face and chest. Carla thought it looked like a water hose as it sprayed everywhere. OMG Rick yelled as he jumped up his little cock smaller now than ever in Carla’s mind. You fucking Sissy bitch get your clothes on and get to the car. Rick in shame picked up his shoes and pants tripping on the way out. He ran through the warehouse, as all his employees laughed and the sight of their boss’s naked body. Rick looked over his shoulders to see Steve standing in the door with his hands above his head like some kind of Viking screaming, “only the strong will rule!” Carla stood there for a second looked down and said, I guess they will as long as they have a big cock like that. She felt it, and pushed Steve back into the office, Rick turned around in time to see the office door close. An hour passed as Carla walked toward her car. She yelled at the employees on the way out, get back to work, as she walked towards the car she seen Rick in the driver’s seat, are you fucking k**ding get your ass in the Faggot seat. Rick moved over and looked down. Before she got into the car she noticed a liquid on the seat, you have got to be shitting me, and did you let him cum in your ass? Rick said nothing, I’ve been fucking Steve for an hour and your still leaking cum out your ass, well guess what its leaking out my pussy and I know who’s going to clean that up right after you clean my fucking car. Carla put the car into gear and drove home. So now Steve sits on my couch here in my home with my wife his legs open, and hers closed to me, go get us some drinks sissy boy, me and Steve have plans to make. Hey buddy, no ice for me.

The end ?

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