Sissy fate

For a long time I have known that I was not like other guys. My first gym shower showed me that, the black guys cocks the size of grown men at age of 17. I sat and watched, trying not to stare as they walked past me cocks swinging from side to side huge balls, my God huge fucking balls mine looked nothing like these cocks. My first contact came by accident I was playing basketball with a couple of black guys, trying to guard this guy he dunked on me his big dick smacked me in the face as the ball went through the hole, I could hear girls laughing. The guy looked at me on the floor placed his hand out and said to me good try, as he pulled me up, and of course this got around high school so fast, I even had a new nick name, " Balls ", my girlfriend at the time even called me this, we didn't last long. The end was shown when I told her about the size of the other guys cocks, I was d***k and thought she would think it was funny, she did not, she called me a sissy, and told me to stop looking at other guys cocks and to be a man. Is that why they call you balls, because you like big black balls in your mouth?, these were her last words to me, she broke up with me the next day.

My first year of college was going well no one knew me as balls, and I even managed to get a girl who use to date a guy on the basketball team. He was a big guy, who worked out and I did not I'm a small frame white guy. The first time we had sex was the last time, she asked me what was wrong with my cock, Why is it so small? I had no answer. she left my house. the next day as I walked up to her house to talk to her as I approached I could hear moaning, I walked around the side of her house and looked through the window I seen her and her ex, fucking on her bed her leg's in the air with the ankle bracelet I bought swinging around her ankles. His huge cock pounded her, his balls being her main teacher, as they smacked her ass, I must have watched longer than I should she seen me through his arm pits and waived me off. I ran home for some reason scared but also aroused from what I had seen.

The next day she called me and told me she was sorry but, she had to go with her heart. I said yea, that's it your heart, are you sure its not that giant dick. silence, then she stated " well you seen it, its huge!" I was trying to be nice. silence, ok I said, silence, well? she replied again. Yes I seen it, its huge. I stated. Lets be honest she said, your kind of a girly boy, your cock is so small it might as well be a clit, we got along so well because your like a girl friend, we watch the C.W. network together you love all the guys I do, are you sure your not gay? no I said, I'm just not made like other guys. well you seen his cock she said, its huge if we were back in roman times you would be his sissy slave when he went war. I have to admit I laughed with her on that point, Ok I said, talk to you later, wait she said, you want to hang out sometimes, I said yes, and hung up. I arrived at her house she opened the door and said lets do something fun let play grown house you can be my husband and I can be your wife and I just brought home my boyfriend. this way I can have you bought in my life. just then he walked through the door and looked at me and laughed, dude she told me you have a small cock, but she likes you so I am willing to play along. I was shocked and scared at the same time, she looked at him and said let the games begin they bought tied me up and he made me clean up his cum covered cock after he fucked her in front of me, as she called me fag boy, sissy and other names that shamed me. she then said look at him look at your balls, we should call him balls, I was humiliated past shame I couldn't believe it my old nick name back from the dead, they both laughed. you like balls sissy boy, I was made to lick his big balls and then I had to clean her cum filled cunt. He also made me suck his cock until he filled my mouth with his seed. I was so shamed and humiliated, but it seemed like my fate, I had a little cock, no good at any male things but, I sucked cock and played this game well. than without any warning he flipped me over and said take it bitch, I could hear her say, not so rough, with balls, he than slapped his cock on my ass and started to butt fuck me, his huge balls slapped against my taint and small balls, without any warning from my brain I started to cum, wow she said so much cum from a little girl cock. I think we have found what your good at, and what you like balls.

Now it has been 2 years of me being a play cuckold sissy bi husband and I love it. I also have the best " girlfriend " ever. Last weekend we had 3 guys over. I was dressed in bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, a wig with make-up, high heels, and a dress when I answered the door for the beginning of the party.
She was already naked and on the bed. I brought the guys into the bedroom and helped them get undressed. I examined each guy body as I stripped off their clothes. The first was a white guy about 25 years old. He had a great body, 6 feet tall, no hair at all on his body, an 10 inch cock and big balls. I tasted his flaccid cock and brought it to life. The other two were black and also around 25. Both guys were over six feet tall and muscles everywhere. Both cocks were big also. Each had over 10 inch cocks and huge hairy balls. They also were aggressive the way we like them.
They went to work on her. She was sucking a cock as one was fucking her. The other guy was pulling on her tits and sucking them. She was in heaven. As soon as the first black guy came in her cunt as she was screaming I am Cumming then the white guy took his place. He them dumped his load in her as well. The other black guy shot his load in her mouth and all over her face.
The guys all sat on the edge of the bed. As my wife rested they told me to do my thing. I went to my knees and they all laughed as I licked and sucked each guys cock to clean up all their cum and her cunt juice. suck those big dicks sissy boy she said, she then said next up for you guys she smiled.

I was ordered to do a strip tease for the guys. I removed my dress and then my panties. They told me to leave everything else on. the white guy grabbed me and asked who did you get such a fat ass with your little frame, you do squats? She laughed and said no that's from taking all that cock up his ass, she then told me to make her cum with my tongue. But first to kiss her and clean up the cum on her face. I licked it all up and swallowed. Then I was on to her sloppy stretched out cum filled cunt. I savored her smell and taste as I cleaned up all the mess and brought her to two earth shattering orgasms.
Then the assault on my ass began. face down ass up fag! one of them yelled. Each guy as I ate her cunt fucked me. It lasted for over an hour. When each guy finally dumping his cum in my well fucked ass. I was then rolled over on my back as one guy took pictures of my wide open asshole with cum pouring out. dripping down my ass crack.
She then wanted to have everyone but me shower. When they came out she told me to get their cocks ready. I sucked each until hard and then two guys fucked her as the one black guy liked my mouth so much he came in my mouth as I deep throated him. He still had a big load of cum for me to swallow.
After the other two came I then cleaned up their cocks and her cum-filled cunt. I must have d***k a gallon of hot man juice that weekend. And I loved every humiliating moment because I am a cuckold bi husband.
He then said get up and clean off your girl cunt juice off my cock. I eagerly went for his semi-hard pole. I licked it all around and got it clean as he called me a cock sucker. So I then engulfed his cock in my mouth and deep throated it with pleasure. After about 10 minutes he told me to clean her cunt again. I went to her and licked and sucked her cunt of hers and his cum. It tasted strong and wonderful. Then with my ass in the air as I was licking her and getting her close to cumming again he lubed up my asshole and pushed his massive cock in my asshole. He the fucked me and spanked me at the same time. Each spank sent a shock wave to the tip of my cock. He fucked me very hard and just when she cried out she was cumming he unloaded his cum deep in my ass cunt again.

When he pulled out he surprised me and went to my asshole with his tongue and licked his cum from my ass. saying that's some good pussy. As this was happening she spun around and put my cock to her mouth just as I exploded filling her mouth. She then moved up and kissed me and deposited the entire load of cum. I swallowed and savored the moment. she looked me in the eyes and said something that I think I always knew, " pussy has power sissy, and you just had all these guys licking your ass and fucking it, they worshiped you and your not even a real man, glad you switched bitch." she laughed, and all of this because you looked through a window she then got up and walked out the room saying good night balls, I lay there ass filled with cum and a smile on my face.
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5 months ago
wow I wish I was you
5 months ago
They nicknamed you Balls. My HS nickname was lips because I sucked so many cocks.
6 months ago
Hot story. Had to Fave that one
12 months ago
very good read