Twisted Step-Sister Vll (Party Time)

Friday morning Dan announced that he and Mom would be going to New York for about 10 days, their plane leaves this afternoon. They got packed and both went to Dan's office and would leave from there.
My drivers training was cut short today because of school sports physicals. 150 male athletes standing in line in the gym naked not sure why but who rally cares. We had four doctors taking us through like an assembly line. One of the doctors was a 30 something female and she was HOT. She caught a couple of guys whacking off watching her, she embarrassed them as much as she could most everyone else laughed at them. Offensive linemen gotta have them I guess? She does look that good but you should think they could wait until after the exams. Monday would be the day to be around female athletes will be here then. Coach got me in and out fairly quickly so we could get back to my driving. One of the football coaches told me I was being moved from outside to inside linebacker as a trial. I kind of like that.
Any way after driving the coach dropped me off and when I went inside Jen told me she was planning a party for tomorrow from about 4pm to around 11pm. Kim would be home at 12:30 or so. I also found out I had some work to do, she wanted some more cameras installed two more around the pool and two in Kathy's room and one in their bathroom. Most of the party would be out by the pool, I put two in the pool house a while back.
Saturday morning I was up and ready for the coach at 6am, he pulled in right on time. We jumped in the mustang since I have my permit any vehicle with a licensed driver works. Coach said no time to waste I have a 10:30 tee time so lets go, we were done by 10 so he made it.
When I went inside Jen, Kerri and Kathy were at the pool not sure what was going on I just kept quiet. They told me I could stay but had to be naked too about 25 seconds later I was. Jen was having about five pizzas delivered about 5:00 for the party they had bought drinks and snacks this morning. With most of the guest also athletes there would a little beer and soft drinks that was all except water. Any one that wanted a beer could have just one if they did not like it they could leave. Jen was only expecting about 15 total as it turned out we had 13 only three guys to 10 girls more on that shortly.
Kim ran down yelled by and took off to work, yep she knew we were out there naked but nothing about the party. We put up some stuff for the party and checked the lights around the pool every thing OK.
just messing around waiting for people to get here. Robin and two other girls showed up at three to start on some tanning. Around four two couples arrived together that was the other two guys they undressed and hit the pool by 4:30 everyone was here. Jen got out the twister game and some played naked twister the rest were playing naked truth or dare. Rules were first time kiss, second time oral pleasure, third was anything goes. All three of us guys said no gay stuff for us no arguments.
Right at five the pizzas arrived Jen had a t-shirt by the door so she could get them, funny one of the guys she invited was the pizza guy so she flashed him for a tip. Everyone jumped on the food then we all got back to the games. About 7pm most of us went for a swim after about 30 minutes Jen announced a new game everyone must play. Spin the bottle with a twist, everyone got a spin who ever it landed on you had two minutes to do what ever you wanted to do but in front of everyone. You had two minutes to agree on the deed and if need we had a bowl of condoms handy.
My first was 69 with Robin she was the spinner. My spin was Kathy and I said 69 too she agreed wow can she suck a dick. This lasted until about 10 you mane it I think it happened. Several people had to go we were down to Jen, Kerri, Kathy and her girl friend Lisa, Robin and me. All were staying the night so we just watched TV after we cleaned up so we would look innocent when Kim got home. We had a pizza and a half left so we told Kim to get some with out saying much more. A few minutes she was undress and eating pizza in the game room with us. Kathy and Lisa head to bed. After a few minutes the other girls left leaving Kim and me she quickly asked what went on here today. I look confused, she said no one emptied the trash so I know you had some people here. Well I told her we had some people over to swim and order pizza nothing big and nothing much went on. I think she believed me lucky for me I was able to tell the others before Kim got to them so we are OK there.
Sunday was a slow day nothing much but some tanning and swimming just a little "fun" after Kim went to work.
I got better acquainted with Lisa and Robin was mad about that but by the time she left she was OK I think. Lisa is a tall 5'9" light skinned girl with a black mom and a white dad really skinny too. She was talking about being a model but she is also a nursing student. What is so funny is she can really put the food away and weighs about 110 lbs.
Well Sunday was boring the rest of the day, everyone turned in early. Lisa and Kerri still here too.

We will wind up here and take up later.
Thanks for reading.
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