Twisted Sister Vl ( Plans take shape)

Jen is at her computer with Kerri and I at her side watching after a couple of hours she has printed about twelve photos. Most every thing but Robin is blurred. You can not tell who we are except for Robin or where it took place. She has two short videos too with the blurring. Two full length videos with no blurring one is hers the other is mine.
Kerri asked when she is going to present them? Jen's reply is we need her back over her for more footage first. Kerri not happy with this asks why? Jen says I want more footage. I ask when? Not sure is Jens answer.
Well it is past 10pm Kim will be here about 12:30am after she gets off work. Jen says I need to think. I announce I and going to hit the shower see you later. Kerri follows me in offering to scrub my "front." You mean back right I say? I can do both if you let me she says. Who would stop you my answer. Forty minutes later we walk back through Jens door she is laying on her bed eyes closed and hand working between her legs. Again Kerri asks Need help? Jen giggles yes ten minutes ago. We were not lost you know, my answer. Jens reply I think better alone. Ok what did you come up with I chimed in.
First we are going to put up a few more cameras, then find out when we will be alone again and get Robin back here for more "tanning". Great you know Kim is moving in probably next week some time. She works too and we can work around that Jen says.
During all this we all plop down on Jens bed the next thing I realize Kim is pulling me out of Jens bed, I am half asl**p and Kim drags me to her bed Jen and Kerri are laughing like you would not believe. What is going on I ask? Kim replies I am horny and you are available. I was not a few minutes ago. You were sl**ping a few minutes ago now you can take care of me too. I guess I did a good enough job she was not complaining any more.
I wake up about 8:30am alone I check the bathroom no Kim, I go across the hall and look there no one either. Walking through the house no body. I check the pool area, three naked girls even at 8:30 it is above 80 degrees here. I slowly walk out but they see me and together I get "hey sl**py head." No call me hungry did you eat yes they say and nothing left you are on you own.
Back in the kitchen I find some eggs, bacon and frozen waffles. Not bad if I say so. Stepping out on the deck they are in the water now, I sit and eat while I watch. They did not see me this time after I have finished eating I move to the other side of the pool and throw in a life preserver just to scare them and I did. Retaliatory threats come in bunches I guess I will deserve what ever I get.
Kim gets out saying shower then off to work. I ask when is she off? next three days then it is midnight to noon for four days why? When are you moving in? Gotta talk to Dan and your Mom first.
I sit down at the edge and Jen and Kerri swim over. Well does that help your plans? Yes! you're welcome I offer. Jen says I knew that 4 hours ago. Sorry! I replied.
Not worried about Kim I need to know Dad and your Moms schedule, we can work on them tonight or tomorrow. They get out and go back to sunning. I go inside and put on some shorts and a cap. I head down to the batting cage Dan got for me. Yes, shoes too. Cup, shorts and shoes two places I do not want any foul balls. (No pun intended)I spent an hour hitting balls in to a net then head to the shower.
I learn Dan called we need to be at the airport to pick them up in three hours unless we hear different. Jen offers we will Drop Kerri home on the way.
Jen says we need to clean up a bit now. With Kerri's help the house is as clean as we can get it. We have an hour to spare a thirty minute drive to the airport including dropping Kerri off. We all hit the shower together Jen says "NO Playing Just Cleaning."
Jen gets the keys to Dans suburban and we head out. It takes a few minutes to drop Kerri off then we head down to the airport. Flight is only about thirty minutes late so we go to the coffee shop near the gate so we can see them heading up the ramp. This place has a great Bison Burger and fries with drink its $15.00 but then you are at the airport and it is very tasty. Jen gets chicken sandwich and a salad. I have to hear about all the fat in the fries. I pull up my shirt and claim I wear it well don't you think. Jen laughs and some lady next to us say "lord yes." Not sure who is most embarrassed her or me.
About the time we are done we see them heading up the ramp so we pay and head out to help with the bags.
On the drive home we learn Dan will be presented as the President and COO tomorrow at noon. Over the next few months he will do some travelling to the other offices and plants, but not to worry the Hawaii trip will not be affected. They may stay longer and Jen and I will fly back home alone maybe.
I know Jens brain is now working over time. Who knows what she will think of next.
We also learn that Dans had talked to a contractor to do some work on the house. The garage will be expanded to hold two more cars. The up stairs storage beside Jens room at the end of the hall will become a small suite. That space will be about 30X40 not as big as Dans and Moms but close. Dan bought another horse to be delivered in a couple of days. He also says OK now one last thing. Looking at me he says tell me black or red? What about black or red I say. Your Mustang you want for your birthday they have a black one and a red one. RED I yell out. Red it is then Dan says. I also get a lecture. I will take care of the gas and insurance as long as no accidents or tickets. Just one of either and it get parked for a while. I agree fast he tells me we will pick it up nest week. I start drivers ed at 5:00 tomorrow, Dan hired a private instructor that will put me through an 8 hour a day course for two weeks. This is going to put a damper on things a bit. But I will be OK. Then it is two Saturday morning and by then I can take my driving test. WORTH IT!

I hope you like this chapter better than the last. We will pick up later.
Thanks for reading.
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