Twisted Sister V (Let the fun begin)

When we left off I had put up the cameras for Jen, at 1:30 we were in her room at the computer making sure they worked properly. Three of them zoomed and one was a night vision too. We also had sound this girl really must be mad.
About 1:45 Kerri sends her a test saying they are heading down our road so she runs down to the door. I stay right here waiting for further instructions. I do know what I am to do when they get on the deck we are guessing they will go right out there.
Luck would have it they stripped down and went out to the deck and pool. We have some foam rubber mats to lay on for tanning and Jen had put them out right where she wanted them to lay.
After a few minutes of applying sun screen all over each other they finally lay on the mats. This was a very erotic event and it is on tape with a few close up thanks to the cameras and my expert camera work. (Hey I need to take credit for my know how right?)
Any way the next 45 minutes are fairly quiet mostly tanning and not much else, they all chose to start on their bellies so they when they all together turned over my camera expertise went back to work. After about 30 minutes Jen got up and jumped in the pool both followed her in. Now I can not see as well and if they talk will not be able to hear very well if at all. Ten minutes of swimming around and they hop out and get back on the mats. Kerri and Robin talk about being hungry. Jen says OK we will have our waiter bring us something, Kerri giggles and Robin says "waiter?" Jen says yes my step-b*****r is up stairs waiting for his instructions. Robin starts to complain but Jen shushes her saying he will be naked too so do not worry. Still not quite sure Kerri tells her it will be OK he knows how to be quiet and you will like it too.
Now to tell you about Robin she is about 5'6" maybe 130 lbs. a little bigger than Jen and Kerri who are taller but slimmer, most of Robins extra pounds are in her tits not too big but not small either.
Any way she agrees that it would be OK so I get my text that I was waiting for. Earlier Jen and I prepared some platters of food, one with cut fruit, anther with raw vegies and one had meats and cheeses with bread for sandwiches. A cooler of drinks was already by the pool.
I quickly run to the kitchen and put the food on a service cart we use for parties and proceed to the pool area.
I set every thing on one of the tables where we had a camera in the proper place to get really good shots and sound too. After I am finished I walk down to the girls and tell them "snacks are served." Kerri giggles and Jen just about spits out her teeth. Robin looks me up and down and just gets up and walks over to the table. I guess I just learned a little more about her.
They start making their plates and I go to another table and sit and watch.
Robin tells Jen, "your little b*****r can go back inside now." Step-b*****r and why?" Kerri says I think she wants to talk about him, and grins.
I can hear from six feet away and start to go in. Jen says," don't stay gone long and come back maybe it will be OK. I nod and walk in then run to Jens room so I can see and hear what is going on.
Robin once I am gone ask if I have a girlfriend? Jen says Kerri kind of but no one else why? Robins admits she is interested. Wow, Robin is a rising senior and she is interested in me. I think I may like this voyeur stuff.
They talk about me and boys in general for a few minutes and Jen says can I call him back down, we will go inside so you two can be alone if you want. Robins says call him. I get my text and run back sown to the pool.
As I arrive Jen and Kerri head to the house and together say, "have fun."
I am a little shocked this was not as I thought it would go, I lay down on one of the mats knowing where they were going to Jens voyeur/bed room to watch. After a minute or so Robin sits up and says I need some sun block on and she starts at one arm and work across my chest to the other arm. Does not take long and she is working down one leg then up the other. At last she puts a glob in her hand and starts on my cock and balls. What started out as a hand job becomes a BJ and as soon ass I say I am cuming she takes all I got and I squirt down her throat. She looks at me grins and opens her mouth to show it is all gone then pops up and jumps in the pool. I jump up and follow her, we swim to the other side near the shallow end. As I get to her she plants a tongue filled kiss on me. Moments ago her mouth was "dick dancing" and now she is trying to stick her tongue down my throat. No complaints here as I grab two hand of tits about softball size any bigger would be too big any smaller her butt would look too fat. She is not fat but what they say "thick" before she breaks the kiss I drop my hands to her ass and pull her to me tight.
She pushes me away and gets out of the pool and runs the long way around the pool back to the deck and sits on one of the tables. I follow her she spread her legs and tells me to get my tongue to work. After about twenty minutes an several orgasms later she pushes me away again. She runs to the pool and dives in. Yep I do the same and catch her as she get to the far end. She does a back flip and goes back to the shallow end. She is waiting for me on the steps. I pull her back in the water and turn he over and slide right in that wet pussy and start out slow until she says don't you know how to fuck? I slam away and a few minutes later I ask her where does she want my cum? Just keep going no problem. So I do why I don't know but I thought about how much I hate hearing "no problem." Just sound to street talky to me.
She said she needs to pee so we go in and I show her where it is.
While inside Jen and Kerri come back down all smiles, Jen says we have some good stuff to look at later. Well it is about 5:00pm now and Robin has to leave she says. I ask why, the witch has a date. Glad it ain't me.
She dresses and gets in her car and leaves, I now know why she drove because I knew Kerri was spending the night.
We head up to Jens room to find out what is next.
Well when I know folks you will too.
Thanks for reading.
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