My twisted step-sister

My Mom got married to Dan my step-father when I was 14, Jen my step-s****r is f******n months older and on a 1-10 scale is easily an 8.5. Jen is crazy too and this story is about some of that crazy.
Jen short for Jennifer is an athlete too she is one of the best tennis players in this state, colleges are looking at her she is now in the tenth grade one year ahead of me. I have watched her make fools of some really good players. Last year she went out for the tennis team at our high school the coach was not going to let her play because of her age. He finally agreed to let her play her self on the team. She had to play last years state singles champ who is now a senior. Jen whipped her with ease. Jen had to fight at every turn but went all the way to win the state singles, she has never been beaten. At 5'9" and 125 she is trim and strong.
I am 5'11 1/2 and 210 with 19 inch biceps I lift weight and run almost every day, play football and baseball also made the wrestling team this year went 12 and 3 as a 9th grader. First three sport letterman as a freshman in school history. Was all county as a linebacker and was all state as a catcher.
Jens dad, Dan is loaded too he is a senior VP at a very big company, he took me to work one day when he and Mom were dating and I saw the way they jump and run when he walks by. I also heard he is next in line to be president when that man retires next year.
His house is like a mansion 22 rooms and shaped like a horseshoe. Mom and Dans suite is on one wing and Jen and I live in the other. Our wing has four bedrooms and two baths a bath between two room on both sides of the hall that hall is six feet wide. Jen and I live on one side with a common bath her idea so guest will not be disturbed. Mom and Dans suite is like an apartment with a smaller suite their too.
The back yard is bigger than a football field with a pool and tennis court and Dan built a batting cage for me too. A large putting green and a driving range near the back, he has 25 acres but has 2.5 fenced in he hits balls into the far rear and never gets any back just buys more. Oh yes two horses too Jen is a champion rider equestrian I think. I have two dogs Champ and Willie. They have the run of the whole place. They are very well trained and behaved.
Now for the story mom and Dan planed a few days get away and decided we did not need a baby sitter but put Jen in charge. This had me a little nervous you will understand why soon.
Any way Wednesday at dinner they sprang this on me. Jen is the boss for four days maybe five, school just let out and she has her license and has a brand new jeep Jen is kinda of tomboyish. mom and Dan are hitting the road Friday at about six am and will get back either Monday night or Tuesday.
Any way on Thursday everyone came to my last baseball game of the season, we had to win to advance. Even though I was 3 for 4 with a HR and three RBI and threw two out trying to steal second and tagged one out at home we lost 6-5. There was a few college scouts here and a pro scout too, not looking at me but I was noticed one of my throws to second was perfect and the crowd even gave me an ovation. One of Moms coworkers was next to the scouts and they were impressed with me and took some notes.
Early Friday Mom and Dan took of made me promise to be good and not give Jen any grief. I promised and even told them of our bet if I can hold my tongue and be good she does my chores for a week I mess up once and I do hers.
An hour after they hit the road Jen calls a meeting, I think wow she is going general on me. After a short speech on her rules, our bet she floors me Kellie, her best friend and the best looking girl at school is on the way and for the next five days I must be naked at all times. I start to protest but she sticks her hand in my face. I also learn they are going to be naked too, maybe this will not be so bad after all. Kellie walks in and we all get naked and Jen takes our clothes away.
Kellie looks at me and says," so you have a crush on me right"? Dumbfounded I don't have an answer so I say, "yea so" and just keep staring at her if Jen is a 8.5 Kellie is a 9.5 about the same size blonde and blue eyes.
When Jen gets back I learn she has a bet with Kellie too we are to be her sex slaves for five days. What ever she tells us to do we must do. I thought about just giving in but decided to see what just might happen.
Jens first order is we must lick her entire body and not leave any thing out. They way Kellie attacked that pussy she had done that before. I started at one nipple and worked down her leg and up to get my turn at her pussy. This went on for close to an hour, never thought I would run out of spit I think I was close.
After telling us we were done it was time for a challenge, loser was to fix lunch. It was a swim race down and back me against the swimming team star Kellie. I grilled burgers they had to have turkey and mine was a real burger, I also had fries and onion rings.
They lounged around the pool I did some cleaning then it was time to serve them lemonade, I saw them locked in a 69 as I went out the door. I just set them down and watched. They finally realized I was there. Jen question what I wanted, "to join in" got a real glare from her too. Slaves make no request I learned. They went to the hot tub and I was to finish my chores.
When they came out they should have looked like prunes but they were gorgeous.
It was time to race again for dinner, I fixed grilled chicken breast and salad with baked potatoes.
Jen pulled out some porn DVDS she said they were from Dans "private stash." Bet Mom does not know about them then again? About half way through the orgy in the first one Jen pulled me to the floor and sat on my face while Kellie sucked my dick. I could not tell her I was coming but must not have mattered after that they switched places until I came again in Jens mouth.
Jen left for a few minutes and came back wearing a strap on, I quickly protested your are not using that on me. Jen laughed, "no silly Kel wants a DP, I got to pick so I chose the ass never been there before and that strap on I thought might kill her. After about 30 minutes and many orgasms later Kellie was done and I was too. I think Jen can go nonstop she has never been tired I don't think.
I learned the sl**ping arrangements were three in Jens bed," all the beds a kings" in this house.. Not much play as we were all tired. I got up to shower and after about five minutes they came in, I learned I can not shower alone either it is ALWAYS a threesome in the shower too. This shower was about an hour long, we do not need to worry about hot water it is a tank less and huge.
Jen and Kellie fixed brunch not bad muffins, fruit and boiled eggs.
About the same as yesterday, I finally got do fuck Kellie all by my self. I lasted about 20 minutes and we all went to shower again. I got to watch them play some.
My dear step-s*s is a pervert if they only knew this straight lace brainy was so twisted. Jen is an A student with a 3.85 gpa.
Every day was about the same until Sunday night Kellies last night and she and I slept in my be alone and we never went to sl**p, I crashed after she left about noon on Monday.
I learned that mom called and they were going to stay until Tuesday night they were driving back and decided to take a detour.
Jen told me she had a few ideas of what we were going to do in her bed that night with this evil grin on her face, she promised I would enjoy it.

If you liked this and want to hear about it just let me know.
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nice, keep going
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horny story Keep riding:)
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Nice story