pleasing "mrs. robinson"...

For those who may not be familiar with the movie "The Graduate", the character of Mrs. Robinson is essentially a MILF who seduces a recent college graduate (good movie and a fun scene). Anyway, I met my own "Mrs. Robinson" (Kathy) while I was at college and worked part-time on campus, and she provided me with some exxxperiences and memories that I have always cum-pletely appreciated. >:)

Kathy worked in the college adminstration office, and also lived on the same block of the off-campus neighborhood that I did so we often saw each other in passing during the week. She was in her early 40's, usually wore a dress or blouse and skirt that showed off her long firm legs, voluptuous figure and irresistably ample cleavage. She always greeted me with a smile and some friendly conversation or teasing. It seemd that I was always drawn to her large dark brown eyes and she had way of capturing my gaze, and flirting with her eyes that enticed and aroused me. Also, she occasionally caught me whenever my eyes were wandering over her breasts and body, and often responded to my admiration of her with a seductive look in her eyes and a slow smile that would send a heat wave of lust through me, causing my cock to swell and stir for her attention. But, at the time I lacked the confidence to follow up more with her, and I would just return a somewhat embarrassed smile and move on.

One afternoon at the end of the spring semester, my roomates and I were having a small party on the front porch and lawn of our lower level duplex apartment. We had moved our bar out onto the porch, and my bartender roomate was serving up whatever mixed drinks we could think of. A few drinks had me feeling pretty good (and confident) when I saw Kathy walking home from work and I waved her over to join us. She laughed and said "Love to!", and as she walked over to me I couldn't resist enjoying the sensual sway of her hips, jiggle of her tits and outline of her sexy curves against her sundress.

Joining me, I asked Kathy if she could use a cocktail to help her relax a bit, her eyes lit up and she looked up into my eyes with that deep flirtatious gaze and slow lustful smile that captured my full attention, then discreetly pressed her breasts against my arm and softly asked, "Can you give me a sloe comfortable screw"? I managed to stammer that "I'd sure be willing to try", but it was all I could do to try and maintain my cool composure as my cock began to swell against my pants. While my brain was fumbling around, I blurted out, "Would you like that here, or is it to go?". I thought I just shot myself in the foot with that comment. But, she giggled at my awkwardness, then gave me her deep arousing look again and said "delivery", then suddenly turned on her heel and started walking towards her house near the end of the block. The look of her eyes, feel of her breasts, sound of her voice, and now the sight of her firm legs and the sway of her ass under her sundress as she strutted away had my bl**d pumping and my swollen cock rising.

Fortunately, my roomate was a good bartender and he quickly mixed up a sloe comfortable screw in the largest glass I could find. Any lack of confidence I had previously was overcome with lust (and a good buzz), as I followed my swelling cock down the block to my Mrs. Robinsons house with her sloe comfortable screw gripped firmly in hand. As I stepped onto her porch, she opened her door and invited me in. Kathy was wearing a black silk knee-length kimono, her hair was down and spilled over her cleavage, and her silk robe highlighted her long, hardened dime-sized nipples. She glanced down at the growing bulge in my shorts, and then caught my eyes admiring her long nipples straining against her silk robe. Kathy grabbed my arm, drew me in and closer to her. I held up her drink and rasped, "I hope you like your screw". She giggled and dipped two fingers into the drink, slowly placed her fingers on her lips and sensuously licked them. Then she dipped her fingers into the drink again, set the drink down and placed her fingers to my lips, smiled slowly and whispered "lick me".

My cock strained and throbbed under my shorts at full mast. I slowly licked and sucked lightly on her fingertips, and then traced small circles with the tip of my tongue over her fingertips. Her grin widened, and her lusty eyes grew larger and darker as she leaned into me, pressed her breasts against my chest, raised her leg up against mine, and slid her hand slowly over my straining cock as she felt me throb for her. She pulled her fingers away from my lips, and grabbed my hand to lead me into her bathroom.

Kathy turned on the shower and playfully helped me get out of my clothes. I anxiously removed her robe from behind, and followed her voluptuous ass into the shower. She greeted me in the shower with a long slow french kiss, and pressed herself against my cock as my hands massaged and explored her curves. Then she turned around, leaned back into me and guided my hands to her breasts, pressing my palms against her large, drink coaster sized areolas and swollen nipples. I slowly caressed and circled her areolas and nipples with my hand, alternating with soft squeezing and pulling her hard wet nipples between my fingers, as she drew in her breath and moaned lightly with pleasure. Kathy wrapped one hand behind her back and around my hard cock, and was slowly stroking me while she used her other hand to rub her pussy. Soon she stopped stroking me and guided one of my hands from her breast, and placed it over her other hand to feel her slow massaging motion over her pussy and clit, occasionally dipping her fingers into her steamy slit. Kathy purred at the sensation and eventrually slid her hand out from under mine and I took over the same slow motion pleasuring of her pussy as she reached behind her to continue slowly stroking my cock, and Kathy used her other hand to join in my slow massage and play with her breast and nipples.

As my hands massaged her pussy and clit, Kathy would softly instruct my motions by telling me what she wanted, slower or faster, harder or softer, intermixed with her sensual gasps, sighs and moans of pleasure. The sounds of Kathys pleasure and her slow teasing and stroking of my cock was bringing me to the edge. Just as I was feeling my urge to cum rising, Kathy stopped stroking, pressed her fingers down at the base of my cock and balls to subside my orgasm, looked up to me and and giggled as she told me "not yet". Then she turned around, breaking our clasp, gazed deeply into my eyes and with a wide lustful grin she said "Now it's time for my slow comfortable screw", and she again grabbed my hand and led me into her bedroom.

Kathy had piles of pillows on her bed, and she jumped onto the bed and quickly arranged the pillows so she was slightly reclined, and placed a large pillow under her hips so that her dripping pussy was slightly raised and completely accessible to me as she invited me to join her. I thought she wanted me to fuck her right away, and I started to position myself to push my hard cock into her pussy, but she playfully closed her knees together and her eyes lit up as she smiled and told me to bring my cock to her so she could taste me.

I kneeled next to her and offered my hard cock to her lips, and she grabbed my rigid shaft and lightly pulled me towards her as she told me to straddle her breasts. I settled my hard cock between her cleavage, and she squeezed her tits together, enveloping my length with only my soft swollen cockhead poking out. She watched some of my precum flow out from my reddening cockhead, and gave me a naughty grin that caused my cock to throb for her.

Kathy wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock and used my cockhead to slowly circle her nipples, making them glisten with my precum. Then she playfully used my cock to pat and lightly slap her tits, making her already hard nipples rise further and turning my cockhead purple with the rush of pleasure. She looked up into my eyes and giggled at my reaction, then drew my cock to her lips and began to slowly run her lips along each side of my cock, occasionally licking and softly sucking the precum from my cockhead, while cupping my balls with her other hand.

Kathy sucked my pulsing hard cock into her mouth and began to slowly slide me in and out between her lips. I reached back and began massaging her hot wet pussy, and she pulled my cock out and started rubbing and patting it lightly over her soft cheeks and along the sides of her neck, pausing only to tease out more precum. I was trying to focus on pleasuring her pussy, but Kathy's erotic facial massage with my cock felt so good, causing my cock to throb with horny intensity as I felt my cum building.

Feeling my cum-filled balls staring to tighten, she suddenly stopped her massaging, firmly gripped the base of my cock and squeezed the base of my balls, once again restraining my orgasm. With a wickedly lustful look she said "Nooo, not yet, first I want you to lick me.", and she playfully pushed my cock away, and slid up on her pillows away from me. I started to turn around to 69 from the top position, but Kathy slapped my ass and giggled as she told me she wanted me down in front of her so she could keep an eye on me.

Kathy raised herself up on her pillows for a better view as I slid down between her legs. Then she raised and spread legs, pushing her hips up further on the pillow below to give me full access to the rim of her tight asshole to her swollen and aching clit, and she gave me a wicked grin and murmured "Now let me see what you can do for me." Kneeling between her spread and raised legs, we looked into each others eyes as I started slowly licking down the back of her leg from behind her knees, lightly nibbling and teasing my tongue as I reached her silky soft inner thighs, moving slowly down closer to her glistening and closely trimmed pussy, and she swirled her clit lightly with her finger tips. As I reached her swollen, warm pussy lips, I started slowly licking and teasing my tongue along each side, while tracing and rubbing the length of her steamy slit with my thumb, slightly parting her lips and causing more of her juices to flow and run down to her anus. I started to lick between her lips, moving slowly up and down, and was inching closer towards her clit, but she gently pushed down on my forehead and with a naughty grin she told me "lower" as she guided me to lick her sweet spot between her rosebud asshole and pussy. As I swirled my tongue between her ass and pussy, I played my thumb and two fingers over her slit, occasionally sliding them into her simmering hot pussy and teasingly stroking into her and massaging her g-spot.

Kathy was flushed and breathing heavily and sporadically as she told me to use my tongue slower and massage the rim of her wet asshole with my finger. She was slowly stirring her hips against the circular motion of my tongue and fingers and moaning softly. Then she raised her ass up slightly, slid her hand underneath and pushed my finger away from her asshole then she slowly slipped her middle finger into her wet hole, and I continued to lick over her sweet spot.

Kathy began stirring her finger deeper into her asshole, and then stopped strumming her clit to pull my head up by my hair. Looking deeply into my eyes while I continued to stroke my fingers in and out of her slippery pussy, she used her thumb and forefinger to expose her glistening pearl sized clit and whispered for me to flick her clit with my tongue. I started to slowly lick her clit, and she pulled my head up again and hissed for me to "flick it". I started flicking her swollen pearl with the tip of my tongue, and was starting to increase my rhythm when she moaned "faster" and pushed her mound up to my tongue while pressed my head down. Soon Kathy was starting to stir and buck her hips harder against my tongue as she thrust her finger deeper into her ass. I could feel her slippery pussy walls squeezing against my fingers as I stroked them faster and deeper into her pussy. I was furiously flicking my tongue over and around her reddened and engorged clit I could feel and see her muscles tightening and contracting, when she gripped my hair and pulled my head down hard onto her mound and gasped "suck it!", "suck it hard!" I plunged my lips down over her clit and started sucking on her nub as hard as I could, as if trying to suck it out. Kathy suddenly squealed and let out a long moan as she convulsed and thrust her hips up hard, shoved my head down to her sopping wet hot pussy as clamped her soft thighs around my head, while she pressed the palm of her hand down hard over her clit and she mashed her engorged gushing pussy against my face. Her taste, feel and the sounds of her orgasm were intoxicating, and I tried to keep a firm grip on her thrashing hips, as I focused on thrusting my tongue between her pussy lips while she ground and mashed herself against my face.

As her thighs started to relax, and her grinding slowed and subsided, I managed to come up for some air, but continued to rub my hand slowly over her pussy. Our eyes met and the dark brown pools of Kathys eyes were shining through half closed eyelids, as she gave me slow smile. She held my gaze and looked deeper into my eyes as she started to slowly rub her mound just above her clit, and lightly massaged, squeezed and pulled her nipple. I started to rise from between her legs and was going to slide myself up closer so she could help me relieve the strain of my engorged, purple and precum soaked hard cock that she caused. As I kneeled between her legs, she turned herself over, pulled the pillow up under her hips, raised her ass up to me, and spread her legs. Kathy then looked back over her shoulder into my eyes, reached her hand between her pussy and the pillow inviting my cock to her grasp, and with teasing pout she asked if I was going to give her the slow comfortable screw she asked for?

I could barely control myself as she wrapped her fingers around my cock, and slowly guided my pulsing hardness into her soaking hot pussy. Then Kathy reached back and lightly cupped my aching cum-filled balls with one hand while using her other hand to feel the base of my shaft sliding in and out of her pussy. It was too much for me to control any longer, and this time Kathy encouraged me with her eyes and her massaging hands. I leaned hard into her ass, pushing her forward and thrust my cock as hard and deep into her pussy that I could, causing her to gasp as she looked back at me. My urge to cum was just too powerful, and after only a few strokes my balls tightened, I thrust deep into Kathys pussy, and my hips shuddered against her ass while as my cock erupted and spasmed uncontrollably, pumping thick streams of hot cum deep into her.

As my orgasmic surges began to subside, I eased my weight back off Kathy slightly and began to slowly slide my cock back and forth inside her to continue to savor the feel of her pussy around my cock. I became aware that Kathy was still massaging her clit with our motion, and I soon felt her pussy tighten around my cock, and then she let out a soft gasp as shuddered underneath me as she climaxed again, then relaxed as her hot juices flowed between us.

I had several other memorable lessons pleasing my "Mrs. Robinson" that summer. But, during the fall semester she found her "Mr. Robinson" and moved away...lucky guy (both of us).
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2 years ago
thanks all! ...i really appreciate the comments!
2 years ago
that was probably the best MILF story I've ever read. Keep up the good work!!! I really look forward to more of the same!!
3 years ago
did you get her pregnant?
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very good