the conference room rendezvous...

I have to admit that there are some days while I'm at work when my erotic mind interrupts my focus and stirs up my horny ache for orgasmic release, but then I'm left somewhat tortured with orgasm-denial where even the opportunity for relief by my own hand can not come easily...or soon enough. Anyway, it also brings to mind a time when I was fortunate to have the pleasure of being able to share those horny workday cravings with my girlfriend at the time (Susan), who also had a very erotic mind, a lust for adventurous sex, and the added bonus that we worked in the same building!

My company often utilized the consulting services that my friend Susan's company provided, and we occasionally found ourselves involved with work and meetings that were associated with the same projects together. The business relationship also provided some convenient opportunities for adventurous thrills indulging in our sexual relationship, and satisfying each others workday horny urges with a discreet sexual rendezvous. We soon discovered that some "business" relations conducted in the conference room are far more exciting, and cum-pletely satisfying than others!

Susan was sitting across the crowded conference room from me at one of our usual project planning meetings. It was a typical mind-numbing torture by PowerPoint type of meeting with nothing new (or meaningful) being presented by higher level corporate types who like the attention of an audience and to hear themselves talk. Anyway, Susan and I were just part of the audience sitting in the background, and our eyes would occasionally meet briefly, just long enough to feel that warm rush of lust between lovers, then returning the fascade of our attention back to the meeting with a knowing grin.

My mind wandered to erotic memories of us together, and I couldn't resist stealing discreet glances over at her, enjoying the sight of her firm smooth legs crossed in front of her...knowing the feel of her legs wrapped around my waist, pulling me deeper into her her as we passionately thrust and grind against each other.

My eyes strayed up Susan's legs to her conservative business skirt that covered her silky soft thighs...knowing how she loves it when I lick and kiss along her inner thighs while my hands massage over her ass and outer thighs...the feel of her squeezing her thighs against my head as she runs her fingers through my hair as my lips and tongue play over her swollen pussy and tease her aching clit.

I watch out of the corner of my eye as Susan shifts her hips in her chair, briefly uncrossing and crossing her legs...reminding me of the way she rhthmically moves and gyrates her hips with the massaging of my fingers and teasing of my tongue... feeling the intensity of her passion grow, savoring her taste and the erotic sensation of her grinding and rubbing her hot pussy against me as the waves of her pleasure flow closer to the edge of mind drifts to thoughts of my hands firmly grasped on her hips from behind, bumping against her firm rounded ass as I pump my hard cock deeply into her, feeling her fingers strumming her clit and coaxing my cum from my tight balls for her.

The sight of Susan's blouse stretched over her bra, concealing her sensitive nipples that she loves to feel me play tongue tracing circles around her flushed areola and hard buds, then licking, sucking and pulling them between my lips and fingers...knowing how she likes to press her breasts firmly into my hands and feel me squeeze them as she straddles and grinds on my cock...or wrap my arms around her from behind and massage and play with her nipples between my fingers as she grinds her ass against my hard shaft.

As the meeting came to an end, my cock was straining against my pants in response to all the erotic thoughts inspired by my voyeurism of Susan. So, I decided to remain seated as the crowd cleared out and casually covered my bulge with my notebook as I let my hardness subside. My eyes briefly caught Susan's again as she was leaving, and her sly smile left me with no doubt that we were both simmering with lust that we wouldn't restrain.

Back in my office, I was inspired by my craving for her and hurriedly followed up on emails and phone calls to take care of business issues in anticipation of finding out what was on Susan's mind. It didn't take long to find out when I received an IM from her, "what ru up 2?" I meassaged back, "thinking about you." Susan responded, "lol, good! ...what ru thinking?" I typed, "about feeling you instead of just thinking about you." She replied, "mmm...i luv the way u think...and feel...want 2 do more than think about it?"

Her words stirred my horny ache and my cock began to swell as I messaged her, "*wide grin* you know I always want more of you...what do you have in mind?" She IM'd back, " me...i'm not wearing panties today! " My cock twitched and strained against my pants at the thought she inspired of feeling my cock slide into her wet pussy, and I responded, "ahh, you do know how to get my full attention babe!" Susan replied, "lol, show me! ...i want 2 feel ur full so damn horny today, can u meet me?!" Lust surged through me as I replied, "I'm always up for you! When can you break away?" She messaged back, @15 min...when/where 4u?" Knowing I would have the time to meet her, my cock swelled with erotic anticipation and I couldn't type fast enough, "I'll meet you in the small conference room at the end of the hall on the 6th floor in 20 minutes", and she returned, "i'll feel u there ...KISS!"

The small 6th floor conference room was somewhat isolated and not often used, but was well furnished with a dark hardwood table and comfortable high-back leather chairs with a nice view overlooking the corporate park lake. It was usually only used for more private or confidential meetings, and was not near other offices or work areas and didn't have windows out to the hallway. Susan and I had previously explored a few other discreet places in the building and corporate park area for our sexual rendezvous, but this conference room soon became a favorite. As I opened the conference room door, I flipped down the sign on the outside of the door to show "Meeting in Progress" and walked into the somewhat isolated little conference room at the end of the hall. Feeling the rush of erotic excitement pulsing through me as my cock bulged against my pants, I leaned against the conference room table as I waited for Susan. I couldn't resist the feel of my horny ache swelling and I lightly rubbed my hand over the bulge of my pants, feeling my cock harden more for her as my mind played erotic memories of her.

Susan knew that the "Meeting in Progress" sign on the door meant that I was there waiting for her. As she quickly opened the door and stepped in her eyes caught the sight of my hand rubbing over my cock and she gave me a wicked grin as she purred, "Oh, is that all for me?!" I grinned as I stood and we crushed ourselves against each other as our lips locked together in muffled passionate gasps. Our bodies intertwined, urgently grinding against each othe as I leaned into Susan and pushed her back up against the wall. I slid my hand down over her curves to rub her pussy as my hardness pressed up against her hip. She moaned softly against my lips as our tongues played together and she pushed her mound against my hand. Her hands slipped down to help me strip off my pants, and as they dropped to the floor I pulled up her skirt and massaged my fingers over her pantiless wet pussy. Teasing a finger inside her, my palm rubbed against her swollen clit and she gasped as my other hand firmly massaged up over her breast, squeezing her nipple as I slipped my finger deeper into her hot pussy. Susan playfully nipped my lower lip and spread open her legs further, inviting another finger to rhythmically pump and stir deeper into her. I felt her squeezing her pussy around my fingers, massaging her slippery inner walls as she bumped and rubbed her clit against my palm.

Grinding her pussy with the rhythm of my finger-fucking, Susan grasped my hard shaft, feeling my cock throb for her. Her soft hand stroked and squeezed along my length, making me grow harder for her. She occasionally paused her up-stroke to swirl her thumb over my swollen tip, teasing out my pre-cum. Wetting her fingers with my pre-cum, she lightly caressed her slippery fingertips along my rigid cock, sending hot shivers through me, causing my simmering balls to tighten as I groaned against her lips and pressing harder against her. Inspired by the exquisite pleasure of her handjob I thrust my fingers deeper and faster into her, feeling her rock her hips in unison as her wetness flowed between her thighs.

The heat of our passion pulsed though us, and I couldn't resist my urge to feel the wet heat of Susan's pussy squeezing around my hard cock, pumping into her, filling her. I broke our kiss and looking into her eyes I sensed her craving, then leaned against her, kissing up her neck, I pressed my lips against her ear as I breathlessly whispered, "I want to fuck you!" Susan squeezed my cock and moaned, "Mmm, yesss...bend me over and fuck me hard!", then she softly bit into my shoulder, stoking my lust for her.

I leaned back and pulled her away from the wall, then quickly spun her around towards the conference table, moving behind her as I sharply smacked her ass and muttered, "Bend over!" She let out a muffled squeal at the sting of my hand and reached out to brace against the table as she bent over and spread her legs for me. I quickly picked up my pants and pulled a condom from my pocket, then lifted her skirt up over her hips and she looked back over her shoulder and caught my eyes with a wicked that made my cock throb and my balls ache for her as I slipped the condom down over my hard shaft. I couldn't resist another spank to her firm, well-rounded ass and she bit her lip to suppress a squeal. I then firmly massaged my hand over the heat of the sting, and leaned down to kiss her sweet ass while caressing my other hand up the inside of her thigh, rubbing over her wet pussy and teasing my fingers around her swollen clit. She moaned softly and squirmed her hips against the motion of my hand, while she squeezed her nipples through her blouse, then gasped as I slipped two fingers into her pussy. My fingers pumped and stirred deeper, finger-fucking her as I massaged the rim of her ass with my thumb. Susan thrust her other hand down over clit and began strumming her fingers furiously as she hissed, "Oohh damn babe...fuck me!"

Pulling my fingers out from her pussy, I grabbed onto her hip with one hand then licked her juices from my other hand, and slapped her ass again before I pushed my condom-wrapped engorged purple cockhead between Susan's pussy lips. I leaned into her as I slid my hard shaft deeper, feeling her slippery pussy squeezing my rigid cock as she moaned and pushed her ass back against me to coax me deeper. I firmly gripped her hips and pumped my cock harder and faster into her, my balls slapping against her with each thrust as she frantically rubbed her clit.

My pelvis bumped hard and fast against her ass, the sound of her muffled moans and the sensation of my cock rapidly stroking rapidly inside her tight pussy had my cum roiling in my balls, aching for release. On the edge of orgasm, I pulled her hips back hard against me, as I pumped against her ass, plunging my swollen cock deep into her. Susan's hand slid down over her pussy, cupping my tight balls and massaging her fingertip against my rim, causing my cock to throb and I groaned out deeply as I felt the wave of my orgasm surging. Suddenly she slipped her wet finger into my asshole and the electric heat of my orgasm shot through me as I bucked my hips against her ass and my cock pulsed in her pussy, gushing out my cum for her. Still pumping my cock into Susan while riding out the waves of my orgasm, I felt her rapidly strumming her clit, then her pussy clenched around my shaft as she stopped her motion, her fingers pressed tightly against her clit as shuddered against me and a soft moan escaped her lips.

Our bodies relaxed, and Susan leaned back into me as I wrapped my arms around her to steady ourselves against each other. Nuzzling my lips along her neck, I slowly massaged my hand over her hips and ass while we caught our breath, and teased,"So, when's your next break?" Susan giggled and replied, "Whenever you think you can give me your full attention again." With a wide grin I said, "Well, then I think we'll need the room for the rest of the day." ...but, that's another story
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