using angie...

Tricia and I shared a friends with benefits type of relationship. However, since we lived about 2 hours apart we usually met only once or twice a month for a day or weekend at a hotel somewhere about an hour away from each of us to share some orgasmic fun together. Tricia was bi-sexual and her apartment roomate (Angie) was also one of her lover's. Tricia eventually introduced me to Angie and we started enjoying some occasional threesome's.

At the time, Tricia and I were in our late 30's and Angie was 24. Angie was more petite than Tricia, and had kind of a "innocent" mid-western girl kind of look that belied her seemingly insatiable lust, exuberant pursuit of sexual attention and her craving to give pleasure and be used for pleasure. Although Tricia was often sexually aggressive, she also enjoyed being more submissive with me and sometimes would encourage me to use her like a personal sex toy. However, when Angie was with us, Tricia's sexual aggressiveness seemed inflamed, and she often guided and directed Angies actions and positions during our threesomes. Tricia also enjoyed using Angie for her own pleasure the way that she enjoyed me to use her (including teasing Angie with sex toys, occasionally making her wear a collar and leash, spanking her and and then fucking her with a strap-on dildo). Tricia also had instructed Angie to call me "Mister C" and her "Mrs. T" whenever she was with us.

After a few months more months of hotel meetings (with and without Angie), Tricia invited me to stay over at their apartment for a weekend together. An offer I couldn't resist. Tricia teased that she had something special planned for Friday night, and that I should plan to go out for dinner before we enjoy the rest of the night.

On the drive to their apartment, my mind was often distracted with erotic visions of the fun we had shared and tantalizing thoughts of what Tricia might be up to, causing my cock to rise and harden against my leg and my balls to swell with cum in horny anticipation. As usual, before meeting with Tricia I didn't masturbate for about 5 days so that I would be sure to be able to enjoy fulfilling her fetish for cum. So, between the erotic thoughts and my orgasmic restraint, my cock was already straining and aching for release with Tricia and Angie.

When I arrived at their apartment Friday evening, Tricia met me at the door wearing a sexy low cut, strapless red dress and stiletto heels and greeted me with a passionate kiss. As our lips and tongues played together, my hands drifted down her ribs and gripped around her waist and the curve of her ass. Tricia pressed herself into me and I could feel the steamy heat of Tricia's lust radiating from her pussy against my thigh, inspiring my cock to quickly swell against her. Tricia started giggling and broke our kiss, her eyes glimmering with a look of devious excitement as she grabbed my hand and blurted out, "C'mon, I have someone for you to meet before we go out!"

My mind reeled with curiosity about who Tricia wanted me to meet. She quickly led me down a hallway and opened the door, pulling me into her dimly lit bedroom with a porn video playing on a large screen TV monitor. My eyes adjusted to the sight of Angie slightly reclined against several pillows on the bed, her knees raised up and spread apart and her wrists were strapped to her ankles. She was also wearing a school-girl type of uniform of a white blouse with a short red and black plaid skirt, knee-high white socks, and had her hair in pigtails. Angie looked up at me and tilted her head with an alluring smile, as she murmured, "Hey there, Mister C", then she closed her eyes as she bit her lower lip and laid her head back in obvious pleasure. My eyes drifted down between her thighs, and Tricia leaned over to pull up Angie's skirt and reveal the purple venus butterfly clit stimulator that was strapped over Angie's clean shaved pussy.

Proud of her preparation of Angie, Tricia pressed herself against me, grinding her mound against my thigh as she slid her hand down over my bulging cock then squeezed my pants around my stiff shaft as she purred into my ear, "What do you think of our little house-sitter?" I couldn't resist a wide grin as my cock twitched in Tricia's grasp, I replied, "Mmmm, I think she's gonna' be a perfect house-sitter!" Tricia giggled and released her grip on my cock to reach between my legs and cup her hand under my swollen balls, slightly squeezing my sac and teased, "I hope you saved enough for us!". I moaned at the sensation of her fingers teasing my balls and pulled Tricia up against me, hungry for her lips against mine, my arms wrapped around her waist as I pressed the bulge of my aching shaft against her. Breaking our kiss, I groaned, "I'm so damn horny already...I really gonna' need to ease some of my load before we go out tonight." Tricia looked up into my eyes with a mischievious grin, then we simultaneously turned toward Angie to see her looking up at us as if she was in an erotic trance, then with a cute smirk, she asked, "Can I help you Mister C?" My cock pulsed in anticipation as I replied, "Yes Angie, I'm sure that I can use your help." Her eyes lit up with a wide smile, and she purred, "Mmmm, I always love it when you use my help Mister C."

Tricia and I grabbed Angie and spun her around onto her back so that her head was hanging over the edge of the bed. As I stood in front of Angie, Tricia eagerly unbuckled my belt and stripped down my pants and boxers, releasing my straining cock and letting it bob and twitch over Angie's face. The tip of my cock was already swollen and my pre-cum was starting to drip as Tricia knelt down next to Angie and wrapped her hand around my shaft, then looked up into my eyes and teased, "Oh hun, we can't have you going out tonight all stressed out like this", and she playfully flicked her tongue around my cock-head, making my stiff shaft pulse in her hand and my balls start simmer with antcipation. I knew I wouldn't be able to last long before I had to release some of my cum load.

Angie was fixated on watching Tricia kiss and lick along the length of my shaft, only inches from her upturned face as she slowly squirmed on the edge of the bed in her restraints, squeezing her thighs together with the subtle vibrations of her clit stimulator. Angie pleaded softly, "Oooh Mrs. T I want to help...please Mrs. T can I help you?!" I combed my fingers through Tricia's hair in appreciation for her efforts to help relieve my stress, and Tricia looked up at me with a wicked grin, then kissed the tip of my cock and held it upright as she leaned over to kiss Angie, then whispered into her ear, "I want you to be a good girl and take care of Mr. C's balls." Tricia wrapped her other hand around my ass as I straddled over Angies face and then she slid her hand under my balls, guiding my full sac over Angies anxiously waiting mouth and tongue.

Angie enthusiastically tongue lashed my heavy balls as Tricia slowly massaged the length of my shaft while she intently watched and coached Angie to lick and suck my balls. The intense erotic sensations made my hard cock throb and more of my pre-cum flowed from my purple swollen tip. Satisfied with Angie's technique, Tricia whispered into Angie's ear, "Your such a good girl!", then she kissed along Angie's neck while she reached under Angie's blouse and teased and squeezed her hard nipples. Angie moaned with pleasure against my sac as her hips writhed and humped into the air against her restraints as she rode the hot aching waves of her own ecstacy.

The horny ache of my own impending orgasm was becoming more intense and pulsing through my cock and balls causing me to groan out loud, and Tricia responded by turning her attention back to my cock. She rose up on her knees and looked up into my eyes with a wicked smile as she rubbed my shaft against her cheek and purred, "Now let me take good care of this for you". Tricia greedily plunged her lips down the length of my shaft and I grabbed the back of her head to urgently fuck her mouth while feeling Angie rapidly licking and slurping my balls. Suddenly the electric heat of my orgasm seared through me, making my lose control and my legs shake as I moaned out as I pumped fountains of hot cum through my shaft into Tricia's mouth. I could hear Tricia gasping for air and gulping as she was swallowing my load as my cock pulsed between her lips, then she grasped the base of my cock and briefly squeezed off the flow of my cum. Tricia deftly pulled my cock out of her mouth and pushed my hips back slightly, causing my balls to slide away from Angie's mouth, then she pulled my still throbbing cock to Angie's lips and released her grip around my shaft to allow my last few spurts of cum to splash into Angie's open mouth.

As my orgasm subsided, Tricia continued to milk out the last drops of my cream onto Angie's waiting tongue as she purred, "That's my good girl...swallow Mister C's yummy cum". Tricia lifted my cock away from Angie's lips to kiss her and share my flavor with her before returning my softening cock to her mouth to suck me clean. I ran my fingers through Tricia's hair as I looked down at Angie, her face was flushed and her lips and cheeks were still glazed with my cum as our eyes met. With a coy smile Angie asked, "Did I do good Mr. C? ...Do you feel better now?" I couldn't resist a wide grin, "Yes, Angie you helped me feel much better, thank you!" She giggled and then Tricia silenced her with a deep, passionate kiss before rising up to meet my lips as I pulled her up against me, kissing her in appreciation.

Feeling the heat of Tricia's mound pressed against my thigh, I broke our kiss, then nuzzled along her neck to her ear and reached my hand down to pull her dress up to her hips, exposing her bare pussy, as I whispered, "I think Angie should help you too before we go out." Tricia drew back to look into my eyes with a mischievious grin and purred, "I love the way you think!"

As Tricia turned toward Angie, still lying with her head on the edge of the bed, I pulled Tricia's dress up over her hips and looked down into Angie's eyes as I exclaimed, "Now it's Mrs. T's turn!" Angie's eyes widened with anticipation as she teased her tongue along her lips with a "mmmmmm!" As Tricia stood poised over Angie's upturned face and tantalizing tongue, I pressed myself against Tricia's back and reached around her hip to tease my hand down over her bare pussy. My palm rubbed over her aching clit as I slid a finger between her slippery hot pussy lips, then eased two fingers inside her. Tricia moaned at the sensation as she spread her legs wider and leaned back against me to allow my fingers to slide in deeper. I braced Tricia against me with one arm under her breasts, teasing her nipple between my fingers, as I massaged my other palm over her clit and curled my finger up into her pussy, slowly circling around her g-spot. Angie was enthralled with the sight of me finger-fucking Tricia just inches away from her face while she was again rocking and twisting her hips in horny restrained bliss with the subtle vibrations of her clit stimulator.

Tricia was moaning softly and slowly gyrating her hips with the rhythm of my palm and fingers pleasuring her clit and pussy, and her juices were starting to flow between her thighs. I whipered in Tricia's ear, "I want to see Angie make you cum", as I withdrew my fingers and eased her forward over Angie. Tricia reached her hands down to brace herself on Angie's tits as she settled her swollen wet pussy lips against Angie's waiting tongue with a sigh of pleasure.

I stepped aside to enjoy a better view of the intensely erotic scene of Tricia playfully bumping and pressing her pussy and clit against Angie's eager tongue, and I couldn't resist my horny urge to massage my swelling cock. As Tricia's clit began to ache she pushed her wet pussy against Angie's tongue, grinding with the motion of her tongue lashing. Angie was bucking her hips and writhing against the pleasure her own enflamed horny ache. Suddenly, Tricia's legs stiffened as she pushed against Angie's face and shuddered, moaning out in orgasmic ecstacy, and gushing her juices over Angie.

Tricia rolled herself off of Angie's face as they both caught their breath. My hard cock was again throbbing in my hand, aching for release, and the sight of Angie's desperate squirming on the edge of orgasm inspired me to grab her legs and flip her over onto her knees, then I pulled her raised ass to the edge of the bed and against my straining hard cock. I glanced over at Tricia, and with a sly smile she leaned down to Angie, kissing along her cheek and murmured, "Mister C needs to fuck your horny little pussy now!"

Firmly grabbing Angie's hips, I pushed my swollen cock-head and stiff shaft deep into the sopping wet heat of Angie's pussy, as she gasped and moaned at the sudden sensation of her pussy being filled. Overwhelmed with my primal urge to fuck, I didn't hesistate to pump my cock hard and deep into Angie, pounding my hips against her ass with each thrust, making my cum-filled balls slap against her pussy. Tricia leaned back against a pillow and hiked her dress over her hips as she massaged her clit and finger-fucked herself while coaxing me on, "That's it baby, fuck her good! ...Give her horny little pussy a nice hard fuck! ...Make her your little fuck toy!"

Feeling my growing horny ache pulsing through my cock, I gripped Angie's hips tighter, pulling her ass closer against me as I jack-hammered my rigid shaft into her. Angie was softly squealing into the sheets with each thrust into her pussy wall with the slap of my hips against her ass. Suddenly my orgasm exploded through me, causing my body to shudder as I groaned out loud and drove my cock deep into Angie. My hips shook against her ass while my cock throbbed inside her as I pumped my hot streams of my cream into her. My senses still blurred with orgasmic pleasure, I pulled my cock from Angie's pussy and spanked my slippery semi-hard shaft against her ass in appreciation, then Tricia wrapped her hand around my cock and took over to milk out the last drops and lick my cock clean before leaning down to kiss Angie and share our juices.

I pulled on my pants and Tricia adjusted her dress and hair before leaving for dinner and drinks. We then helped position Angie back against the pillows. She was still somewhat flushed and disheveled, her face was still glazed with Tricia's juices and my cum was splashed over her pussy and ass. Tricia pulled up Angie's skirt and murmured, "I think you need a break from this while we are out", as she removed the butterfly clit stimulator, causing Angie to gasp out at the sudden loss.

As I regained my post-orgasmic focus, I noticed that the porn video playing on the monitor had a babysitter theme, with mature couples playing with and fucking their younger babysitters. I couldn't resist teasing Angie, "I hope you learn some good lessons from this video to share with us when we get back." Angie smiled up at me, and with her best schoolgirl impression replied, "Yes, Mister C I can't wait to share everything that I learn with you and Mrs. T!"

As Angie studiously watched the porn video, Tricia opened the bedside drawer and pulled out an anal plug and looked at me with a seductive smile as she waved the anal plug vibe and said, "I think we need to prepare our little Angie for a little fun when we get back." Angie's eyes lit up and she rocked her hips with excitement as Tricia pulled up her skirt and she cooed ,"Oooo, Mrs. T, your soooo good to me! Tricia lubed the anal plug and I leaned over to help spread Angie's ass cheeks open, then Tricia slowly pushed it into her asshole. Angie let out a soft squeal, then rocked her hips and moaned, "Mmmmm, I just love having something in my little ass!" I looked into Angie's eyes and caressed my hand along her cheek, teasing my thumb over her lips as I replied, "I'll have something more for your little ass when we come back.". Angie smiled against my thumb and then parted her lips to flick it with the tip of her tongue, then purred, "Thank you Mister C, my ass will be all ready for you!" Tricia slapped Angie's ass then leaned over to grasp below Angie's chin and guided their lips together as she teased her with tongue play then kissed up to her ear and whispered, "Now be a good girl and don't cum until we get back!" With a tantalizing pout Angie murmured, "Okay Mrs. T, I'll be good, but please come back soon." Tricia and I grinned at her, then wrapped ourselves together in a passionate kiss in front of her before we left her to savor the afterglow of our orgasmic release and simmer in her lust and anticipation for our return.

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