Classy women but filthy

The first time I went to Starbucks in Stratford I saw this older beautiful busty lady with amazing curves. She looked classy and I saw she had a wedding ring on her finger. I was in front of her and I ordered my large luxury hot chocolate. She look at me and said "that's what I get every morning", I replied and said "that's the way to start the day". But the truth is I meant fucking her is the way to start your day. So I left and and so did she going different ways, but being the man I am I couldn't help but look back at her amazing big round ass.
I saw her again the following morning in Starbucks ordering the same large luxury hot chocolate. For the next 2 or weeks it was nothing but hi and bye. Then one day as soon as she walked out of Starbucks she bent over to wipe some dust of her shiny heels as I was looking at a text I had bumped into her big round ass and quickly said "I'm so sorry" thinking she must have felt my rock hard cock. She them said "it's ok handsome". She asked me what I was up to that day and I said "going for a walk in the park since the sun is out", she then asked if she could join me? And I said sure.

We walked to the park and when we got there we sat on a bench. And started talking to get to know each other. She said my name is Sophie but you can call
me Soph, I said my name is mali. She said you look very young, how old are you? I said 21 she said OMG I ca be your mum I am 42. I said your only as old as you look and you look young and beautiful. She blushed and said thank you handsome. I jokingly said are you flirting with me? She said what if I am and we both laughed. She said my husband doesn't make me feel as if I'm young and attractive, and then said I love him very much and would never leave him. She caught me looking at her tits and said my eyes are not down there with a smile.

After we had talked for a while she kissed me on the cheeks and said see you again tomorrow same time same place, and I said you can count on it luv. I saw her the next day wearing some sexy stockings with a skirt, a nice white shirt and a cardigan. I sat closer to her this time and put my hand on her thigh, she blushed. I started rubbing her thigh and moved in to kiss her soft juicy looking lips, we started snogging. She whispered in my ear I am a very dirty girl. I asked her her number and we called it a day. The following morning she texted me saying I have good news, she said my husband is going to new New York for a business trip, I'm going to drive him to the airport then meet you at Starbucks to go back to mine. I said can't wait.

She met me at Starbucks as planned and went to her beautiful 7 bed room house. We sat on the sofa and started snogging, then I stripped her off and strayed sucking her amazing EE tits, then moved down to her thighs. Started kissing the inner of her thighs and licking, then kissed her already wet fat juicy pussy and started licking it, then sucking it, she was screaming very loud, pulling my hair, scratching me and butting the pillow. I spent about 40 mins down there, by the time I was done she cummed 5 times and I was ready to pound her pussy, she said no no no, give me a moment with pleasure. She said lay on the bed and I did, she started licking the shaft of my cock, Shen she wrapped her soft lips around my cock and started sucking it, she made me moan like never before. She made me cum 3 times. She then told me to flip around and bend over which I did. She slapped my ass and licked my ass cheeks, she the spread my ass cheeks and started licking my ass hole. It felt amazingly good, she then tongue fucked my ass, I have never felt this good. Then she was sucking my cock from behind while she fingered my tight ass

She now said fuck me baby, so I sucked her pussy for a few minutes, then put my rock hard cock in her juicy pussy and started fucking her slowly in and out while I smacked her ass. Then I went faster and harder, she screamed fuck my cunt, fuck me harder baby so I fucked her harder and harder. She said pull my fucking hair while you fuck me baby. She then started fingering her ass as I fucked her pussy. She then said fuck me in the ass, so I pulled out of her pussy and she sucked all of her pussy juicy of my cock then bent over and spread her ass cheeks. I slowly went in her ass, it was very tight. I started ducking her slowly with just the head of my cock, she then said go in deeper and so I did, then I grabbed her waist and pounded her ass, I said when should I cum and she said deep in my ass, so I did. Then after she sucked my cum and her ass juicy of my cock. Now that was amazing we both said and lay on the bed to catch our breath...

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