Its wednesday. Once more ur husband isnt gonna b home. Ur fucken tired of it now. Especialy cuz u know hes been cheating on u. U tried to b the good wife for the sake of the k**. But now ur done with it. U call me...i can hear by ur voice that ur emotional. I try to calm u down to prevent u from crying. Ill ask u if u allready had diner,on wich u answer with a no. Oki...u call the nanny. Ill b with u in 1hr. U agree and allready nervous hang up the phone. Imediatly u call ur nanny and ask her to watch the k**dy for one night. She knows whats goin on,since she knows about his affairs. He tried to seduce her too. But shes a loyal employee,so she didnt respond to his filthy avanches. Euhm Miss...r u gonna get back at him? She asks u..on wich u respond with a plain yes mari. U hang up to rush urself upstairs.

The drawer with ur lingerie gets stalded out at the bed. U grab a bridal white corset with a tiny lil thong and fidhnets. U throw it on the bed,and hurry urself to the shower. While the room fills itself with steam,ur head will fill itself with ur most naugty thoughts....u giggle asa u think about the situations u could get into. In the meantime i prepared myself and my house for ur arival. The lights r dimmed. A few candles r burning. And preparations for the diner r made. U expect ill take u to a restaurant,but that would b too busy. I want u for myself. Noone can lay an eye on u as i seduce u. As u rub urself in with sum body lotion,u get butterflies in ur stomach. U know ur gonna get it from a real man tonight. Not ur husband....hes not capable of giving u what u need.

U get turned on and gently rub btween ur lips...only just a lil and then stop. Im allready on my way,wich u know by my txt message. So ull get dressed. This corset suits u perfect. Slowely ull put on ur fishnets,*nd look in the mirror. Mmm i have beautifull legs u think..i bet hell love this . U walk to ur closet,picking a bl**dred dress. U put it on together with matching high heels. U look like a true moviestar now,or a pin up model ready for her shoot. As ur putting on ur make up,u hear the door open. Its mari...she walks upstairs and stumbles as she sees u. Omg...Mss...i bet hell love this. U nod and smile. Gracious u walk to the k**dies bedroom giving him one kiss on his cheak.

The doorbell rings...u grab ur handbag and ur coat and walk downstairs. As u open the door,i stand there. My hand comes from behind my back with a couple of red and black roses. U smile and take em.. Come on babe...we dont wanna b late ill say. U asume i have reserved a place uptown. While in fact ive got this scene waiting for us at my place ill hold the door open for yah as u get in my car.. OMfg she looks stunning!! Runs thru my head. Ill get in next to u,look at u.. And kiss u straight away. I couldnt help myself..ur eyes...ur lips...ur beautifull hair. As i start the car and drive off ill feel how u put ur hand on my knee. Gently rubbing it and slowely but surely going up. Dont get me turned on..i u do is smile and open my zipper..ur hand gos in while we drive on the highway. Ur hand starts to move up and down in my pants. And without hasitation u get it out. Omg...r u gonna?... Yes u r ..u look at me. And while we r driving on this busy road ur gonna suck on it! U bad girl. Ur beautifull red lips close around my cock...ur right hand around my balls while ur left one is massaging it. As we get off the highway ull stop. This was just a tease for whats cumming. It felt so damn good...shame i still have to cook.

We have arived at my place. Ill open ur door and reach for ur hand. Ull grab it and get out of my car. As soon as i open the door,ill push u against the wall and start kissing u. I love the feeling of ur lips touching mine. But...u didnt have diner. Sooo il light up the oven. The filled courgette and greek rolls r allready in it. So all we have to do now is wait for 15mins. Ill poor us a glass of red wine and sit down across the table from u. I cant b too close,cuz i know i cant contain myself. Ur sooo damn beautifull in the lights of the candles. After a short talk and a glass of wine,the diner is ready. U follow me to the kitchen. As ur nose absorbs the smell of the delicious food. The 2 well filled plates in my hands,ull take the bottle of wine and walk back to the livingroom. U sit down as ill put the plate infront of u. It looks great..ull say... Taste it will match its appearence just like u do the knife cuts like thru butter while u pinch the roll down to ur plate. As u put it in ur mouth ull close ur eyes. The lovely taste of bacon,egg plant,fetta and fresh pesto almost make u moan.. Instead a sweet mhmhmhmm cums out. Ill look at u enjoying all this. In the background ull hear the sweet sound of sade...its the sweetest taboo...matches me. I

ts bad that ur here,but u love it. As we finnished our plates,and i took them to the kitchen uve secretly dropped ur thongs. And put em in ur handbag. Now u know ur an easy target...but as long as i dont know,ur safe. Ill go sit on the other side of the table once moar. U dont like this distance,and slowely open ur legs. Since its a glass table i can whitness all whats going on. Ur bl**dred dress gets pulled up lil by first only revealing ur gorgeous legs..ill take a sip of whine as my heart beats like a drum..isnt she wearing... Nope shes not!!..u fucken bad girl..all this just in my head. U wont stop looking at my face as u wetten ur finger. U bring it btween ur thighs,and gently start rubbing ur clit. Ur other hand will start playing with ur hair...that never ending smile on ur face..and ur eyes on porn modus. In the lights of the candles i can c the shinnering of ur wetness thru my table. I cant resist and stand up. U turn to me,turning the back of the chair with u. Ill bend over to kiss u..and feel how ur breathing heavily. Gimme a fucken taste..ill whisper. And like a good girl u give me ur finger...ill clean it,and start sucking on it. Ill get down a lil more and kiss ur neck. Thru ur dress i can c ur nipples get hard. Ill tease em...rolling em btween my index finger and thumb. Gently uLl moan. My other hand will replace urs...gimme that tight wet pussy ull hear me say..both ur hands will grab the chair as ill start fucking ur pussy with 2fingers..first gently,cuz i want it to b wet enough for me. But after a min or so. Ull feel them fingers go faster and faster...while eventualy my handpalm is slapping against ur clit. I want ur cum all over my fingers,and on that chair....ull moan and say my name..ill feel ur pussy tighten round my finger..ill gently pull ur hair and kiss u...ur cum gushes out. Making me drop on my knees..i wanna taste u...badly. Ill spread ur lips with 2fingers an start roling over ur clit. Still shaking from ur orgasm,ur preparing urself for the nxt one. Without a warning ill spit on ur tight lil asshole and slide in a finger. Ur cumming straight away....2fingers deeply fucking that pussy..1up ur butt...and a warm wet tongue roling over ur clit..omgg. U got my whole chin wet! Ill get up while ur pussy is still contracting from ur orgasm and kiss u. Mmm ull love tha taste of ur own pussy. Ill take ur hand to help u get up...turn u around,unzip ur dress. And let it fall on the floor... Omg...the shape of ur body...this corset...ur hair..its perfect.

But no delay..ill bend u over on my dinertable,put my hard cock btween ur lips. And in one hard thrust ull feel how ur pussy gets filled with cock. Ull moan as i gently start fucking u...grabing ur hips..letting my hands run up ur back. I wanna hold on to ur hair so u cant go annywhere. U love me to handle u rough..deep..and hard my smooth balls r slapping against ur clit,makin ur pussy tighten round my cock. My other hand will tease ur almost hurts,thats how sensitive they r. I cant take this too long bby..else ill allready cum inside u. So instantly ill stop. U bend over to lick my hard cock clean,but i will only give a u a lil taste. Ill push u back on that table. Now i wany u to. Put ur heels on the edge,and spread ur ass cheaks for me. Like a good girl ull do it...r u gonna fuck my???,, yes bby...ill give it to yah..u wanted to learn...well since ur here,i think its a good time to try it. Ill grab a chair and sit down infront of u. The lube nxt to me,to make my fingers a lil wet. Gently ill start teasing ur aSs with one finger..rub ur clit as i play bby..ull start rubbing it. And gently ull moan...its a lil taboo that gets lost here. At first its feels strange. But u enjoy it. And slowely starts moving ur ass over my finger. Ur fucking my finger bby...all the way...ill put another finger next to it. And with no problem what so ever it slides in. I think ur ready...ill say.. Ul look at me...ur eyes half close...gimme ur cock please. Ill wetten it with lube. And put it aganst ur ass..grabbing ur anckles,and pushing ur legs back...udd feel my dick slide inside yah...holding ur breath till u feel my balls touch ur ass. Ud moan as i start fucking u..rubbing ur clit...biting ur lip...u love the feeling of getting ur ass fucked!! Im the first one who ever gave u this experience...why oh why?! U love to get durty...even now...u know ur gonna cum...but not like b4. Go on bby...milk my cock.. Make me cum inside u. Ur moving ur ass up and down over that dick..moaning,sweating...even a lil tear runs down ur cheak...u cum...and as ur tight lil ass gets even tighter u hear and feel me cum deep inside of u....
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its written in notepad + didnt check on grammar + it aint my own language :P
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Too hard to read with text shorthand