Lets b bad...cum to the classroom of mr higgins. He aint there...its located at the back of the school...noone will c us. I wanna have yah on that desk,ur cute dress a lil up. Reavealing ur beautifull behind. Ill cover ur mouth with my hand as i give it to u. We dont want no spectators. As ill fuck u like that i can allready feel ur pussy tighten around my cock....ur gonna cum on it! After u came,ill pull my dick out. Like evry good girl u instantly drop on ur knees to clean me up. Loving the taste of ur own cum u bad girl. I cant take it too long,else ull make me cum. So ill gently pull u up and lay u back on the desk. U think im gonna fuck u,so u allready spread ur lips for me. Revealing ur sensitive swollen clit.

But nope...u aint gettin cock straight away. I still need a taste of that cum. Ill kiss u while my right hand is sliding down from ur neck,over ur gorgeous breasts down ur tummy. Ur body is acking for moar. U moan as i slide 2 fingers inside of u,rubbing ur clit with my thumb. My left hand will go thru ur hair,pull it and makes u kiss me.

Mmm i love the sensation of ur lips touching mine. Ur eyes speak to me...its not even talking annymore. They scream sex!!! Ill grab a chair and sit down infront of u. U put ur heels down on the desk and start rubbing ur wet pussy as i sit back for a sec and watch u. I c how ur cum drips down ur ass onto the desk of mr higginsLemme replace that for my tongue ill say.

U spread ur lips for me,and hold ur breath as my warm wet tongue touches ur clit. Mmm yumm...i loove the taste of ur cum. Gimme moar... Ill make u gimme moar!! Ur hard niplles r so hard they r clearly visable thrue ur cute dress. Ass i fuck u with my fingers,my piercing rolls over ur clit.

My other hand will start teasing ur nips..gently piching em. Ull cum in my mouth in no time. And as ull cum ill get up...kick the chair away. And slide my hard cock deep inside yah. The classroom is filled with the sound of our moaning,and the slapping of my smooth balls against ur ass.I cant take it too long bby...ur wet pussy is in need for my hot creamy load of cum.

With a few shaky thrusts ull feel the sensation of a willing dick cumming deep inside of u. As i. Came ull get up and kiss me. The tissues on mr higgins desk come in handy now XD. Ill pull out resulting in my cum dripping out of ur pussy on his desk. English class will never b the same for us again whahahahah xXx
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