bi sex for hire.

a couple of days ago, i advertised on a certian website that i cant name lets just call it [*****list] . i advertised male bisexual, looking for young couple for fun , oralsex and sex. dident think much would happen. low and behold an australian couple were in my city passing through. my girlfriend was out of town. she dosent know that when im giving her head that i fantisize a big cock fucking her hard while im sucking and bitting on her clit. licking the pussy juice off his shaft, and finishing him off in my mouth. she dosent know this, and she just not the type of person that would go for that sort of stuff. but if you want a bannana split and you dont ever have a bannana, WHATS THE POINT!.

i had my first bisexual experiance some 15 years ago while living in colorado in an sky resort. hanging out at my local, hit it off with a couple from canada, when back to thair hotel room and had a threesome . thay were both sucking on my cock, back and forth till i blew my load all over them. i then ate her out while her husbent pumpped her and blew his load all over my face. i kinda diddent know what to thing after that experance, i mean its not the kinda thing you just tell anyone. was kinda ashamed at myself for a number of years but realised one day the older i get that if your thinging about sucking cock, and watch bisexual porn i must be bisexual right?

so anyway back to my story, with the wonder or the internet i met this nice young couple passing through my town, we met at a pub talked and went back to my place. i started to suck on his cock, he never had a dude suck his cock, so i showed him how i wrapped my tounge around his helmet and he mouth fucked me, i passed it back and forth to his girlfriend, she was soo turned on by that. a nice sloppy blowjob. then we went to the couch, he was fucking her and i was sucking on her clit, she was going wild he blew his load in my mouth, then she sucked me off and i blew my load all over her face. at least this time i diddent feel ashamed. i felt like i filled a need just like buying a washer machine or getting a moped. so next time you want a good used car or a set of golf clubs. think about, GETTING WHAT YOU REALLY WANT! thats my bisexual tale.

so thats my bisexual tale,

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1 year ago
you got lucky, good for you
2 years ago
It's so god to hear of a fantasy coming true, AND living up to expectations. Great story.
2 years ago
Hot little story. It's always fun to meet an open couple, an so damn hot to suck cock in front of a woman.