at the carwash

i am a sucker for a girl who wears spandex only shiny!!
i pulled in and parked next t a car on the other side she was wearing shiny white spandex right up the crack of her ass and pussy i said god dam under my breath well she must heard me she looked right at me i watched her for a sec till she went to the other side i was hard as hell iwent to my truck got like i was leaving just staring she looked at me a few times igot dark tint so she couldnt see me strokin my cock i keep lube in my truck for that reason she bent all the way over to pick somthing up and looked back at me that did it i blew my load right there but my cock was still hard i kepted strokin i could see the wet spot from her pussy i stopped strokin pulled up my pants got out and she new what i was doing i said ok you got me well if you didnt dress like that people wouldnt say nothing she said thats why i dress like like this she told me her hubby loves to watch guys drool over her while he jerks off he sends her out dressed like that to pick up guys to fuck as long as they cum in her pussy so he can lick it out later once he said that i got hard i got a mega
cab truck right in the back man she was wetshe tsted so good pussy and her asshole i tried to fuck her in the ass but it hurt to bad so i filled her pussy with cum and she got out and left
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