Show was crap... The Trip Home Wasn't

Me and the mrs went to see a show up london, it was a treat from my parents as they got some free tickets from work... We kindly accepted them and went,

but we didn't know what we was going to see...

... When we got to the theatre we saw a massive queue and was thinking, wow this could be a good show, their is a lot of people waiting to get in... so we was getting kinda excited as this could turn out really good... We popped into the pub for a few drinks while the queue went down, Mrs had a medium white wine
and I had my usual which is a nice cold Fosters and were talking and Mrs leaned over to me and whispered into my ear "I'm not wearing any underwear" I was shocked and giggled with a reply "Babe, neither am I"... we ended up enjoying the drinks and having a couple, while teasing eachother and saying a few dirty words but... when we checked the time, it was 10minutes till the show tarted... so we rushed back over to the theatre and saw there was STILL a queue, we was shocked and both quite horny, so I whispered in her ear, "lets make this queue go faster" while kissing her perfumed neck, and she closed her eyes and said "ok" so then stood behind her cuddling her and unzipped my trousers, and she then put her hands behind her, and moved her right hand inside my trousers and grabbed my cock, realising I was telling the truth and actually wasn't wearing any boxers, this got to her a lot and got to me a lot aswell, as she felt my cock instantly grow fully erect in her hand as she held it, and then she started to slide her hand up and down it... but... before we knew was was at the front of the queue and was ready to go in and see the show, Mrs quickly zipped up my trousers and tried to cover my buldge from the ticket guy who seemed very interested in us...

As we got into the theatre and taken our seats, we only just realised it was a fucking opera! this really wasn't going to be a good show! we hate opera... but
we gave it a try and watched about 10 minutes of it before saying to eachother "LETS GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" haha... we then left the show with everyone stareing at us, as we tried to be as quiet and fast as we can to make an exit out of there, as we were leaving the ticket guy was still there, and said "Not
your cuppa tea?" We said "Nope definately not" and he replied "awww young love"... we raised an eyebrow and said "cyah" and left.

We then made our way to the train station to get home... it must of been about 9.20pm by the time we got down to the platform. We started giggling about the ticket guy saying we was young love... within a few minutes the train pulled up at the platform and we boarded on it and took our seats... their wasn't too many people on the train... there was 2 young boys playing music, a smartly dressed business man and a red haired lady... After a few stops on the train, I was seriously feeling so horny... so I suggested to Mrs that we should carry on what we started in the queue, and she replied "But there are cameras on this train and people who can see us" ... as she said that my cock began to grow again at the thought of us doing stuff with people watching... and it didn't take too long for Mrs to notice, as I suddenly saw a lil like smurk on her face and her eyes had changed... she then said "The thought of people watching us does turn me on a lot, because I can feel my juices on my thigh, and I can tell it gets to you too as I can see you buldging through your trousers MR SILKY!" ... I giggled and kissed her on the cheek, and then we cuddled, she slide under my arm and said "I Love you" then she unzipped my trousers and began to play with my throbbing hard cock within my trousers... and then I started kissing her soft skin on her neck and nibbling on her ear... then I felt her pull my cock out of my trousers and thought to myself, wow she really don't care who is watching... my cock was twitching and throbbing with excitement, so I slide my hand in her leggings and felt her sweet soo wet shaved pussy on my finger tips.. OMG! It was so nice... she then slid down my chest and opened her mouth and DAAMN... I felt her lips wrap round my cock, and also felt her tongue wrap round it... her mouth was so warm and wet... even with all the bl**d that was pumping into my cock to make it so hard, her mouth still felt so warm... I was finding it so hard not to let out a lil moan, and I just had to... thats when I noticed thwe business man looking at us... he had clear view of what we was doing... he was pretending to read ther paper but kept getting glimpses of his eyes on us when I looked over, and thats when he would look down at his paper and "pretend" to read it... i then whispered to Mrs "we have a watcher baby" and then she looked up at me with my cock planted in her mouth and winked at me... at this moment she got a bit of pre-cum in her mouth, and she slid my cock out of her mouth and licked the head of my hard cock, and then carried on sucking away at it... I was still playing with her soppiing wet pussy, and felt her legs get tense and close up a bit, and heard her let out the best moan she could while she had my cock in her mouth... she had cum all over my fingers... this is when I looked around and saw the business man, was playing with his cock behind his paper, getting himself off over us... damn this was a turn on... and then i pulled up Mrs Silkys head and told her to look over at him... she then licked her lips at the sight of him tossing himself off to us... and he noticed this, and moved the paper just enough so would could see him sliding his hand up and down his cock... this must have got to Mrs Silky a lot as I felt her pussy get increasing wet again, she started then wanking my cock almost perfectly in time with the business mans motions of his own cock... I thought to myself if she was imaging herself holding his cock... this in a strange way did turn me on, and I had to pull out my hand from her leggings and pull her hand off my cock as I was sooo close to cumming everywhere... she then said "this getting to you BABE!" and I giggling, and as I did, she then stood up and turnt her back to the business man, and pulled down her leggings making sure she bent over right in his direction, and he got a crystal clear view of her ass and soaking tight pussy, at this point I could see that the horniness of Mrs Silky had taken over, and she didn't give a shit who saw, because there were two boys, about the age of around 18... who saw this aswell.... and as the train pulled up at the platform, they walked passed us and one of them had the cheek to slap Mrs Silkys ass before exiting to train... I did actually feel like going after him and giving him a smack, but Mrs seemed to enjoy it and that turned me on... she then decided to sit back on the chair and spread her legs so wide that both outsides of her knees were touching the seat... and give the business man a show... it wasn't too long before he had another watcher, because the red haired lady I meantioned earlier moved along her seat to come away from the window and more towards the middle, and this is when I noticed she had moved so she could get a better look, and she must of been turnt on by my Mrs playing with herself, and seeing my throbbing hard cock just sticking straight up through my trousers with a bit of precum trickling down my cock, as she then got her painted finger nail and licked the tip of it, and I could feel her imaging that it was my cock... opps... there was a bit more precum coming out of my cock now... and then my Mrs just leant over and licked it up... mmm felt so nice... I then saw the red head get jealous as her eyes sqinted in a flirty but annoyed way... I just smile... then my Mrs carried on playing for the business man, and I don't think he could take anymore, as he threw the paper on the seat next to him, and shot his load all over the seat opposite him, while my Mrs opened her mouth wide, so he could imagine shooting in her mouth and visa versa, it was lucky nobody was sitting there, because they would of been covered!!... and then my Mrs winked at him as he put his semi-hard cock back into his trousers...

Mrs then caught glimpse of my cock twitch, and she then gotup from the seat and sat right on it... and started grinding it deep and slow... making sure all 7 inches of my rock hard cock penertrated her sopping wet tight shaven pussy... I then closed my eyes in enoyment and a few minutes later re-opened them to find the red haired lady sitting on the seat opposite us... and she was rubbing her pussy with her hand up her skirt with on hand and playing her her tits
through her unbuttoned shirt with the other.... while my Mrs was riding my cock and licking her lips, and not giving a shit who heard her moans of pleasure... and nor did I... we were getting really noisy, and i think this got to the red head a lot, because she then stood up and unbuttoned her shirt fuly revealing her pink nippled breasts and putting them in my Mrs face, while Mrs Silky was still riding my cock... I could believe this... we have always said no to anything with other people... it did make me slightly angery, but I was caught so much in the moment, like everything else tonight, it turnt me on so much!!!! Mrs hadn't sucked her tits nor touched em' even though they were right there to touch... Mrs then said to the girl "I'm not touching you" ... with my Mrs saying this the red head paused for a second then lifted Mrs's top over her head and undone her bra, and saw them bouncing right in front of her face, and went to go touch them, but as she touched Mrs's nipples I let out a loud moan and cum right up Mrs Silky's deeply penatrated pussy, and shot about 5 times up there... then the red head pulled her hand off of my Mrs's tits as Mrs slid up off my cock and the red head then saw all my cum slowly dribbling out of Mrs's pussy hole, and licked her lips and then again, and then got her middle finger, and slid it between Mrs's pussy and had a load of my cum and Mrs's cum all mixed up over her finger, and was just about to put it to her mouth to taste us, when Mrs grabbed her by the wrist and put it in her mouth and said "Nah I don't think so lady, no one tastes my man but me, and no one tastes me but him" and the red head said "but" and then I jumped in and said before the red head finished what she was saying "we hope you enjoyed the show" and then me and the Mrs sorted ourselves out and changed carrages and continued our journey home... we did take one look back at the red head, and saw her just in disbelief of what happened... we will never forget that night, and after reading our story nor will you, we hope.
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2 years ago
really great ..
3 years ago
great story!!!! sounds like you two had fun :-)
4 years ago
Very nice!
4 years ago
Excellent story, love it.
4 years ago
fantastic story it got me very hard ;)
4 years ago
my word. i came so hard reading this.x
4 years ago
wow wish i was on that train ;)
4 years ago
Wow. Great story!