Our little secret: See no evil.

...As Yejin and I continued playing with each other, we never really stood our ground what would be acceptable or not to our new "friends with benefits" relationship as well as, her relationship with her girlfriend. This was about a few weeks since the first time we explored each other's sexual company, and most of it was orally done (with the occasional finger or two).

One day, after eating Yejin out and letting her get her fix of my man meat.. we took a shower together and in between the hot droplets in slaloms on our bodies... we were intertwined in passion, sliding in each other's company. Our lips were locked in an inseparable dance and in the exchange, her hands firmly grasped at my growing hardness. My tongue responded to her touch, sliding in her mouth..and soon so did my cock.

Her lips, savoring each inch I gave. Her tongue wrapping itself tight against my throbbing feature, lapping up my drenched cock. She kept sucking til I got hard, and told me she didn't want me cumming yet, and as she bit her lip she made way up my torso by way of kisses, she pushed herself against me allowing my cock to trace the landscape of her body.. in between her breasts and down against her midsection.

She gazed into my eyes and held my hands, pulling me towards the fogged mirror and turning around leaving me with a sight or her apple shaped ass, she wrote "FUCK ME!".
(Until this point, I have never penetrated Yejin..it was one of our agreement)

And as she wrote that, she spread her legs apart in anticipation. I grabbed a handful of her behind and position myself. My cock was raring to go into her cave, and I know she was craving for some attention as well.. arching her back waiting for a hard, throbbing cock to make it's way in her. I teased her, letting my cock brush the outside of her now hot pussy between her legs making her want it more and more. As I played my cock head on her opening, pushing in a little by little, she moaned and arched her back further pulling me in. I slowly thrust her tight pussy with the aid of the water making it slippery as I kiss her back towards her neck and start massaging her breasts. We were clean but dirty.

As I quicken my pace.. she reached back and grabbed a handful of my hair, and wiping the mirror so we could watch the pleasures we were exchanging. Her face was different from the face I've seen while eating her pussy. She was raw, wanting, giving and needing more. I let her have all of me, pulling her body closer as my balls slam against her pussy as she screamed and reached her climax.

I pulled out and turn her around. Holding and kissing her in my arms as she catches her breath. I leaned her against the wall, as I let myself back into her. Slowly entering her again, coaxed by every deep breath she took. This time was more, passionate and romantic.. a complete opposite from what happened not a few moments ago. We longed into each other's eyes, breathing our love as she accepts me with each push of my hips. Our bodies slide in perpetual motion, slowly but sensual... her nail dig into my back causing me to moan in pleasure and to go deeper into her. I pulled out as soon as I knew I was close and I let her jerk me off, exploding for the second time that day on her body.

We showered again, but no words were exchanged.
While we were drying off, she asked if I could stay the night. Because her parents were out of town and she wanted company. The smell of her hair was my lullaby, as we cuddled. The feeling of her in my arms were natural at this point. It was a great night.

The next day.

I was awaken by the feeling of someone touching me. It was Yejin. Her hand was reaching back on my thighs reaching for my morning wood, making it bigger. "Are you awake?" she asked, as she giggled. "Well, Good morning to you too" I retorted. She turned around facing we with her sl**p mask on causing me to snicker under my breath. She looked adorable with it on, and her hair in a mess with the tank top she slept with riding up to her boobs exposing half of it.

She took her sl**p mask on and gave me a peck on the cheek while placing it on my head asking me to put it on. "I'm still feeling naughty", she said. As she straddled me getting my attention. I put the sl**p mask on,and her hands started to to play with me. I could tell you what went on, but I didn't see anything.

I felt her hands moving across my body and she lowered herself against my cock..leaving trails of kissed behind. She kept teasing me through my shorts, as she turned around and pressed her pussy against my face.. she would play with the elastic band of my shorts letting the cold air in. I got really hard, wanting her to pull me out of my pants.. but right before she did, her doorbell rang and she told me to wait there as she went to see who it was.

She came back moments later, said it was no one, and attended to my tent. She took my cock out and started to grab at it and place it in her mouth. As she was sucking on my cock, I kept hearing her moan silently enjoying having me in her mouth but then I felt a pair of hands on my thighs.

I sprung up and pulled off the sl**p mask, noticing another girl in the room. The both of them started laughing as Yejin looked at me while giggling.. "Uhm, this is my girlfriend Eunji... Eunji, Max".

To be continued.

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1 year ago
Haha.. adventurous kids :)
1 year ago
how is this real life? lol
1 year ago
A good beginning, looking forward ta the next bit