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Hey guys.. thanks for dropping by my profile... Thought I'd just write some of my stories since my profile is pretty bare.
Anyways here goes...

Back when I was 16, and it was the summer holidays.. Me and my f****y decided to take a cruise to Greece. And along with the memories I left by the waves, I also left my virginity.

I know some of you may think that 16 is a pretty old age these days to have sex for the first time, but being in a very conservative f****y and living in Asia I guess it just never happened to me.

I remember getting pretty excited cause I've never really been on a cruise before, and actually having some time by myself with the activities and hoping there were k**s my age there. That all changed the moment SHE passed by.
I remember the breeze catching her hair, long, brown and smelling of flowers I could only make up names for. She was wearing a tank top with white shorts and a pair of flip flops showcasing cute little toes.. I didn't speak to anyone a few hours after we set sail just because I was too busy looking at all the ship had to offer, a bar, a game room, a pool, hot tubs as well mini library.
Fast forward to about 3-4pm.. there was nothing but blue as far as my eyes could see as I sat by the rail catching a moment to myself. Suddenly that sweet, soft smelling fragrance hit my nose back to fantasy. I turned around and nothing that she changed into a bikini while reading a book getting some sun on the deck. I don't know why/how, but I felt my shorts tighten by the sight of her on that chair.
As soon as I realized I was staring too long and u*********sly fixing my pants.. she glanced over and caught me in the act, and bit her lip. I was too shy to do anything so I looked away as if nothing happened.

I swear I must've stood there for a good 15 minutes staring at nothing before I went bad to my room and took a nap. I woke up and took a shower, getting ready for dinner. As the hot water wrapped around my body, all I could think of was her in her bikini, legs glistening, sweat pearls rolling on her breast and that little lip bite in my direction. I wanted to much to pump my cock in the shower to that image of her in my head but because I was sharing bathrooms with my parents.. I felt a little weirded out by the idea, so I didn't.

So I made my way to the dining hall and found out that there was still about an hour til dinner, which was such a bummer cause I was pretty hungry. Most of the ship was filled wither with honeymooners or families with k**s running about.. which were pretty noisy. So being the asian k** who liked having my quiet moments, I decided to check out the mini library to kill time. It was a small room, pretty cold and well lit.. but most importantly quiet. As I pushed the door open.. THAT smell greeted me once again. My heart was beating crazy fast and we made eye contact. I smiled and said hi, she returned a greeting and switched her attention at the shelf or words.

My eyes made a quick sweep of the racks to find works of literature uniformly stacked, comprehensively collected in a quaint room. I made my way beside her looking over her shoulder, taking a whiff of that hair again while reaching for one of my favorite books 'Moby Dick'. I thought it was pretty funny to read cause we were on a ship in the middle of the ocean. She looked at my choice and chuckled. She said that it was good. "Which part? Moby or the dick?" I asked.. (subconsciously hitting my self in the head for saying something stupid like that). She laughed it off answering "Well, Moby was good.. but you can never complain about the dick". I was taken aback, and somewhat turned on.

I laughed it off knowing that my cock was getting kinda hard and headed to a small couch in the corner to sit and conceal my semi obvious boner. I was flipping through the pages blindly while admiring her ass at the corner of my eyes. She was wearing sweatpants and a tshirt but the lighting was hitting every small contour of her body.

She made up her mind and came by taking a seat adjacent to where I was. At this time the book in my hands was barely decoration. I made small talk with her and she mentioned that her name was Rebecca. After a few minutes of awkward silence, She stood up and headed back to put her book back giving me an eyeful of her body again causing my little soldier to get back up into attention. Then she turns and noticed I wasn't reading the book anymore cause I placed it on my lap concealing myself. "How's the book?" she asked. I smiled and said it was okay.

She walked towards me asking if she could take a sit next to me, hesitantly I agreed and while sitting... she sighed. Then we talked about god knows what, but it ended at pirates and moved on to stereotypes. That's when she asked me if it was true? I said "is what true?". Then she said the stereotypes about asian guys having small dicks, I laughed a little.. watching her smile with a twitch of her eyebrows. I said well, I'm not sure... since I haven't seen alot of other guys' dicks. The she gave me a look while biting her lip again and said " Well, let me see and I'll judge..". Hearing someone wanting me to flash them, was like a line out of a porno, so I was like "You sure?". She nodded while positioning herself closer to me.

The she said, coaxing me on that she would show me something if I showed her mine. I said Ok, and slowly lowered my pants.. and like a spring, my cock hopped out. As soon as it did, her tongue made it's way out her mouth licking her lips and she started nodding. "Not bad" she said. I couldn't really focus cause one eye was fixed to the door hoping no one would come in and ruin the moment.

I smiled at her, cock getting harder from having it out in the open in front of a girl. I said "You can touch it if you want". With no hesitation, she took a whiff of my cock and licked the shaft..without holding it. I thought I was gonna blow right then with this having been my first time feeling a warm wet tongue on my cock. She grabbed it with her cold hand an started pumping me slowly and said "I guess it's not true" while giving me a wink. I was feeling too good to respond.

She had one hand on my cock and one massaging my balls.. I was at her mercy at this moment. Then she licked my precum while continuing jerking me off. I pulled her up cause if she kept at it I would've blown my load right there and then... her breathing was as hard as I was, and my cock being between us.. I told her it was her turn now and she obliged by pulling up her tshirt revealing a soft bra and lifting them showing her soft b cup breasts. I know it wasn't the biggest pair but it was just as hot to me. Then she grabbed my cock with one hand while asking me to suck on her nipple.. I gave her a deep kiss, moving my tongue to the rhythm of her hands on my cock, my hands cupping her naked breast as my mouth comes down to meet them. There were soft and hard.. I tried to incorporate some tongue play as I could remember it playing in the pornos I've watched.

She then said "OMG, I wanna taste your cock"... I willingly say ok as she pushed me back to the chair and pulled my pants to my ankles.

I watched her put her mouth on my cock, inch by inch... disappearing. The feeling of her watery mouth, and her tongue wrapping around the tip was amazing. It was even more a turn on whenever she would look me in the eyes with a helpless gaze.

Kissing my cock a few more times, she got up.. leaned in and gave me a kiss and whispered in my ear that her pussy was wet followed by "Fuck me now!" as she bit my lobe. As soon as she straightened herself up, she pulled her pants down. At this moment I couldn't care if anyone would walk into the library.

I looked at her and said "Uhm.. I don't have any condoms".. then she just shrugged it off and got on me. As she guided me into her steaming hot pussy I tell her that I'm a virgin and this is my first time. All she did was answer ok and lower herself on me. I was in pure bliss grabbing her ass while I thrust her and having a mouthful of her breast. She pulled my hair and tell me to tell her when I'm going to cum. I was holding as long as I could but I was so close several times... god knows I was trying so hard.

Then I carried her to the floor and fucked her missionary but that didn't last long as I told her I was gonna cum. She got on her knees and told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth, she grabbed me with both hands sucking my cock and I blew my load in her mouth.

I watched while sitting from weak knees as she knelt there, lapping every single drop into her mouth swallowing and smiling. Then she crawled her way to clean my limping cock which got hard again after her sucking on it again. She gave me a kiss and said "Save that for me next time" and gave me a wink while crawling up to the seat next to me.

We took awhile and made our way out to the dining hall.. and went out separate ways. Well for that day that is.

I may continue what happened on what happened on the length of the cruise if you guys liked my writing.
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1 year ago
I went back 3 years back. Still as gprgeous, santorini is one of my favorite greek islands. I think it's about time I book another ticket huh?
1 year ago
You should always come back to Greece!
1 year ago
. . . o
1 year ago
Thanks for reading guys.. I'm sorry about the errors, I'm kinda ADHD in someways.. so my mind wanders.
1 year ago
Great start! Encore!
1 year ago
To be 16 again...Good story!