f****y affairs part 3

The story is not real it is a story of mine for a porno. enjoy.


Gary (dad of chloe)
peter (dad of rachel)
steven (dad of nadine

melissa (mother of chloe)
daniel (mother of rachel)
jade (mother of nadine)

part 3

After the fun the girls had in there room they had to clean them self up. Gary peter and steven were finished watching the tv and desided to go eat with there wives. As the f****ys were talking around the table about verious things the 3 girls joined them at the table for food. melissa left too the bathroom followed shortly by daniel. Daniel sore melissa and gary fucking earlier today and was eager to get in on the action longing to try girl on girl. When melissa went to the bathroom daniel followed in behind her. What are you doing melissa asked, daniel just smiled as she locked the door and moved closer too melissa. I sore you and gary earlier, sorry but the erge was there and we didn't think anyone would notice, dont apologise, i was watching, it turned me on. Daniel moved closer to melissa touching her waist. A the pair looked at each other they began to kiss each other. Melissa turned daniel around as she started feeling her pussy from behind while grabing her hair yanking it down and kissing her from behind. Daniel could feel melissas fingers moving between her thighs as she began to get moist. Melissa took down daniels pants and pulled her panties to one side thrusting her head into daniels pussy and licking hard. Daniel is over come with joy as she feels the back of melissas head. Melissa movies up daniels body kissing her sofly while playing with daniels hard nipples. Daniel pulls down melissas pants and pushes melissa back on too the toilet seat. Daniel holds melissas legs up while she begins to taste melissa's warm pussy, sucking and licking. Melissa wraps her legs around daniels neck as she moves her waist with the motion of daniels mouth. Melissa begins to cum as daniel opens her mouth filling it and dribbeling down her chin, daniel quickly moves to share the juice with melissa in her own mouth. As they kiss nadine walks into the bathroom, sorry, sorry. Both daniel and melissa quickly bring nadine in too not alert the others. They fail to explain what they were doing before they both deside to explore young nadines body. Nadine is not shy but she is uneesy about her friends mothers actions. Melissa pulls nadines pants down as daniel kisses nadine on the neck and lips. Melissa begins to kiss nadine on her sweet pussy while daniel holds nadine up still kissing her and feeling nadines breasts. Nadine is trembeling with excitement but cant move with daniels grip holding her up. Nadine sucums to the pleasure of melissas mouth as she squirts in it while daniel rubs her pussy from behind. Nadine sits down with her hand between her legs as daniel and melissa kiss again feeling each other and shareing the pussy juice from nadine. Nadine watches as the 2 mature woman kiss and fondle each other before she two begins kissing them and feeling melissa from behind. Daniel sits on the toilet seat while melissa begins to lick her clit, nadine bends down and slowly licks melissa pussy from behind. Daniel places her legs over the top of melissa and nadine grabs onto them as melissa drives her tounge deep into daniel. Nadine leans over and kissis daniel and sucking on her tounge. As daniel begins to cum again nadine climbs over the top of melissa and gentle places her pussy in front of daniels face balanceing on the toilet and backtub. daniel who is close to climax has sucking on nadines wet pussy as she bursts with joy and grips nadines bum puller her deeper into daniels mouth. Melissa stands up and plays with nadines ass until she two cums again into daniels mouth. Melissa returns up and kissis nadine from behind and leans over to kiss daniel.

part 4 coming soon.
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