f****y affairs part 2

The story is not real it is a story of mine for a porno. enjoy.


Gary (dad of chloe)
peter (dad of rachel)
steven (dad of nadine

melissa (mother of chloe)
daniel (mother of rachel)
jade (mother of nadine)

Part 2.

The 3 girls come back in the cabin after there watery fun to dry off. Melissa, daniel, jade r in the kitchen prepareing dinner while gary,pater,steven r watching tv. Chloe and rachel finish drying up and leave the room too talk with there mothers. Nadine left alone in the room she looks through the draws and finds a large dildo under some clotheing, she is shocked but also excited as she feels the length of it in her hand. She looks around to make sure no one is coming as she slowly rubs her clit with the dildo, licking her lips and pauseing as she gently moves the dildo between her legs. Suddenly rachel comes back in the room to find nadine with the dildo between her legs. Found my toy did you, you naughty girl as rachel moves closer too her. Nadine tries to explain but before she can get a word in, rachel pushes up against her and grabs the dildo and kissis nadine on the lips. Rachel begins rubing nadines clit with the dildo while kissing nadine on the neck and lips. Nadine begins to feel moist as her legs tremble, rachel smiles and pushes her onto the bed. Nadine falls back and rachel opens her legs and pulls her panties off. Rachel begins to use the dildo on nadine again while licking and sucking her hard nipples. Rachel puts her hand down her pants and feels her own pussy while moving her head slowly towards nadines pussy. Rachel kisses nadines inner thigh softly while holding the dildo up against her clit, nadine begins to shake with excitement when rachel begins to lick nadines pussy, with both hands feels her tits she puts her mouth and tounge deep into nadine making nadine struggle to keep the pleasure from overflowing into rachels mouth. Nadine pulls rachel up too kiss her while she undresses rachel. Its your turn she says fliping rachel over and moving her head down her body kissing as she goes. Nadine begins to lick rachels pussy so hard rachel is f***ed to grip the back of nadines head, her legs tremble as she squirts into nadines mouth. Just as rachel cums in nadines mouth Chloe walks in the room. Chloe is not shocked by what she see's but only smiles as she moves onto the bed and feels nadines pussy from behind reaching over and kissing nadine from behind. mmmmmm she says i can taste rachel in your mouth, rachel moves over and kissis chloe. Chloe begins to strip as nadine and rachel kiss. Nadine again bends down to kiss rachel between the legs while chloe uses the dildo on nadine from behind. Rachel gushes with pleasure as nadine uses her tounge and finger on her wet pussy while chloe has now got her mouth and tounge deep inside nadines pussy. With juice driping down chloes face from nadines wet pussy rachel once again squirts into nadines mouth as she shakes with joy. Rachel and nadine tern there attention to chloe now as she both kiss her on the lips and neck touching chloes hard erect nipples. Nadine and rachel both kiss each other as they make there way down to chloes pussy and begin kissing it together. Nadine picks up the dildo and rubs it on chloes clit while rachel is licking it. Chloe bites on her arm as both girls begin working together on her pussy making it very wet. They get faster and faster until chloe finaly cums on both rachel and nadines face and bed. Nadine and rachel smile as they kiss each other licking the juice off each others lips. Chloe begins to use the dildo while she watches nadine and rachel kiss she cums again and squirts all over both of them. They giggle with joy as they all kiss and feel how wet they r.

part 3 coming soon.

feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think as i progress the story.

first part is called f****y affairs incase you missed it.
80% (2/1)
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3 years ago
Great Story!!!!
Looking forward to the next one
3 years ago
nice fun, hope the folks get involved with the girls.