f****y affairs

The story is not real it is a story of mine for a porno. enjoy.


Gary (dad of chloe)
peter (dad of rachel)
steven (dad of nadine

melissa (mother of chloe)
daniel (mother of rachel)
jade (mother of nadine)


In was in the summer time when 3 friends and there f****ys got together for a summer holiday out at the cabin by the lake, chloe rachel and nadine aged 18 and 19 would spend a unforgetable holiday. The parents of the girls also were at the cabin in there own rooms enjoying the lake and warmth of the summer. The 3 girls began there holiday like any teen would, a dip in the lake. They dove in and began enjoying the coolness of the water while the parents looked on. Gary the dad of chloe went into the cabin for some drinks followed by melissa. It wasn't long before melissa began sexualy arousing gary by sucking on the beer bottle he got from the fridge. They both quickly went too the bed room for some fun before joining the others. melissa began to pull down garys pants and feel his throbing cock between her fingers while she mouthed over the tip of his penis, moving her head up and down his shaft. Gary pulled her up and threw her on the bed when he began mouthing her clit through her wet panties, fondeling her breasts. He pulled her panties off and continued to lick her clit making it all wet before sticking his cock inside. Meenwhile, daniel came into the cabin and heard the noises, as she creeped and looked through the ajar door she see's gary fucking melissa from behind, she begins to get wet as she feels her self while looking on. Gary flips melissa over and sticks his throbing cock in her clit and thrusts hard while biteing on her nipple. daniel begins to masturbate while she watches trying to hold her breathe to not alert them too her presence. Melissa is cuming hard when gary pulled out his cock and climbs ontop of melissa and shoots his load up her chest and onto her face. Melissa licks the cum off her tits and licks the tip of his penis. Daniel shudders as she cums inside her panties and staggers away to clean her self up before returning to the group.

Part 2 coming soon.
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3 years ago
Sounds like a great start to a holiday.
3 years ago
A good start lets get to the juisy bits