cum over for a drink (short but sweet)

I have this story to share, never actually told it to anyone before but it’s kind of fun so enjoy.
I live outside of town a couple of miles and therefore the parties always ended up at my place. Far enough from town that we can have a big fire and make some noise and no one cares but close enough to still get a taxi home or whatever. So, this was a typical small party. About 25 people gathered around the fire pit which was in my back yard. The house was always open so people could use the fridge or washroom etc. It was about midnight or so when I accidentally spilled a drink onto my pant leg and decided to go change since I was at home. I went to the bedroom and grabbed a pair of pants, dropped the ones I was wearing to my ankles and suddenly there was a loud crash as the door popped open and in came my girlfriend. Scared the heck out of me at first but I soon forgot about it. My girlfriend Jennifer, came straight in, dropped to her knees and starting sucking me off. The door was still wide open so I moved backward enough that no one could see us but the risk of getting caught was huge. It was also a turn on of course and so was this sudden “attack” from Jennifer. She didn’t say a word at first even when I asked what she was up to but in a few minutes, she looked up at me and said to cum, right now. I have to admit, this was probably the fastest I ever got off but how could I resist. I could feel it swelling up, ready to explode when in a flash, Jennifer yanked her head back and shoved my cock into the glass she was holding. I couldn’t believe what she was doing and had a huge orgasm and released a huge load. I was still shooting the last bit of cum I think when Jennifer just got up and walked out without a word. I took a minute to get cooled off and try to pull the door shut and try to figure out what the heck had just happened. As I did I heard Jennifer in the kitchen making herself another Strawberry Daiquiri in the blender which is what she had been drinking all night but not quite the same ingredients as this one. I heard her leave as I finished getting dressed. Now when I went back outside, I was totally excited to see her drinking this drink in front of everyone I was actually getting hard again. I went straight back to the fire to watch her. When I got there though, I was let down a bit and confused when I looked at her drink and she had a beer in her hand. I started to ask her about the Daiquiri when she interrupted me by pointing at someone else. I looked over and saw one of the hottest girls at the party drinking it. Jennifer smiled at me and said, she was “pissing me off” all night so I decided to get even. I was stunned, didn’t have a clue what to say. Jennifer giggled at me and said, you better go over there and talk to her so you can watch her drink it all down like a good girl which I immediately did. I stood there chatting with her and watched her swallow each mouthful and listened to her compliment Jennifer on making her a great drink which she eventually shared with yet another girl. Good thing it was dark, I think I had the biggest hard on of my life as I stood there. Oh and just for the record, this girl was being quite rude all night and did deserve what she got I think. I did however chuckle to myself a bit when at the end of the night I said goodbye and told her I’d; “cum for a drink some time soon”.
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4 years ago
wow thats hilarious
4 years ago
nice and naughty