The Adventures of Alice

Alice had been looking forward to this evening all week.
All day at work in the back of her mind was the suspense and building tension of what Tim might have planned for her.
They had been talking for ages about their different fantasies and tonight it was one of Alice's that would be happening...but she had no idea which one!

When she got to Tim's he was waiting to greet her and gave her a long deep kiss as soon as she was close enough for him to grab. His hands were on her hips pulling her closer and she felt her clit start throbbing
"Hey gorgeous! Come inside"
He took her hand and led her into his flat. He handed her a tall glass of her favourite drink
"There's a bath ready for you and I've laid out something for you to wear too. I'll be waiting in the living room."
With that he kissed her neck, slapped her arse and left. Alice loved it when he took charge and as she sipped her rather strong drink and got undressed she looked at the clothes on the bed and pair of high heels and she felt herself getting more and more turned on wondering what was going to happen....

The bath was heaven and the drink had gone straight to her head. Alice quickly dried herself off and got dressed like she had been told to realising that, although the outfit matched and looked good there were no panties...probably not an accident she giggled to herself.

As she turned from the mirror she saw Tim standing in the door way looking at her and slowly rubbing the growing bulge in his trousers
"You look amazing!"
"Thank you"
Alice loved being paid compliments and did a little spin to show herself off. She was wearing a pathetically tiny strappy top that her tits were doing a pretty good job of escaping and an equally pathetic little skirt that gripped her ass and showed off the little exposed part of her thighs at the top of her stockings.
Tim just stood there licking his lips and rubbing his dick. He handed Alice a small egg shaped object with what looked like a little plastic tail.
"Put this inside your pussy."
As it was so clearly an order Alice just did was she was told,she had a pretty good idea what it was.
Tim watched as she did so then said
"Come on let's get you a top-up."
Alice walked over to him and brushed her arse against his cock as she passed him in the door way.
She loved winding him up but as she entered the living room she froze.

Tim pressed himself against her arse and started kissing her neck and squeezing her tits from behind as she took in the scene infront of her
"I hope you like your present!"
Whispered Tim as he kissed her ear.
Alice was stunned into silence. Sitting around the living room were 3 blokes, all stark naked, wanking their stiff cocks watching a slideshow of sexy pictures of Alice that Tim had obviously put together.
Alice had never felt so embarrassed but at the same time she had never felt so turned on seeing these guys so hard and obviously turned on wanking over pictures of her. She felt her pussy contract on the love egg and a thrill went through her.

"Boys, this is Alice. Alice these are the boys."
Alice could feel their eyes all over her body and she felt her already wet pussy start to dribble juice down the inside of her thigh as they all stood up and said hello. Tim was sliding the straps off her shoulders
"Didn't I tell you she was gorgeous guys?"
They all made noises of agreement, "She's amazing!"
"Even prettier than the pictures"
Alice was melting, Tims fingers had started teasing her ass as he squeezed her nipples one after the other and her eyes were moving from one guy to the next watching them stroking their pricks for her and watching her grind her ass against Tim's crotch.

"Get on your knees."
Alice obeyed and as soon as she had dropped down the men stepped forward and she felt the egg in her pussy start to vibrate ever so gently. She gasped but as soon as her mouth had opened a cock was pressing against her tongue. She closed her mouth around it as hands started groping her tits. She reached up and felt her hands being guided onto the other two cocks as the guy in her mouth started to slowly fuck her face.
The guys were telling Alice what a sexy bitch she was and how good she looked, how good her tits felt....all this attention was sending her over the edge and as soon as she felt Tims hand caressing and then slapping her ass she started to cum. Tim just giggled and turned up the vibrating egg.
The guys were taking turns pushing their cocks into her mouth, groping her tits and wanking over her face and Alice was just knelt on the floor being spanked, sucking for all she was worth and having orgasm after orgasm.

"I'm gona cum" one of the guys blurted out as Alice took his cock to the back of her throat.
"Me too!" Echoed the guy she was wanking off
Alice leaned her head back and squeezed her tits together begging for her present
"Please cum for me boys! I want it all in my mouth! Mmm! Please!"
All three were wanking furiously now as Alice licked their balls and begged for their cum
"Cumming!" Said one guy as he held Alice's mouth open and started shooting his cum over her lips and cheeks. Tim turned the egg up even more and Alice started to quiver with another orgasm as the other two guys groaned and started to cum into Alice's mouth and across her face their cum dripping off her chin onto her tits. Her pussy was so wet and her orgasm so intense the egg hit the floor wit a thud and a trickle. The boys all cheered!

She held her mouth open for a moment to show the boys then with a big smile gulped it down and licked her lips using her fingers to push the remaining cum on her face into her mouth.
"What do you say Alice?!" Asked Tim giving her a firm slap on the butt.
"Thank you for my presents boys!"
They were all smiling
"Thank you Alice!"

"Now get onto your hands and knees" Tim said pushing her forwards , he was being very bossy tonight but she wasn't about to complain, she was loving doing as she was told and as she bent over she could see the guys all staring at her body making her feel so sexy n dirty.
She felt Tim's stiff cock against her cunt and he slowly started to push into her
"Rub your clit!" He demanded as he continued to slide slowly into her. As soon as she touched it she was off and Tim took this as his cue to start pounding her hard and fast, his balls slapping against her as he fucked her in the middle of the living room floor.
Alice could feel her pussy cumming and creaming all over Tim's cock and balls as it slammed into her again and again. When she opened her eyes to see what was happening in the room she saw all the boys stood watching her getting fucked and slowly wanking themselves off and this set off a massive orgasm that made her scream and buck against Tims cock as he pounded into her.

Tim pulled her hair forcing her head back and as he did one of the guys put his cock in her mouth and started to cum again. Alice had lost count of how many times she had cum now and as one guy pulled out another replaced him, each filling her sexy mouth with another load of cum which she swallowed gratefully.
Tim was fucking her really hard and fast now and told her to get back on her knees as he was going to cum.
Alice flipped onto her knees and eagerly opened her mouth looking Tim deep in the eyes and rubbing her tits against his legs and balls. With a massive groan Tim started to shoot jet after jet of hot cum into her mouth and gripping her hair pushed his cock deep into her throat. Making her swallow him down and lick him clean.

"Thank you Alice" he said with a naughty grin
"Thank you!" she replied with a huge satisfied one "...and thank you boys..." She looked around but the boys were all gone "what the...?"

Tim kissed her and gave a dirty little
smile and wink

"Now then about that top-up..."

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